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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Football and Stitching this weekend

 Yesterday we went to the Honda Center to see the LA KISS play the AZ Rattlers in Arena football.  Our nephew plays for the Rattlers - center.  He got us comp tickets, but I guess the home team doesn't want opposing fans to get good seats, so they were up in the nose bleed section.  Told hubby next time we'd buy the tickets and be closer to the action.

I'm not a huge football fan, I generally watch one game a year, the Super Bowl and then mostly for the commercials, but thought this would be fun.  We had a good time, the Rattler's kicked some Kiss - A@# if you'll excuse my language :)

I didn't take my stitching with me, couldn't have seen it well enough to stitch even if I had taken it.  But I did get some stitching done this weekend.  I'm working on 9 Lives, below is my starting point, will take a picture and post it later of my ending place after this weekend.  It is fun to stitch and doesn't require a lot of thought, which is what I need this week.  Work is still hectic, so enjoying any down time when I can get it.

Also got stash enhancement in the mail last week.  So on the way to the game we made a pit stop at a local shop for thread.  I managed to get all but 3 on my list, 2 they didn't carry that line and one they were out.  Still need to get some perle cotton so I can start on a new stocking for Olivia's first Christmas, but I have enough that I can get start.  So hoping to have some great updates this summer.  I'm ready to bust loose on some stitching projects.  You all are such great motivators when you aren't being bad influences and making me buy more charts :).

Here is the chart I want to start very soon, just need to pull some linen out of my stash :)  Also got my painted canvas.  I plan on spending some time in a few weeks putting a couple of canvases on stretcher bars and pulling my flood stand out of the guest room so I can stitch with both hands and use my laying tool.

Ms. Kitty was sitting guard while I was pulling out the threads.  would love to think she was appreciating my purchase, but I think she was plotting which thread to swipe for her own stash.

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  1. It sounds like a fun night out! I love that Wild Thing, I can't wait to see that come to life!