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Saturday, February 25, 2012

More stitching history

More stitching history of things long ago stitched.  Above is Shepherd's Bush's Old Glory.  I saw a shop model and decided I had to do it.  Well, to be honest I love Shepherd's Bush designs and have done several kits and several of their stockings so it wasn't a hard sale.  I brought a lot of my kits with me to work on while here.  The next one I really want to get started is The Promise.....but until then

This is another SB - Beekeepers Cottage.  This was framed during my phase of wanting the outer mat to match the material or be close to it.  I love how it draws your eyes into the design.  Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, but I no longer have actual possession of most of my work, so can't re-do the pictures.  Below is the picture from the framer of my last SB project that was completed last fall - Little Witch.  It now hangs in my bed room :)

When I left home on this adventure to sunny cal, here is where some of my framed work was residing.  I need to get busy and get more done so I can fill up my new walls :)


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