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Monday, September 3, 2012

weekend update - loved having 3 days of

 To the left is a my date on Queen Elizabeth I - the rest of the group are working on her veil, the background and/or the black work for her sleeves.  Next up is her hair and her cap, then her collar and on to her hands.  Still a lot of work to be done.  I'm nervous about the collar - not the pulled work as much as the buttonhole stitch.  Look for more updates on this as time goes on.  I think Lizzy will be a regal woman once she is done.  I've changed a few colors already, which is one of my favorite past times when I stitch.

 I worked a little bit on the train belt for my son.  I have the second car almost done and will get the background done around it before moving on to the next car.  I think it will look great when its done.  I've added a little sparkle to it.
this is the update on my Spirit Dancer.  I had to re-do her hair three times before it was done right.  I was originally off 1 thread and decided to re-do, then I was off a whole stitch.  While my initial thought was "just go with it", I decided that wasn't a good idea.  so I ripppppped it all out and re-did - the back looks horrible with all of the short threads that I've had to tie off, sure glad you can only see the front once it's framed.

I worked on the Dragon too, took out what I'd stitched and re-did some of it.  Will posted a picture of it soon again.

Also did a very little bit of sewing.  I pulled out the quilt that I wanted to assemble today, but I couldn't find one of the squares.  So I pulled out more and more stuff and still couldn't find it.  Then it finally hit me - I had taken the square apart to re-sew it, and it was in pieces!!!  Oh well, I did sew the 3 little squares of another quilt and might go back and finish up the larger square before going to beds, but I may just surf on laptop and do nothing the rest of the day :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and were able to do something that you love.  While I stitched I've been watching the Perry Mason marathon - which is probably why I've not been all that productive over the long weekend.


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