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Monday, July 29, 2013

Productive weekend, feels good to be stitching again

It was a great weekend for sewing and stitching!!   While I know I said I had a Dr. Seuss quilt to finish up, the one shown here isn't it :(  It's a rag quilt for my niece who is having a baby any day now.  I didn't wash it, will let her do that with her laundry soap for babies and also deal with all of the threads that fill up the washer and dryer.  The blanket is big enough for an adult - I think I got a little carried away - it's 49" X 56", most baby blankets are 36" X 36".

Saturday was spent with some lovely ladies in our So.Cal Stitching group.  We met in a courtyard in Tustin, CA and stitched the day away.  The weather was beautiful and we had a nice breeze that kept us cool and 2 large umbrellas to keep the sun off of us.   While I had about 4 different projects in my bag, I opted to only work on one.  Decided I really want this one done sooner rather than later.  I need a finish this year to boost my ego a little bit.

When I got home I decided I really wanted to start something new.  So I pull out my SB's Peter Patch and serged around the linen and then did the outer-outer border that was only a running stitch.   So not much to see, but felt good to start a new project, I love those first 100 or stitches.

While I was looking for a new project to work on I also came across a very small SB - Boo, it's only about 2 X 3, so is working up fast.  Just have the back stitching left and the words, so hope to have it finished by this weekend.  And while I was being bad, decided to really go for it and also pulled out a SB band sampler - Angel's Song (or something like that).  I only get the material serged, next I'll stitch down both sides and the middle. After doing lots of band samplers found having the three lines keeps me on target and I do less rippppp and more stitching.

What is missing is my lady - I've got her back on the floor and ready to go, so maybe I'll start beading on it tomorrow.  I look at it and think it's almost done, then I look at the picture and decide i still have a lot to do.  Oh well, it will get done sooner rather than later, just need to apply myself for a day or so.  I'm tired of working on her, so its time to either get it done or put it away for another year.  Since I've picked out her frame and have a framer waiting on it, I'm thinking I really need to get it done and not put away LOL.

Hope you all have fantastic weekends and were able to devote some time to stitching and relaxing.


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