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Sunday, November 13, 2016

One more Full Moon after today - where has the year gone?

I joined Measi's WIPocalypse to help me focus on my lingering list of x-stitch and needlepoint projects that are stashed in my stitching bags (now I have two of them), the storage footstool and in various storage bins in the guest room.  Have I been successful in my quest?  Probably not, seems like I'm starting more than I'm actually getting finished this year.  However, I must admit my purchases has been slowed way down from previous years, it's still out of control, but not as bad as it's been in the past.  If I'm not stitching, then I'm buying, I know that isn't logical, but it seems the way I think.  I limit my purchases I still go and look on line and fill up my cart, but never check out.

So if you want to learn more or see the links to some fantastic stitcher's please go and visit her Blog:

So the question this month is What pattern (or designer) is on your must-try-to do bucket list?   Well forever it's been Cross Wings Flower Power and 5th Day, love these both since the day they were released.  And yes I have the charts and I'm sure if I pulled out my stash of linen, I would have a piece big enough for both of them.  So what is stopping me...see above, my lingering list of projects that I've started already and so many more that I want to day.

So what have i been doing since the last full moon?  Not a whole lot unfortunately.  It's been very warm here and our AC has not worked in over a month.  We live in an apartment complex and have been complaining about it for that last 5 summers to no avail, they fix it and it runs for a while, but then we are right back to blowing a lot of hot air.  Well finally they decided that they really can't fix it and we do need a new one.  We've been promised that would happen this week, but I think that is because our lease is up and they want a huge increase.  Anyways, when it's hot in the apartment, I just don't feel like stitching, because my hands get sweaty.

I have worked on my SB stocking, but not enough to show off.  I will post pictures of the SB stocking when it's done.  I'm almost done with the bottom half of it, the top half should go fast, so I'm hoping for a finish before the month is up.  This one has plagued me more than any other that I've done, I just can't seem to get the colors right!!  I need to go and get my eyes check so I can see those darn symbols better.

I've also been cutting out pillow cases - I think I have about 20 or so cut out and another 20 or so to go.  I also cut out a rag quilt, and need to start sewing it up so we can send it to our new grand-nephew along with the stocking.   I'm a little nervous about the stocking, I'm not sure if his wife celebrates Christmas, so that could be a sticky situation.  I will offer the stocking, but will let him know that if they have decided not to celebrate, that my feeling won't be hurt and I can re-purpose it for someone else.   The flannel rag quilt I know they can use, every baby needs to be wrapped in flannel at some point.

I have been stitching a little bit at work each day on my purse flap for my middle daughter.  But I'm running out of thread :( I thought I had gotten more of the black, but it was a different name, looks the same when I hold them up together so I might give it a try and see if it will work.  I have done a little bit more than this picture shows.  But to much.

I hope you all have been getting more done.  I will join this group again next year and go back through my WIPs and figure out what needs to be done and what can wait another year.  I need to take new pictures of all of my projects and start a new 1/1/2017.

Can't wait to see what others have done!!  Happy stitching!!



  1. That's so frustrating about the AC. I live in a climate where it's usually only stinky hot for a few weeks or a month at a time, so I can stitch more easily in the cooler months. I hope you do get it fixed. Nice work on the purse flap!

    1. we ended up with a new unit :) now it's too cold to have it one :( oh well, we'll be ready for summer when it comes back in a week or two