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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting January 23rd it will be the year of the dragon. So I will start my dragon needlepoint at that time and hope to have it done before the year is out. This dragon is for my son and one of my UFO projects for 2012. While it's not technically a UFO yet, because I've not put a stitch in it, it is a UFO in the sense that it was supposed to be my son's wedding present from me and he will be married 2 years this spring. I will post my progress as I go along. (Canvas is by Leigh Designs). Jane at Chilly Hollows has helped with stitching ideas, so will reviewing this as well. What isn't shown is the background color - it will be RED!! Can't wait to see how it all comes out.

The other picture is my wizard, I'm down to the flowing cape going around the wizard. Do you know who many shades of purple there are??? I'm trying to stay within the color in my stitching and haven't like the results so far and taken out my hard work twice now. Always open for suggestions..... this is another one of my 2012 UFO challenges. It needs to be done! My last shopping spree I got some purple thread with sparkle in it, can't remember if it's silk lame or vineyard silk. or maybe it's both??? Time to dig out the canvas and thread and see what I can get done. This is for my middle daughter and I'm hoping to have it done for her birthday in August.


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  1. The Wizard, has been a challenged for you. What color(s) are you not liking?