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Sunday, October 13, 2013

2 Babies on the way, time to pull out the flannel material

A few years back I saw a rag quilt that one of the ladies did in my stitching group and I renewed my love for material.  I had pretty much stopped sewing all together, but between seeing the rag quilt and my sister getting me hooked on quilting, I decided it was time to buy material.   When I get started on something I can get a little bit obsessive, OK I can get really obsessive and I guess I have gotten that way about buying flannel.  I have been known to buy an extra suite case to bring fabric home or stopping at the post office to mail it home :)  Among my crafting buddies, they all know I have this addiction to flannel material.  Ok I love all types of material, but flannel, it can be so soft and warm.

I did 2 baby blankets about this time last year - both for boys out of my stash and here I am again getting ready to do two more.  The most reason rag quilt for my new nephew, I had to admit was purchased earlier this year, so not counting it as part of my stash.  

Anyways this weekend I pulled out my flannel material and was SHOCKED to see my stash is actually dwindling down!!  I mean I probably had 40-50 yards in total, but for me that is really low.  I use 5-6 yards for a baby blanket, and 8-10 for an adult.  Most of what I have left are for children.  So here are the three groupings I pulled together,  I'm thinking the black I might save for myself :)  but I do love the bright colors in it.
Another stack are moons and nets, which reminded me of the story Winken, Blinken and Nod.  The colors are soft, yellow, greenish/blue and orange.  I've been holding this grouping of material for awhile now, I'm pretty sure I'll cut this stack up for a blanket, just not sure who'll get the blanket.
The last grouping are bright animals which would make a very busy blanket, but could see a little one enjoying looking it at bright colors and different funny animals.  These were purchased at different times and I'm sure with different groupings in mind, and were most likely cast offs.  They are mostly yellow with a little bit of purple thrown in for fun.  I'll look at them for another couple of days before I'll actually start cutting up anything.  
I did start to cut out my pillow cases today, should have them all cut out by the end of the week.   Most of those are for Christmas presents, so not posting pictures right now.  I also need to find my instructions for the potato cooking bags and corn bags.  I cut them all out last year and never got around to sewing them up, so they were put away, but not sure where I put it all.  Old age is heck, you an remember doing something, but not what you did with it LOL

Hope you all have a great weekend and got something accomplished.


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  1. I should correct the "few year's back" comment really should have been more like about 10 years ago. First flannel blanket was for my grandson - who is now 13, he was maybe 2 at the time. First time I did a quilt square was a little more than 12 years ago for my parent's 50th anniversary quilt.