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Monday, September 5, 2016

What magazines do you read?

When I first started stitching I remember finding a magazine that had so many different projects.  I couldn't wait to get it home from the store and start stitching.  While I would have loved to subscribe to all of the magazines that were out at the time, money was limited so I had to selective about which one(s) I would subscribe too.  To select, I would look for magazines that had lots of projects.  I like the charts that were in black and white vs. the ones that were in color.

I loved to see the different charts and I'm sure I did many of them for quick gifts to people.  Didn't always use the colors called for, after all floss cost money too.  I remember doing a teddy bear in purples because I didn't have the browns, and an elephant in pinks and grays.   I wish I had pictures of all those projects, but back then film cost money not to  mention getting it developed!!  So no early pictures of anything that was gifted, which was most of what I did.

This was one of those early projects that I did for my hubby, I think it was a kit and not from a magazine, which is why I had all the colors.  I took a picture of it the last time I was home, the kids put it back up on the walls.  The next time I go back to my folks house I will take pictures of some of my other early projects.

As I grew up with my kids, I had more funds for buying stash and it expanded and is still expanding.  However, I found that the magazines that enticed me before no longer held the same interest.  I really didn't want or need more projects.  Also didn't like the charts in color, found them too hard when they would put similar colors next to each other.  What I wanted was to read about stitching, not add more possible projects to my to do list.   So as those subscriptions expired, I didn't renew.  Some of them went out of business, which was a shame but solve the dilemma about renewing or not.  At the top, I probably had 5 or 6 different subscription.

Currently I subscribe to 3 different magazines.

1) Needlepoint Now - which is the newest subscription for me.  Love to look at the needlepoint canvases and read about using different stitching.  And I must admit I love to look at all the canvases that are available for sale.  I also enjoy the articles, using common stitches in uncommon ways and the Judges Corner.  Best of all I enjoy Conni's Down the Rabbit Hole.  Sometimes she loses me in her article, but she manages to bring it all home at the end.  So I find it entertaining and at times I can relate to what she is saying.  I started to get this one when I let my ANG membership lapse.

2) Cross Stitch & Needlework -  I originally got the magazine because I loved Fran's article each issue.  Like in NN - she would talk about her many projects, stitching, knitting and I think there were even some about quilting.  Boy, could I relate, and of course her pets, having cats and dogs at the time too, really loved reading her stories.  I was sad when she retired, and to be honest, really don't find the current replacement all that interesting.  So when this subscription expired, I won't renew.

3) Pieceworks - which has a lot of historical articles about knitting, lacework and needlework is probably my favorite.  Each issue includes projects that you can do, but the articles are the main draw for me.   The projects are a by-product of the article, vs. a small article about the project.

I love reading about the history of needlework, I find it so interesting, my favorite has been the history of lacework.  This is one area I've not ventured into other than crocheting lace a long time ago.  I'm sure I will continue to renew this as my subscription comes up each time.

So what do you read and why?

I have been doing some stitching this month.  The teddy bear I did in a weekend.  He was fun and quick to stitch.  I still need to add some beads and then will finish him into an ornament for a Christmas present.

I have been working on middle daughter's purse flap.  I'm changing the tans to reds.  I need to get more done, as this is another Christmas present.  So I've been working on this one at lunch at work.  I posted the purse flap for my youngest daughter last time.  It is close to being done.

The last project this month is a new start - SB's stocking Thomas.  This will be for our nephew's first child.  The baby is due in October, so I need to get a move on if I hope to have it done.

I'm going to a stitching retreat at the end of the month :)  So I've started planning what projects to take.  We will stitch Friday night, all day Saturday and then for a while on Sunday.  My mind tells me I should only pick 2 or 3 things to take, but my heart wants to take 5 or 6 different projects.  I doubt if I'll have any big finished this month, but should have lots of progress :)  It's a shame when you stress more about the stitching projects to take with you, than what to pack to wear LOL  But I don't think this is unusual for a stitcher, or at least not in my group of stitchers.

Hope you are all enjoying some cooler weather and getting any special projects done.  I normally don't do projects for Christmas, don't like the stress of having to have anything done, but this year I seems to have committed myself to several.  Oh dear...less the stress commence.



  1. Oh no don't get stressed about stitching! It is your hobby and to be enjoyed.
    I loved seeing that older finish for your husband - so true!
    As for magazines, I subscribe to World of Cross Stitching (UK mag) and I most enjoy the readers' letters and interviews with other stitchers. I rarely stitch anything now from magazines though I used to before I discovered blogs and Internet shopping!

    1. I enjoyed the reader's letter and interviews with other stitchers too. I think i've gotten a couple UK magazines in the past, I loved that they seemed to have limited backstitching :)

  2. You are so correct - what to stitch on is way more important then what to wear. I love to stitch all weekend with like minded people. I loved your magazine review and also your history of stitching. Thank you for sharing

  3. Plus we'll be inside stitching so clothes shouldn't be an issue lol! I think I'm only taking 2 projects unless I get paradise done. Otherwise you'll see it in person ;). Awesome progress on everything!