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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

stitching in sunny Cal - 1st full moon posting (a little early)

but my sister is coming tomorrow for a visit and know I won't get a chance to post on the 16th, we'll be in San Diego

January16- Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Hi, I’m Sandy and I live in sunny California with my hubby of almost 30 years.  All of our kids are grown and living back in Kentucky or Tennessee.  While home was Kentucky prior to California, we are originally from Michigan.  Hubby doesn’t miss the winters, he never liked the snow or the cold, but I miss the winters, I miss the changing of the seasons. Hubby is a summer person, I’m an autumn person, but we somehow manage.

Currently we are without pets as well as without children or grand children. So you’d think I would have all the stitching time in the world. Well I should, but I’m been in a stitching slump, I think I’m over whelmed with all of the things I want to do, so I do nothing.  This year instead of having a list of 20 different projects, I’m going to keep it down to under 10 with 5 that will be primary on my list!! Anything not on my list will be ban to “THE UFO BIN”, only to be seen again when I've completed something on my list.  

My goal for the year is to have 2 finishes on my list at least. Items #2 and 5 are a must. #5 because it’s the Christmas stocking for my soon to be here granddaughter.  I’ve made 6 of them to date, this will be #7.  Decided to do Sadie's Stocking, just need to assemble the threads. I already have almost all of the charts and most of the button packs (hoping to have this one), and I have some material and maybe even most of the DMC perle cotton threads, but not the over dyed.
The Flock

Item #2 on my list is for my sister. She was diagnosed with cancer almost 4 years ago. We are so fortunate that she is still here. Each day is a blessing and while she drives me crazy at times, I know I would miss her dearly if she weren’t here to make me crazy :).  Anyways the Flock design says – “Faith is the bird that feels the Dawn when it’s still Dark”. I have faith that she will be here for a long time.  I've already got 1 of 12 charts done, will start the next one shortly.

So here are my Projects and pictures of my starting point for this challenge:

1) Earth Dancer by TIAG – Started in 2013 for my youngest daughter

2) Flocks – SamSarah – New Start 2014 for my sister

3) Peace Angel – Lavender & Lace – New Start 2014 for my pending grand daughter

4) Peridot Fairy – Mirabilia – Started in 2013 for my middle daughter

5) Sadie's Stocking - Shepherd's Bush – New Start 2014 for my pending granddaughter

6) Dr. Seuss Quilt – needs borders then quilting – not sure who will get this started in 2012
August Peridot Fairy
Dr. Seuss Quilt

7) Thimbleberry 2009 Quilt – needs to be assembled and borders, then quilting for my youngest daughter - started in 2009

8) Spooky Halloween Mantle - Bent Creek - for me :)

On my wish list of things to finish:

1) Princess Angel – Painted Pony for 1st Granddaughter started in 2013

2) Tooth Pillow – unknown designer for 1st Granddaughter, started in 2013

3) Thimbleberry 2008 Quilt – needs to be assembled and borders, then quilting – for son started in 2008

4) Leigh’s Dragon – needlepoint for my son’s wedding gift (only late by 4 years now) started in 2010.

Most of what I sew and stitch are for other people, of the list only one item is for me. I enjoy stitching for others, well others that appreciate my hard work.
Tooth Pillow
Spooky Halloween Mantle

I hope you join me through my journey this year and encourage me to continue on and have one or two really big finishes with a few smaller ones on the way


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  1. Lovely list of projects. I will enjoy watching your progress.