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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mira, Mira on the wall…

or should I say in my bag?    You can all relate to getting hooked on a designer (can't you???), you stitch a piece or maybe someone else does and before you know it you are hooked and buying as many of their charts as you can find.  Well I'm an obsessive collector of charts, last count I had 1,418 charts, of those 32 are Mirabilia and 8 are Nora Corbett's. (won't tell you about the one on order…shhhhhhhhh)

Not a lot compared to the number she actually had released, but I've yet to finish ONE!!  In fact with all the collecting I've done, it's just been recently that I've actually started to stitch them.  Right now I have the following started or ready to start:

Mermaid Letter D
Mermaid Letter A
August Peridot Fairy
Sleeping Princess

My first chart was the Millennium Angel, which I got mostly because I was a huge Lavender & Lace fan and this was her daughter :)  I liked it, but wasn't really crazy about it.

Next a friend gave me her Winter Queen that her Mom had gotten but due to failing health wasn't going to stitch it.  Well if you have ONE queen you really need to get all 4, so I did.  I really love the Fall Queen and she may get started next year if I finish one or two of my current starts.  Also like the Summer Queen, and if you stitch 2 of them, well what's 2 more right?

Then there were the cute kids, the snowman that I just fell in love with, a couple of Santa's more fairies but amazingly NO mermaids except for the letters.  I only got those because my granddaughter wanted the Mermaid D and if I was doing it for one, I really needed to do it for the other.

Well now I've joined the group Mira, Mira on the wall on FaceBook and while it's inspiring me to work on the ones I have in my stash, I'm constantly finding other's that I want to do…oh wait I actually have 2 charts coming…oh dear.  Lurking on all of your blogs was bad enough, looking at all of the great things you were working on, but FB is even worse because people are posting ALL THE TIME!!

But my real obsession is Shepherd's Bush with 111 charts or kits with Just Nan running a close second with 86 charts or kits.  My expansion with these designers was during my band sampler phase….  I've not stitched any JN for a long time, but have several SB in process this year :)  Last year there was a group of JN stitcher, but since I didn't have any of my charts with me (they all live at my house in KY with my kids), I wasn't able to stitch any.  I've fixed that problem and brought a couple of them back with me along with the rest of my SB kits.  I've not seen any SB groups, but not really looking for any either, I think I'm obsessive enough without any help.

So what is your obsession, who is your favorite designer and do you collect any of their charts just to have them?  Tell me I'm not alone out here!!  validate my obsession!!

Sleeping Princess
August Peridot Fairy
Mermaid D

Mermaid A


  1. I like kits by Bothy Threads, Cut thru's and Gorjuss ones. And I have a lot of Mirabilias.

  2. Oh no, you are not alone. At all, lol. I got hooked on Prairie Schooler many many years ago and buying her books has accompanied me since then. And she is still my favourite designer.

  3. I love Mirabilia! From afar that is as I haven't had the chance to purchase a chart yet. At the moment I am utterly obsessed with the Disney Dreams charts which I own almost all of at this point. Fear not, you're nowhere near alone. :-)