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Friday, February 17, 2017

Where is the month going?

And why do I have to go with it?

I can't believe we are more than half way through the month of February.  I know its a short month, but must it go by so fast?

I've been really bad at doing anything this month.  I sit at home and look at all kinds of WIP that are begging to be worked on, and I want to stitch, but the thought of having to actually pull something out just exhausts me, so I don't.  I'm hoping to change that mind set this weekend and work on SOMETHING at home.

I've been pretty good about stitching on my lunch hour while watching Criminal Minds, although today I watch the last episode of the last season :( .  Anyway, I decided I really didn't like the look of the green in the grass.  The contrast between the two trees were a little too much, even though the colors were pretty close to the color of the canvas.   It took me a whole lunch out to cut it all out, but I was really happy that I did.  I'm still debating the yellow in the brick road.  However haven't convinced myself that it's bad enough to take out, yet.  I really like the new grass area a lot better.  Even makes the brick road look at little bit better :)  Don't you think?

Not sure what I want to do for the sky yet.  The area is small so it will be hard to do anything with too much of a pattern.  I have beads for the medium green on the city.  I'm hoping that will make the city pop out a little bit more.  You can't tell, but the light green has a shine to it as well as the green int he grass.

For Christmas my hubby got me a fitbit.  So I've been tracking my steps each day.  Some days I do well and others not so good.  My goal is 8,000 steps a day, most days I'm up around 5,000, on days I go to the gym and walk I hit the 8,000 mark and a couple of times I've even hit 10,000!!  My daughters are doing it too, so we connected our scores so we can encourage each other.  I didn't walk today, but will go in the morning.

We are getting much needed rain here in Sunny Cal, almost to the extent of too much, almost I said.  It has lead to some major mudslides and flash flooding but nothing that has impacted us.

Well going to surf for a minute - lurk on other's blogs and work on getting my stitch mojo at home going.   I love Friday nights, I can stay up late :), but given the sound of rain, I might just make it an early night.



  1. Beautiful work and sorry you had to take so much out, but the new greens do look really nice together.

  2. Not that the first bit of grass looked bad, but I really like the way you changed it!
    Good for you and the fitbit, I still haven't found one I like yet.

  3. I loved my fitbit - it really kept me walking. I lost it. Took it off and can't find it anywhere. I like your yellow brick road. and the changes to the green

  4. It didn't impact us either luckily but I already miss it and it's only been sunny for a week. Great change in the grass!

  5. Great progress this month! Thank you for sharing the how to on the sprats head stitch, I don't think I've done that one before.


  6. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.