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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not a lot to show

I've not really been in a stitching funk, but just haven't been doing a lot of stitching, and no sewing, which I really need to do because the rag quilts aren't going to sew themselves.

Hubby has decided we don't spend enough time together, so he has started to watch TV with me in the living room after I get home from work.  Well, he promptly falls asleep on the couch, and I feel bad if I turn on my stitching light because it would shine right on him.  So we "watch" TV together and I get nothing done.  OK, so I spend the time surfing on my laptop so it's not totally wasted.

I did work on two charts over the past couple of weeks and one that I never posted a picture of, so going to do it today :)

This is my American Quilted Flag (or something like that), not a lot done, its pretty boring right now.  I'd like to get all the blue done and then start to work on the actual quilt squares.  I've seen others working on this last year, and I've had the chart forever and always loved it.  When we moved to CA, this was one of the charts that I originally brought with me.  Each time I go home a grab a few more charts to bring back, I really miss having all of my stash here.  By the time I get it all here, it will be time to move it back home again.

I pulled back out my Lizzy Kate - and managed to get another line and then some done on it.  This one really is stitching up fast, and I really do enjoy working on it.  It's not difficult, but you still need to pay attention so that it continues to line up correctly.

The last thing I worked on is my Nora Corbett Mermaid letter D - I would have loved to get more done, but only stitched on it for an afternoon.  I love the colors and can't wait to get more done.

I ended up canceling my order :(  I really needed some of the thread that I ordered and the shop was holding the entire order for one item.  Had they e-mailed me and said, we needed to order such and such, do you want to wait? Or would you like to pay additional shipping or cancel that part of the order, I would have told them to ship what they had and cancel the material.  And I know the shop does this with my girlfriend all the time, but nothing.  So I canceled the order and went out and got my thread locally, also got my fabric (which was what was back orders - and it wasn't a hand dyed either, just a plain natural linen!  But had to order the charts I wanted, since I'm not planning on starting them anytime soon, I don't mind waiting, it was the thread I really needed!!.  I also ended up getting a couple of hand dyed pieces of fabric which was totally an impulsive buy, not sure what I'll do with them, but I'm sure I'll find something :)

More stitching is planned for this weekend and maybe hubby will give me an evening to myself so I can stitch.  In his defense, this past year we spent a lot of time apart, so understand him wanting time together, just wish he'd do it with his eyes open LOL

Hope you are all making progress on your projects.



  1. beautiful designs you are stitching on. Maybe next time when your husband closes his eyes, you can stitch a bit ♥

  2. Lovely stitching. If your Hubby is anything like my DB, the light won't even faze him. I think I could set up a light show and he'd still be snoring away. ;-)

  3. Can't wait to see more of your progress on the American Flag Quilt Sampler! You're brave for working on all the blue first - I need to do the squares to break up that monotony!

  4. My hubby's the same way with spending time together. So we watch tv while I stitch

  5. Get that stitching light on! I'm sure it won't disturb him. It's selfish of him to expect you to sit quietly in the dark while he snoozes away!