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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Did you miss me? I missed you all

I've been away, spend a few days in Colorado and came home with a nasty cold that quickly turned into bronchitis.   So took one full day off from work and a couple a partial days. Also spent many nights sleeping in a chair so I could breath.

I totally missed the full moon update a few weeks ago, but going to show it all off now :)  I thought maybe I could call it a new moon update, but missed that too.   So we'll call it a waxing moon update.

What have I been doing?  Well I did our tax return....never my favorite chore and just happy to have it over with for another year.   And to think in a former life I use to do taxes!!    Never minded doing other people's taxes,  just not my own.

I've also been knitting on my sock at work most days - working my way to the toe, once I'm there I'll take a picture of it.  I had been reading at lunch while I ate, but then my library card expired and I haven't gotten around to renewing it yet, so I switched to streaming Netflix at lunch.  Watching Bloodlines right now, really good!!  Going to take a few canvases to work on at work - a lot less thinking involved than with counted cross stitching, and I can stitch while watching/listening to shows.

My multiplication table has gotten most of my attention this past month.  I've got more done than what picture shows because I've moved the qsnaps I just forgot to take a picture.    I had thought about doing this through the 12's, but rethinking that, mainly because I got another table that does go through the 12's.  So I guess I'll add the words at the bottom. instead of at the top and bottom.  I think I'm working on the 6's and maybe 7's now, I know I have the 5's through 35 or 40 done.

What else have I been doing?  Well the mermaid came out for a visit.  I've been going between working on the tail of the mermaid and the waves, way too  much blue for me.  She will be pretty when she's done, it just might take awhile before that happens.  She is seeing less and less light of day.

I've also been very bad and went crazy ordering from on-line shops that had super bowl sales.  Unfortunately, one of the shops saw nothing wrong with sending me 2 or 3 charts out of series of charts to one project.  Not sure if I'll be able to get the other charts so I'll have a complete set.  One would have thought they would have called to ask, in which case I would have told them NOT to send anything if they couldn't send it all.  Oh well, I need to figure out which ones and look for them on line - I like both designs and would really like to do them, just not happy ordering them as a complete set and getting only a partial set.  Two other charts that I really wanted weren't available, one I know won't come at all, the other is iffy.

I found this one and really liked it.  Want to do it for either my niece who is big into the stars and planets or my daughter for her classroom.  Would love to have the matting they show.

I also got some really neat canvases do to, I need to pull them out of the bag and get them logged into my spreadsheet and then put on stretcher bars so I can start working on them.  I honestly just went for some threads and to look but not touch, but that didn't last long.   While I was getting ready to check out a lady only had one item, so I told her to go ahead of me. She said thank-you that her husband was waiting for her.  I told her mine was in the car, but knew I wasn't coming out for a while.

Well going to work on yet another WIP tonight - I pulled out my SB Angel Song.  The pictures is where i left off the last time I took a picture.  Will post my update maybe this weekend.  I've made some progress so want to show it off!!

Doing a little more re-organizing in our "guest/craft" room.  Hoping to take a picture of all of my projects in process and get my list updated.  Then put them in some kind of order that I can easily pull them out to work on when the mood strikes.  That will be my confession that I had planned on doing for New Year's day.....procrastination what a wonder option to a confession.

Hope you are all doing well.


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  1. Great post :). Lots of pretty stitching too. I love the planets piece that will be fun!