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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Getting motivated and making new WIP's, goodness knows I don't have ENOUGH of them yet!!

My brother-in-law is coming for a visit, which means that my "craft room" will soon have to be a guest room for a few nights.  So I went in there and did some "organizing", which meant kitting up some needlepoint designs to do :)

At work I've started to watch Netflix at lunch instead of reading, so my hands are free.  I've been knitting on a sock, but it's taking me a long time to finish the ONE sock and i still have another one to do.  So I've decided to switch from knitting to needlepoint.

Working on a painted canvas, I don't have to worry about counting my place.  Need to count stitches if I'm not basket weaving, but that is OK, still easier than counting my stitches on linen.

I know I went a little crazy with what I pulled, no way will I get these done quickly, but I love having a variety of things to work on, so here is what I'll pulled:

1st up is my Hippo.  I love this one, it's tiny (6 x 6) is the whole canvas, the design itself is probably 2 x 2.  I'm sure it was part of a Noah's Ark set at one point and got left behind.  But for me that was great.  My sister Linda loves hippos and I'm sure she would love these done.   I have bamboo thread for them, a little sheen, but not a lot.

I also found this cute little teddy bear - also very small - I have lots of petite velvet thread to do him in - just going to basket weave both of these so I can get the detail included.

 I pulled threads and finally got two more of my Wizard of Oz designs on stretcher bars.  Glenda right now only had thread for her face - again going to basket weave it, not sure what I'll do for the rest.  Under Glenda is the City of Oz - I pulled all silk threads, going to do the yellow in a brick pattern and the grass in something else maybe a bargello.  Not sure how I'll do the actual city yet.  Need to pull out some of my stitch book and a few beads I'm sure.

On my adventures where I got the hippo and the teddy bear, I saw these really neat purses.  Normally I would buy in 3's, but since the passing of our oldest daughter, I've had to learn to buy in 2's.  This time it worked, only because I put one back at the last minutes.  You can't see the second one - its a modern design, love it, the top one is a leopard print.  I don't have the threads for the leopard print - need to go and get some silk & Ivory - but the one below has all the threads pulled, can't wait to start it!!  You can zip the flaps of the purses off, so I might go and get a few more - I do have a granddaughter who would love one.......can we say ROAD trip?  LOL - maybe next weekend, hubby is up for it as long as I feed him lunch.

The last are all of them piled up, some place in there are Dorothy's shoes.  I only have a little thread pulled for them, enough to do the yellow brick road.  What would the shoes be if the road wasn't there too?

Well I guess I should do something other than surf the net.  I have my stitching calling me.

Hope you are all getting come "organize" done.   Maybe with my next adventure the owl and the Teacher ornament will get threads pulled.

Oh did I mention I also pulled some new Lizzy Kate designs to do?  I just need to cut the material, and thanks to my good friend, I have a new pack of linen to play with next weekend!!


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