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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life is a stitch and I'm making a lot of them as time goes on...

 To the left is my progress on my Noah's Ark Afghan by Curtis Boehringer.  This is an oldie but goodie in my stash pile, it date back in maybe 1997 or maybe a little bit before that.  I have A - K completed and would have had L done, but I didn't have enough #436 perle cotton thread and the ears are not identified on the chart for a color.  So trying to decide what color do them - you can see them in the main of the lion in front, I'm thinking a lighter gold color????    Been down with a bad cold, so didn't venture out to any shops or the frame shop over the past weekend.  Hopefully I'll get out this coming weekend and get it all done.  In the meantime, its been put back in it's plastic bag and will go back into the UFO bind for another day.  I welcome any ideas for colors for the ears.....
This is my progress on my Spiritdancer.  I've been looking at this for a long time.  I've been stitching it in my mind and decided if I want to get it done I need to stitch it in real life.  So worked on it a little bit this week.  I got more of the pot done and some of the Indian's dress.  The current charts by Butternut Road or lavender and lace have the face and hands charted over one, but this one has a copy right date of 1995, and the only thing charted over one are the lips.  So I will figure it out myself.  I like it done over one.  She is also holding a bird - maybe a hawk or an owl?  Anyway I really think I'll stitch that over one as well.  I'm always up for a challenge.

Until later - my your needle always be threaded, may there always be enough to finish up that last "x" and my you reach the end of each chart a little bit wiser and happier with your work.


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