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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wonderful Saturday with my So Cal ladies

I love when I can stitch with other like minded people.  While most of them bring one project and tend to work on it all day, I love to work on at least 2 different projects.  One before lunch and something else after lunch.  There has been times when I've pulled out and worked on 3 projects because I've not felt like stitching on something for every long.  I actually bring about 4 with me so I can decide what I want to do.

This Saturday I started a new project called Starry Nights by Nancy's Needle.  I saw this one on-line a while back and knew I had to have it.  So I finally order the chart, canvas and threads all one time.  Between getting it and starting it I managed to lose the chart, then found the chart, lost the threads, found the thread....decided I should start it before the cycle of losing and finding started over again.  So here is my start. This is so much fun to stitch.  I will add some bling to it the next time.  The dark blue that is starting the next round was a little more challenging to get int right.

The other design I worked on with my lady friends is LNH - Mystery sampler - something like Song of the Seasons.  I got it after I'd seen the whole design.  I'm not big on actual "mysteries", been burned - you know "once burned, twice learned."  So when one of the ladies in our group was stitching it and I loved how it looked I went ahead and ordered the whole thing.  This one doesn't get a lot of attention, it only comes out when I stitch with the ladies.

Below is my picture/update for the full moon of my multiplication table.  "Jane 12 years old 1892" should be at the top, but at one point I was going to make this go through 12's.  After decided to leave it at 10's I decided to add the words all at the bottom.  Shouldn't make a difference in the long run, the main part is the table itself.  When this one is done I'll start the next one I have which does does through the 12's!!

Hope you all had a great weekend of stitching.



  1. I'm glad you had fun! Are you going to the retreat? I love how starry nights is looking you made great progress!

  2. Love the blues in Starry Nights and I've seen this LHN design and you are doing great.