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Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's on the stretcher bars so far?

Here is what I have my stretcher bars so far.  I now need to pull threads so I can start to work on them.  I'm going to draw a circle around the shoes and add a yellow brick road.  I wanted to do the shoes in sequins but haven't been able to get to the shop that has them yet.  I should look on-line  If that doesn't pan out, then I'll bead them.  Want them to really stand out!!

I'm not sure what I'll do on the owl, isn't he a funky little thing?  And of course I love the Emerald City!!  the last one I will bead the words and probably must basket weave the rest.

I also got a counted canvas that I want to start called Starry Night!!  Can't wait to get going on it.  And also got two small canvases - a little teddy bear and a hippo that I'll do for my sister Linda.

Are my eyes much bigger than my time and ability????  You bet they are!!  Is that going to stop me from my Pie in the Sky ambitions?  not in the least.  Everything that I start I will finish one day.

I love stitching, even if it's only in my imagination!!  It makes me happy.  So dream on - stitch on.

Here is my Remember Me design.  The long line is supposed to be another color, but it looks strangely like the color of the vase with he flowers don't you think!!  I need to find something else.


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  1. They look great I love the oz designs. You should totally do the slippers with sequins