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Sunday, October 28, 2012

OMG it's almost November!!

There was a point in my life that at this time of year I had all of my Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped and waiting to be mailed or hidden away if they were going under the tree.  I would spend the summer getting stuff done, sewing, cross stitching and/or knitting/crocheting or whatever was the craft of the year.   But now, I'm not sure what has happened to me...It's almost November and I've not started

So here is the guest room - you can see I have spread my projects out on the bed.  There is some order to the madness here.  I set out all of the material that I'll be using and as I cut it, I stack it in order.  Sometimes there is material left over that I don't remember what I was going to do with it, and sometimes I'm digging for more material because I've not gotten enough.

The blue material at the end of the bed are the rag quilts I have planned for two babies - one was born last May, the other one was born about a month ago.  I can't wait to show you all how they look... maybe in two weeks they will be done, still need to cut out the fiber that goes in-between the layers.

Below I have material set out to cut - these will be pillow cases - I think for my daughters and maybe my daughter's best friend.  I love the material, the colors are so warm and vivid - if that makes sense.  You can't see the coordinating materials but they are in the mess someplace.

 Sitting on the bed is the start what I've I got cut yesterday.  I think I got maybe 5 sets of pillow cases cut out and ready to be ironed and pinned and then sewn.  I like to roll them up so the seams that connect the top edge to the body is hidden.

To the right is some wild material I found for my girlfriends grandson's.  I love the batman and superman fabric - it will look so cool.

Below is the Star War material - I went a little bit crazy with this and I know I got too  much of some and not enough of other.  But will see what I have and I'm hoping to get about 4 sets of pillow cases for various people, including my niece who's husband is a Star War buff.

My poor lady was ignored this weekend, maybe next weekend she will get picked up and worked on.  But I did do a little bit on my Iris and Fans :)
And the last is my start on my sister's sock - I'm still working on the first sock, not sure it will be done for Christmas.

Well I hope you are all better prepared than I am for the holidays.....


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