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Monday, November 12, 2012

What day is it...what month????

 What would Christmas be without a Holiday Barbie???  My granddaughter gets one every year to play with and one to put up for later....  Usually her Mom gets these for her, but the last couple of years she'd not been able to find them at her stores so we've been getting at least one of the two (depends on what else we get her for Christmas).  This one was out in the open, but the other 4 were hidden deep on the shelves, obviously someone else was putting them "aside" for a later purchase.    But I'm good at finding those hidden objects when I'm on a mission.  I found a Christmas tree at Home Depot that was hidden under a bottom shelve - it was a $100 fake tree to $10!!  Someone was mad when they came back and it gone :)

Do you remember the first picture of the material.  Can you see the Star War material hidden under the starts?  And the Superman off to the bottom left of the picture?     Then to the left was the material cut out and ready to be pinned - there was more behind it that you can't see in this pictures.

Here it is all pinned up waiting for their turn at the serger.  There are two stacks waiting to be sewn, can't wait to see them finished.  I haven't started that process yet, but will next weekend.  My goal is to have all of these sewn, ironed and in their respective boxes ready to  mail to their new owners by 12-1-12.

 Above are the flannel squares ready to be sewn, to the right of that are the square all sewn, ready to be laid out and then sewn.  It takes about 8 hrs to make a rag quilt start to finish.  But everyone I've given away has been well received, and i must admit I love the feel of flannel, so I have a lot more in my stash.  I think last year I cut up something like 20 yards of material and didn't put a dent in my stash.  This year I've cut up another 11 yards and there is STILL more.

You can also see that I've finally fixed my quilt square, put the corner on right over the weekend, that was an easy fix.  So the quilt has been put away for a minute or two.  I'm hoping to join a quilting guild in 2013 and maybe it will inspire me to get my 2 almost done quilts, done and my 2 need to get started quilts started.

Here are my potato cookers/warmers or whatever you want to call them all cut out and ready to sew.  Still haven't found the directions for the corn cookers/warmers.....that might be something that will have to wait until after Christmas at this point.

No progress on my cross stitching, the lady is still out and looks at me every day as if to say...when is it my turn again?   Soon, soon I say back.

So what day is it, what month is it???  I'm in denial that Christmas is less than 45 days away!!  I am soooooo far behind.  Time to kick it into high gear.  Be looking for pictures of finished projects!!


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