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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Does a new start get you absolutely giddy?

Well it does me!!  I had told myself - Self "NO NEW STARTS", well at least not until you get something done.  It doesn't make sense that you have 40 plus started projects and you want to start another one.

But then in my surfing the web I stopped off at Spinster Stitcher and she had a link to this YouTube (hopefully I've tagged it right)...... if not you can find it here

Well this is my new theme song :)  "Let It go, let it go...I'm got more stash anyways!!"  So the new start is totally from my stash :)

So I got my giddiest on and pulled out a new start for this weekend.    Vexation Sampler by Plum Street Samplers.

If you've been following me for awhile, you know I've already done a multiplication table for my daughter's second grade classroom.  I flaked out on doing all of the small squares in the top and bottom borders, but I think it looks OK anyways.

I was going to expand it to the 12's until I found the one above.  Since then I've seen lots of charts with this theme, but somehow having a motif right in the middle of it all doesn't seem right.  So I will work on this one.  Hoping it stitches up fast!!

But did I stop there today?  OH NO, not Ms. Obsessive Stitcher, not the mistress of starts.  I needed to get some threads for my tooth pillow I've been working on (and that is my story and I'm sticking with it), and while I was there I decided I needed a few small canvases so I could do two small mirrors for my daughters' new purses that I stitched.  While #2 daughter's purse is all stitched (red & black), #3's still needs it beads.    If I actually focused I could have it done.  So this is my aim for Christmas - we'll see if it gets done or not.  But don't you think the small canvases will go well with each or their respective purse flaps?

Well back to being giddy and planning my new start!!


  1. Just watched the Flosstube, so appropriate! Right now I wish any kind of stitching got me giddy but I have the stitchy blues. What a nice project to get giddy about though, a Plum Street. Yes, the canvasses do look good with their purse flaps. Have fun!

  2. Shelly - I hope you find your stitching mojo again and can get giddy over a new start. Can't wait to start the new canvases!!

    1. My mojo is back! I joined an exchange so I had to start something.

  3. LOL I love your post. I got giddy and excited just reading it. Good luck with your new start, I'm glad there is someone out there that loves new starts no matter how many wips are on the go. Love it!!! And the small canvases are perfect for their respective purses (is that a word? giggle). Looking forward to your next post and see what you get up to.
    Have fun
    xo Alicia

  4. i really like this post. thanks for sharing here.