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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update on 2012 goals

My goals for 2012 as I originally listed them

1. Spirit Dancer for my Grandson Addison who will be 1 in March - about 15% done  About 25% done - will make more progress this summer and will post a picture - but if you want to see the progress just look back at some of my older posts.

2. Painted Pony - Witch Angel, for me about 1/2 done oops, not as far as I thought - need to down grade this to 25% - will work on this next, it should stitch up fast

3. Painted Pony - Princess Angel for my granddaughter not started yet We went to a needlepoint shop and picked out some thread and beads - so will pull it out as soon as the witch is finished  I let Donna pick out her own threads and she pulled out some sparkly stuff, not sure how I will make it all work, but I will if you can't tell her favorite colors are pink and purple with lots of glitz.

4. When I’m an Old Woman poem FINISHED!!!  FRAMED and will be sent to my sister who had to retire this year due to her health - the Dental world is without one of the best dentist - she specialize in children's dentistry, my kids all loved her and they are hard to please when it comes to going to the dentist.  When they were all young she got them each a t-shirt that said - "I love my dentist, she is my Aunt".

5. At least 3 more animals on CB’s Noah’s Ark afghan – (L, M & N) -YES I have L and M done and N about 1/3 done :)  I have the threads pulled for O too
6. Thimbleberry 2008 Quilt – ready to assemble Not worked on yet :(  Have to wait for the granddaughter to go home so I can re-claim my sewing room and set my tables back up.  I have to cut the big triangle squares that connect the four large squares.
7. Thimbleberry 2009 Quilt – 4 monthly blocks left and the connecting squares I think I have 2 more squares to do, one is partial sewn, but I lost a few of the pieces so will need to re-cut :(  Then I can assemble.

8. Start – Petticoats and Patriot squares and finish up at least 6 months Up after the above two are done

9. Start Leigh's Dragon Not started, but it's out waiting on me!!

10. Start Spirit Walker  It's all kitted up and waiting for Spirit Dancer to be done then it goes in the frame - going to start at the top and work down this time

11. Start one of Nancy Needle’s design Kitted and ready to go, just need to get it started - but its low on my list

12. Finish up the second sock for my sister  YES done!!  Another finish!!!!

13. Finish up a sweater that I started to knit 4 years ago LOL - gotta find it again - I know its here someplace - I'm up to the V part, which is about 1/2 done - the sleeves won't be hard, and the cabling I'm doing really isn't hard, but it takes some concentration.

Not on the list and started this year:

14. Train belt for my son - about 10% done - it's my traveling piece, easy to stitch on in a plane or car.

15. Started 2 more pairs of socks - not sure why, but I love having to knit on when I want something mindless to do - just a basic sock design, so it doesn't take a lot of thought, but might add some flavor to them, I'm just doing the cuts so lots of time to decide.

Well this catches you up on what I'm doing, I just love being able to cross stuff off!!

Happy stitching

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