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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Has anyone seen Mo?

I'm in a desperate search for Mr. Mo-Jo, he seems to have left me without a reason or a note saying when he would be back.  We were friends in December, BFF's in February, but in March we became estranged and I don't know why.  

Well OK maybe hubby's knee replacement and then stay in ICU after his surgery due to heart problems.  My Mom going into the hospital  and I'm 3,000 miles away and can't go home because of aforesaid hubby's surgery and work, well just being work in our busy season.  However,  that doesn't mean Mr. Mo-Jo needed to leave my side when I need his wisdom and ability to reduce my stress levels.  Maybe he will come back in April, the first wave of work will be done by then, hubby should be home (eliminating the 40 mile one way trip to the hospital/rehab) and my Mom will be several weeks into her recovery as well.

So this month's question is:

What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

I tend to be more old school and really don't keep up with new designers or new fabrics and flosses.  While I have my favorite designers as a lot do, I tend to buy what draws my attention at the moment, but I don't do a lot of shopping on esty sights because they use pay-pal and I don't.  So look forward to seeing what others have to say, great question.

As for what I did during March, I did some knitting.  I got some yarn to do a chemo cap for my friend.  I decided on the bright colors and put a little knitty knot on top.  Then I did up another knocker for the same friend and also finished the chemo cap that I have started for my sister and sent it to my friend as well.

The caps knitted up fast, but not as fast as I remember being able to do them  Oh well, when you get older it takes longer to do things you'd done before.  While you can't feel the yarns, they are all very soft and chemo approved.  

On the stitching front, I managed to get another row or two completed on my SB band sampler - Angel's Song.  Then I moved the q-snaps and put my grid lines down the left side and the middle.   Does that count as stitching?   LOL.  Started another band, but didn't get  a chance to complete it yet.  I also pulled out my SB Peter's Patch, filled in more of the middle part which is the shepherd , almost done with him, then I'll need to go back to the borders. 

The last is my Ruby Slippers needlepoint.  I got more sequins on the right shoe and beading on the left side of the left shoe.  I can't wait to put the ribbon on, I'm close to having it done, so my thoughts on are to the next needlepoint project.

I hope Mr Mo-Jo finds his way back to my house, the projects are stacked up looking at me just begging to be worked on.  Maybe I'll pull something out of the bind yet tonight.

Happy stitching and can't wait to be inspired by all of the other wonderful stitching in this group.  You are all so amazing.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

I've thought about this and it's NOT my fault, I am a victim of circumstances I'm like Lucy Ricardo!!

My resolution for 2018 was NOT to buy any new charts, but rather focus on the WIP's I have going and any new starts would be out of the stash I have that have or one of my many kits because it would take a lifetime to stitch everything I have because I'm a gold member of the SABLE club.

I'm also in love with linen material, I stitch almost exclusivity on linen, so when my girlfriend sent me some fabric that she didn't want I looked at it as more stash at a good price...FREE.  This all started out harmless enough, until the material of the pieces had the start a chart - The Quiltmaker by L&L.  Well this has been one that has been my bucket list to stitch, but I didn't have the chart, so I decided that before they stop printing L&L charts, I really need to go ahead and buy it the next time I saw on-line or at a shop.  Well I happened to find it one line, so I got it.  However you all know you can't just by one chart on-line, I mean you have to pay shipping, so you might as well go ahed and get something else so that you can spread that shipping charge across more than one chart - right, doesn't that make perfect sense?  So the following charts somehow found their way into my cyber cart to keep The Quitmaker company on her long trip to my house.

Nora Corbet's Letter A Fairy.  Now if you've been following my blog you know I've been working a the Letter A Mermaid,
but I really don't enjoy stitching on it, there is so much going on with all the waves and such.  The Letter D was fun, but Letter A not so much.  My granddaughter's name is Arwen and since I did D for Donna, I want to keep it even, but lord I just can't seem to get into the Mermaid, so hoping this one works out better :)  I do take the A with me to GTG and stitch at least one hour on it each time, but I'm thinking it was get banished to the bin and a new A will be worked on that should go much faster.

A few years ago I saw Blackbird Design's charts named after the Beatle music and being a child of the 60's, who wouldn't want to stitch up these :)  I got all but one of them and had planned on doing them all on one piece of material.  After putting them all side by side, have decided this isn't possibly, or would take a lot of work to figure it all out, but not to be deterred on my quest for charts to spread my shipping charges over, I decided to complete the collection and added Octopus's Garden to the cart.

 So you'd think with three charts I would be finished, right?  NO not this obsessive chick.  As I was cruising through the charts I found Cherry Lane's Canada Flag.  Well I just had to have it, my Mom is Canadian and I had to channel that inner Candian self.  I remember when Canada adopted this flag, never thought I'd get use to seeing it, but now I can hardly remember the old one.  This one will be fun to stitch.k  I love doing these fancy stitches, they are so much fun.

Then I came cross this design by Whispered by the Wind (don't you love that name?).  This is the Astronomer's Gate, which my niece just happens to love, and I love it too, so it too popped into the cart (don't you just love when you can point and click?  They make it so easy to spend money).

And the last chart that found it's way into my cart and eventually (like in 4 days) into my house is AuryTM's Quacker Oz.  I have Alice in Wonderland and since Wizard of Oz was my older sister's all time favorite movie, I just had to have it :)   I am hoping that they come out with more, although I don't know why I would wish for more charts in my stash.  Oz and Alice will be on the top of my list to stitch in 2019 regardless of what I get finished this year.

So with 6 new charts purchased in a year that I wasn't going to get anything, you'd like I was done.....No not me (see that I'm a gold member of SABLE).  So while between appointments with my hubby in Long Beach I ventured over to MariPat's Needlework.  The first time I was there I felt like I got the bum's rush out the door because they were getting ready for a class in the afternoon.  Didn't think I would venture back to their shop, mainly because it's not near my home, so wasn't going to spend the time driving to be rushed through my shopping experience, I like to look in all the nooks for something special.  A friends who live up that way told me that the owner is a very nice person and I should give it another go, so I did.  Well this time she was very nice and I enjoyed my short sweet visit and got the last published Shepherd's Bush stocking Richard's.  I've completed 11 of these stocking to date, and have 3 currently kitted up of which I actually put a few stitching in this morning while waiting for hubby to get his updated x-ray (he is having a knee replacement in a few weeks).  I know at some point I will be stitching this stocking, so it's not a matter of if I'll ever stitch it, but rather when I'll get around to stitching it.  Would love to leave several stocking in my cedar chest for the kids to find when I'm gone and be able to use for their grandkids, a gift from me to a future generation.

So you are thinking, this chick must be done by now, good golly molly, she has gone crazy already, but nope, today after the x-ray because I didn't have all of the thread I needed for Richard's stocking I decided to venture over to the Inland Empire and Needle Niceties in Upland.  They are a small x-stitch and yarn shop.  I did want to get some yarn for a cap I want to knit this weekend, but also needed some threads (wink-wink).  All I can say is the gods must have been on hubby's side this morning, because they hadn't received their shipment for the design's being released this weekend at Nashville's market.  So it was slim pickings LOL and I only got the following:

Mourning Tree Sewing bag & Thistles & Spells PinKeep by Stacy Nash Primitives.  Both of these were on the 1/2 off table and include the speciality threads.  TI loves the simplicity of the designs and the limited colors.  They are small and should stitch up quickly, if and when I get around do working on them.

As I was walking up to the check out counter, this little beauty catch my eye.  I love over one designs, my eyes aren't too happy with me, but I love the look.  So I got Heart's Content's Soie Surfine Silken Birds.  My sister loves birds and I can see this one hanging by her back sliding door near the bird feeders.  I'm debating on doing it in black or maybe pulling one of my silk variegated threads.

 So I'm done, I think I have all this buying out of my system now, but like I said, it wasn't my fault,  If my friend hadn't sent my the material with the start,  I wouldn't have had to find the chart so I could finish the picture, and wouldn't have wanted to spread the shipping charges across more than one chart which lead me down my path of over indulgence.  But I'm done now and it's time to focus on my WIP'S AGAIN

Hope you are all more self restrained that me, my charts and kits are now up to 1,541 and 214 being completed.  I have a long ways to go to get them all done before I die.  So here's to a long life, long threads and dull needles that won't prick my fingers.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Update time for WIPocalypse - thankfully delayed

Judy-039-s-Boo-Boo-Stick-for-Stitching-Repair-and-Clean-UpSo it's time to check in on WIPocalypse which is hosted by  I love this SAL - it's helping me focus on my stitching and actually getting something done.  I went through a very dry spell where I just wasn't stitching, but I'm getting back into the groove and enjoying the zen that it brings to me when I'm stressed out or feeling sad.

So what is the question for the Month?  Gadgets, show us your favorite stitching gadgets and How did you do with the Olympic Stitching and what goals did you achieve?

Originally I was thinking I don't do a lot of gadgets, but I guess I do.  I have several types of stands, lots of magnets, q-snaps, scissors etc.  However when the frog comes to visit me, I love my Boo-boo stick.  It allows me to get the fuzz off my linen or canvas.   I don't know how many years I've had it, a lot.  I also have a needle for picking out stitches - it has beads on the end, and I'm sure I way over paid for it, but it's easier to use than just my usual needle.

So for the second half of the question - how did I do in my Olympic challenge - I chose Endurance, but I'd have to say I didn't make the medal podium, maybe coming in 4th or 5th.  I got side tracked twice this month.  I started off really strong and thought I'd have it about 1/2 done by the end of the month, but my friend needed a knitted knocker, the first one went fast, so I knitted a second one and currently working on the third.  She was thrilled to get the first two in the mail.  She will get implant at some point, but for now, this keeps her even. Same friend started chemo last week, so I had to find a cap I had started, found it finally, but also found a sweater that I had started a few years ago.  So I was just going to do a few rounds for fun, and ended up knitting about 4 inches :)  I also worked a little bit on a sock.  So like I said, I'm near the medal winners, but not really there because I tend to get sidetracked easily.

So here are the two main things I did this month:

My ruby slippers, I have the background completed and I'm working on the sequins and then will add the gold bow at the end.

My EarthDance has all but a few stitches done on the skin (its over one) and all but a few stitches in the hair.  The missing stitches as because I rant out of thread before I completed the area.  I will go back the next time I have it out and finish up those areas before I move on.    I think the hair looks good and can't wait to get more of there dress done.  But know it won't really come together until I have the beading done.  The last thing I'll do is the dream catcher.  Plan on spending another month working on her before she is put aside for something different.

Hope you all had a great month and hit the gold in your stitching challenge.


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Its amazing what you'll find when you start to look

My friend started chemo treatments this week and I knew I had started a chemo cap for my sister.  I wasn't able to finish it because it meant that my sister had cancer and I had a hard time with it all.  I had knitted several caps for a co-worker where I had been working, but I just couldn't for my sister.  Fortunately my sister had several other friends who knitted her more than enough caps to last her.  Instead of the caps I did make her several pairs of socks and a rag quilt to keep her warm.  And the half knitted cap was put in the binds of eternity and hasn't seen the light of day for many hears.

I decided to go in search of that half knitted cap and found my knitting bag which held a lot of treasures!!  Besides all of my knitting needles it also had one started stock, two skeins of yarn for socks to be knitted and a baby sweater that I had started for my granddaughter when she was born.  Silly me thought if I started a size 2-3 sweater it would be done in time LOL, the is size 4-5 now.

I've been knitting on it this afternoon and having fun, it's mindless knitting, just going around and around and around.

The purple yarn is the start of a sock on size 2 needles, not very far long, they had been my "by the bed project", but Ms. Kitty changed that when she unknitted the pink sock.  I had one sock close to being done until I found it with the needle ends bitten off and the yarn strewed up and down the hall way.  And the stitches half on and half off the needles.

The green, blue and purple yarn hasn't been started yet, but don't you just love those colors?  I can't wait to start them.

The strips is the child's sweater that I started a few years ago.  I think it will make a cute sweater and hopefully will find a home soon.

The chemo cap is the green and purple, its a very soft cotton.  And the last picture are baby socks that I've not ever tried, found the pattern at a shop in Ft. Collin's CO a few year back.  I think they will be fun to knit and should knit quickly and those little feet don't take a lot of time.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feeling Nostalgic

As I was thinking about writing this blog over the weekend I debated what I wanted to say.  I've been feeling a little lost lately, wondering what the next years will hold.  Hubby and I have a house in KY, but I think deep down he is longing to move back to our hometown in MI.  Which I would be OK with for a few years as my parents are still there and while they are in great health right now, they are getting older.   We are looking at a specific house near his brother's house, which is in a blue collar neighborhood, the houses are nice and well kept but small.  So we'll see if this comes to be or not, waiting to see if the family is going to sell it or not and if so what they want and what we'd need to do  to make it more cost efficient to own.

I've also been missing those little moments when our kids were young and our house was always so full of life.  While we had 4 kids of our own, we often had my sister's 2 kids and various other nieces and nephews on my hubby's side.  I miss our family meals, yes I was one of THOSE Mom's who believed we should all sit down together for dinner and share our day.  And NO the TV was not allowed to be on, and NO phone calls were allowed during dinner.  Would I be the same today?  You bet I would, how can you know what your kids are thinking if you don't talk to them?

Most of all I miss bedtime and reading the kids either out of the book we were reading at the moment or one of poems out of my Dad's favorite poem book 101 Poems.  There is a canvas with children's books and that is probably what has sparked my walk down memory lane.  I need to get that canvas and stitch it up, but then I look at all the projects I have going and realize I need to do what I have before I start to plan out more.  However, that canvas might just find it's way into my stash, and even if I don't stitch it for a couple of years, it will provide lots of good memories of times that I miss when life seemed so simple.  We never had much when the kids were young, and we surely don't have a large retirement saving nows, but we had fun and what I will lack in money in retirement, I will make up for in all the memories.

So what I been working on? is for my youngest daughter and has been my Olympic Endurance challenge this month.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


who's there?  Knit

Knit who? 

Knit a knocker for cancer

I knitted this for a co-worker who is going through breast cancer and needed a little help in balancing herself out.  Don't worry it was stuffed before being sent to her :)  Who knew these were available?  all those years using Kleenex when I could have just knitted a little enhancement.

Back to my WIP now

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Let the Games begin

wait, I guess it's not this game.


I am so hooked on Whirly Words on my phone.  Anytime I have a spare minute it's my go-to fun to waste time.  I thought, when I hit 100,000 I'd be done, then it was wanting to hit 1,000,000, and then 2 MIL and so on.  I have to admit I do cheat to keep the game going, but try hard to do it on my own.  Is it increasing my vocabulary?  Nope, but I love it.  Maybe when I hit 100,000 puzzles solved I'm be bored with it.

My brother had his annual Ground Hog meal, this was the main course, the cake was the same as last year.  I miss getting to go to the celebration maybe next year.

So my Olympic challenge..........................

I've decided to work on my EarthDancer for the Endurance Challenge from Mesi's WIPocalypse.  here is where it was when the month started.  My original thought was I'd work on the over one face, neck and hand.  But when I was at my GTG stitching with the ladies I decided I needed something simple and easy, so worked on the hair instead.

 Here is where I ended up at the end of the day.  Had a moment of panic when the hair didn't match, but it only involved ripping out a couple of stitches where I had gotten over zealous.  I will pull it back out again this weekend and maybe work on the face and/or hand.  There is always a fun looking feather in her hand that will add some color to it as well.

I decided to work on this one because a while I have the angel for my youngest grandchild to work on, this one is a much older and has been promised to my young daughter for more than 10 years.  So it's about time it got some good loving.

I pulled back out my ruby slippers.  I added more yellow brick road.  I'm hoping I have enough gold to make it to the top of the shoes, then I might do green.   This is my travel/lunch time project, which means it only gets about 1/2 hr. of loving 5 days a week at most.  Or in stitcher's language - 2 thread lengths :)

The last update is my Multiplication Table - I'm working on the flowers on the left side of the chart.  I didn't like the coverage with one thread, so switched to two threads and I'm much happier with how it looks.  I've gotten different thread to work the numbers so not too worried about running out.

I'm trying to spend my loving around a little bit this month, but the EarthDancer get the bulk of the love.

Happy stitching