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Saturday, August 12, 2017

It seems that the older you yet

the faster time goes by, sometimes with you and sometimes without you.  It seems that it's been without me lately, I just wake up and it's a new week, or a new month.

I can remember as a child thinking how long it took holidays or vacations to come and it would take forever to grow old.

But here I am, much older than I was, but not as old as I hope to be, because heaven knows I have a ton of projects that need to be finished before I am :)

I've been working on my tooth pillow needlepoint and trying to decided what to do for the back ground.  The thread was picked out by my granddaughter, so changing it to something else really isn't an option (unless I let it linger for 20 years, then she might forget).

My first try was kind of a zig-zap stitch, but didn't like the coverage, I could see the white canvas behind it and didn't like how it looked.  I put in several rows before I pulled it out.

Next I tried a slanted stitch, but it looked too heavy to me.  Again I did several rows so I could see how it looked next to the animals.  Let me tell you, this one was a pain to rippppppp out.  I wanted the background to recede into the background so the animals stand out so I went with the old stand-by - basketweave.

The monkey might get lost in the dark color, but the elephant and giraffe should stand out OK. I'll know soon enough I guess.

I still need to go back and put in the back on the feet and for the eyes, and will add some back stitching to the elephant so you can see his ear better and the head.

I also posted a picture of the small pocket that will be sewn on above the monkey.  I'm hoping that I can do the finishing myself, so might have to start watching floss tubes to get some ideas.

In the meantime, I've started a new project, I wanted something small in my rotation (HAHAHAHAHA-that's what I'm calling my reach and pull system), that I know I can get done this year and feel like I've accomplished something. I'm saving it for another post, would have had more done today if hubby hadn't found my hiding place at Starbucks this morning.  I enjoy walking down to Starbucks on Saturday and Sunday morning, getting a cup of snobby coffee, pulling out my i-pad and stitching.  So totally relaxing, especially after a stressful week at work.  Since hubby is NOT a morning person like me, it's my time, but some mornings he wakes up earlier than usual and will come looking for me, which is what happened this morning.  But to be honest I'd been there for about 2 hrs. so it probably was time to head home.

I also finally broke down and got a new computer today.  My current one gets very warm, very fast, so I've been limiting my time using it.  I've back up everything from this computer and now need to restore to the new computer!!  I totally forgot to get a new excel program, the one I have could be transferred to the new computer, but I would need the code.  Which means I would need to remember where I put the box that it come in, so it won't restore to the new computer.  However, I would love to have an updated version of excel, that's the nerd in me.

So decided that I would post one last time on my old computer so if all crashes down around me at least you've heard from me one last time.  I'm told (by the guy that sold me the computer) that I will be amazed at how fast it is and will love it. We'll see if this all goes as presented, if nothing else I have 30 days to figure it out.  I'm sure I'll love it as it's another MAC and I've been happy with the one I have now and the one I had before this one.


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  1. Hi Sandy,
    I really liked the zig zag stitch but I can see what you mean about the coverage. I think the basketweave was the best choice. It's a great colour that your granddaughter picked. She has a good eye. Good luck finishing the background, I can't wait to see it finished.
    xo Alicia