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Thursday, August 18, 2016

According to my app the Moon is full TODAY!!

I guess that means I need to be updating my blog.  Most of you all know how to apply the button so people can go over to Mesai's blog, but I'm not as well versed in how all those things work, so this time I'm adding her link and invite you to and go on over to her blog.

So the question this month is:

The Stitcher Blogging Question this month is two-fold… if you’re not participating  then there’s a mid-year recap question.  Let us know how you’re doing.  If you do want to participate in the Olympic Stitch-a-Long challenge, we’ll be running three mini “competitions,” and it’s up to you to decide how you want to approach it.  Hopefully one of these options appeals to you!

Since I'm not really participating in the Olympian challenge (just haven't gotten into the Olympics this year), I will do a recap.

Here is what I had hoped to accomplish this year:

So here is my wish list for 2016 and I'm hoping this blog will keep me on track:

Canvases/Counted Needlepoint
Emerald City - STARTED see picture below
Dorothy - Not yet
Glenda - Not Yet
Wicked Witch of the East - Not Yes
Flying Monkey - Not Yet
Ruby Slippers -READY to Start - found some sequins for the shoes :)
The Wiz - NOT from Wizard of OZ - no update this one is close to a finish.
Counted Cross Stitch
August Fairy-Peridot (just needs the beads) - Still waiting - I've done some beading, but no picture
EarthDancer - Not touched
Mermaid Letter D (just needs the beads) DONE see picture below
Mermaid Letter A - I've worked on her, but not much this year, no picture
In Memory of Jane (aka Multiplication table)  DONE see picture a few posts back - delivered to daughter #3 for her class room.
Inspire Other (over one design) Haven't touched - not even sure where it is right now, need to find it.
Either Peter's Patch or Angel's song  Angel's Song has been worked on (see picture below) - Peter's Patch no - another one with some attention could be done by now.
Quilts - NO Progress at all on either - I need room to do the quilts and just don't have it right now.
Thimbleberry 2009 quilt (just needs to be assembled)
Dr. Seuss Take 5 quilt ( just needs borders)

Not on my original list be working on:
Purse flap for youngest daughter - see picture below
Purse flap for middle daughter - no picture, no progress for awhile
Counted Canvas - Starry Night for myself :) see picture blow.

Here is my progress since last month:

Here is my Letter D Mermaid - she is all beaded and missed stitches stitched.  I had a problem with finding more of the crystals, so ended up with ones a little bit darker, but I think they look OK.  Will take it to the framers  and then will send it off to my Granddaughter for her bedroom.

Next up is my Emerald City - I have most of the brick road done.  I started on the dark green too.  I'm having fun with this one and hope to get back to it soon.

I did work a little bit on my SB - Angel's Song.  I got in another two rows.  I will keep this one close at hand to work on again.  It is a nice break and the rows generally go quickly so I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot more than I really am.  I'm now on row 13 and I think there are 25?  I'm in no hurry to get this one done.  Once it's done I have SB's The Promise ready to go.  That is one that I've been wanting to do for a long time.

The next up is my Starry Night.  this was not one of my original 16 projects.  I saw it and decided I liked the colors, so after much debating with myself decided to get the chart, threads and canvas all at one time.  I think that has motivated me to start it at least.  I do worry whether or not I'll have enough threads.  I don't think her charts are realistic when they tell you how many skeins to get.  Or maybe the way I stitch just uses more than I should, but I like the coverage I get.

The last one is one of my purse flaps - I've got most of it stitched.  You really can't tell too well from the picture so I added a picture of the back.  The whirls will be beaded :)  that will add some dimension to the flap without a lot of extra work.

What I'm not showing you are the 3 SB stockings I've just kitted up.  My husband's nephew is expecting their first child in October, so I will send the stocking to them as baby shower gift.  I've also been debating on doing a rag quilt, so need to see how much flannel I have socked away.  If I have enough then I will do it (they are living out east and I'm sure will have cold weather this winter - or so the wooly worms are saying).  If I don't, then well - ROAD TRIP!!

But I know you are saying "wait she said she kitted up 3, who are the other 2 for?".  Hubby's niece has two children now, a little girl born last spring and a son a few years ago.  I did a rag quilt for her son when he was born, I've not done anything for her daughter.  So thought I might try to do the stockings for both of them, can't do just one.  Not going to stress myself out over getting them done, if I do, great, if not, then maybe next year.

 Next full moon may not have much of an update.  It all depends on how this weekend goes, it will be my last weekend as a summer widow, hubby comes home next week.  While I love my hubby dearly (we've been married over 32 years and together close to 40), I really enjoy having a few weeks of alone time each summer.  His idea of fun and my idea of fun aren't always in sync.  So he goes and spends time with his family and I get to spend time with myself.  Oh to have 100% control of the remote can be heaven at times!!  NO WESTERNS for the past 4 weeks!!  What more could a girl want?

OK, by the end of his time away I am ready for him to come home and he is ready to come home.  I think we appreciate each other more when there is a little absents to let the heart grow fonder.

Until the next full moon - hope you are able to do all the stitching your heart desires because I look forward to your progress to get my mojo going!!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Expanding my creative juices

I had a great time on vacation.  I drove from CA to KY to deliver my car to my daughter (she bought it from me).  And then spent a week with my girls (and one day with my son and his kids).  I took some stitching, but in all reality I didn't get a lot done, was having too much fun with the kids.  Took work too, but the gods were in my corner and provided us with lots of rain that interfered with our internet at home, soooooo wasn't able to get on-line.

This trip at my middle daughter's suggestion, we expanded our granddaughter's creative talents by going to Uptown Arts in Louisville, KY along with our own.  If you get an opportunity to go to one of the many different type classes I would recommend trying it out.  We had fun, the class was small, just 6 people in all and we painted cupcakes :)

The first one is mine, the second one is my youngest daughters.  Donna put her initials on hers (DM) and the last one is my middle daughter's.

You can see that while we all heard the same directions, we all had our own way of putting it together.  The teacher was really great and encouraged us to "color outside the lines" :)

I guess I should get back to stitching, it will be a while before I'll be venturing out with my girls again.

I hope you are all able to expand your creative juices and try something out of your "wheel house".  Whether it's ceramics, painting, or branching out into another form of stitching.  It is always fun to see what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Now it's back to reality and work tomorrow.  Need to find my traveling project and get it back into my bag I take to work every day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I can't believe we are at another full moon

I'm still looking for June, I'm certainly not looking forward to the end of July and my granddaughter having to head home :(  Her Dad wants her back by August 1st, as she starts school on the 3rd and the 1st is her birthday.  The summer with her has just flown by, lots of playing Big Fish Games and a little stitching.

I do have one finish/framed project to report.  It should be winging it's way to my daughter in KY to be put into her classroom this fall :)   This is a picture of picture, so it's not very good.  The frame is a distressed wood frame and the matting is a muted purplish brown that matches the numbers.  I had them put plexiglass over the x-stitch to keep little figures off of it, and eliminate the problem of possible broken glass, because we all know accidents happen, especially when it involves 7 year olds.  If one child learns their time tables because of this, then I've accomplished my goal :)  and I'm happy.  I have another one I plan to start next year, can't wait.

I've been putting the beads on the mermaid.   Discovered I was short one package of beads the crystals (larger beads) and missing one color - which I opted to just go with what I had and so far it's looking good.   I'm not sure why the chart didn't tell you to get two packages of the crystals, it's not like they didn't know because you only get 3 in the package and this chart calls for 5!!  So will need to order those, needless to say I had hoped to have this one finished
too, but didn't happen.  Maybe for August's posting.  What I really want to add to this is the pearl mounted on a dolphin that we got at Sea World two summers ago.  I let Donna pick out an oyster, when she opened it up, it had 2 pearls, so we mounted them in two different dolphins, a mother and baby (one for her and one for her Mom).  Her dad kept both of them, which I wasn't happy about, but I'm hoping he will give them back to mount with this x-stitch.  I figure this is something Donna an keep a life time.

Still working on the purse flap, I've got two more big areas to finish and then a couple of smaller areas.  Haven't been able to work on it for the past week, but will get back to it soon.  It's amazing how much you can get done stitching for 1/2 hr each day.  I can't wait to add the beads, that will really set it off.  I  might have to try a few just to see how well I like it.  Wonder where I put my beading thread???

I also started my Emerald City canvas this month.  I have more of it done than what it shows, I like how the brick road is working out, trying to decide if I fill in in-between the bricks or leave it open.  Once that is done I have glittery thread for the city itself.  When I'm done with the flap, this one will take its place as being my traveling project.  Can't wait to show you what I have planned for the ruby slippers :).

I had so much fun doing ceramics with my co-workers that I took Donna back to do some more.  She painted a mermaid and I did a plate with our hand prints.  We have them both back and they look good.  I wish I would have been more insistent with getting more paint for the background of my plate, it didn't cover all that well.  But I do love the hand prints, this will be something to remember this summer.

 I'm not sure if I'll participate in the Olympic challenge.  I'm not really into watching the Olympics, there are a few things I will watch, love the women's gymnastics and the diving competition, but can't say I want to watch people running or jumping or many of the other competitions.  I admire their accomplishments, but just not my thing.  Would rather binge watch Criminal Minds!!

If I do anything it will be a marathon stitch, or I should say beading - I really need to get my August Fairy beaded and off to my daughter.  There are LOTS of beads.

Until next full moon, I hope you all have enough thread on your needle to finish the row, and enough rows down to feel like you are making progress.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

If I blogged as much as I think about it, I'd be writing every day

sometimes twice...

I think of things I'd like to blog about, but then time passes and I either forget (not uncommon once you pass that 50 + mile marker), or don't think it's relevant anymore.  I want to get better at this, I love reading everyone else and I'm always so disappointed when there aren't new posts, but yet I ignore my own.  Of course, I should spend less time reading blogs and more time stitching.

So my topic for this blog?   Celebrating the little things in life with co workers.

I don't talk about my work much, I do work for a wonderful company and love my job.  However I will admit there are times I don't like my job, but isn't that the way it is with any job?

I should say it's not really a job, but it's my career.   I'm a CPA by education and have always loved all things with numbers, they make sense to me, but that is a blog for another day.

One of things I like about my job is we are given some freedom to celebrate our victories and accomplishment.  We just got off one the more horrendous busy seasons I've experienced in a long time.  If it could go wrong it did, and often.  So now that the worse of it is past, we (me) decided we needed to take our group out for something fun, we had toyed around with miniature golf, but in the end since I was doing the planning I got to make the decision.  So we went to Color Me Mine - where you paint ceramics.  I wasn't sure how the group would react - we are 3 women and 3 men at our office.  We had 5 that were available that day, one person had taken a vacation day and couldn't change it, his loss.  Originally we were going to go directly there and then take the group out to lunch, but when I called to confirm I was told they weren't open until 11:00 AM, so we switched it up and took the group out for breakfast and then to paint.  I didn't tell them where we were going until after our breakfast.  I thought I'd hear moans and complaints, but instead everyone was excited about going.  At the end of our time they commended on how relaxing it was, and that they were enjoying themselves.  I think they really like that we sent them all home when we were done as a thank-you for their hard work.

So here are some of the un-fired pieces, hoping to pick them up this weekend :)  and will take pictures again before I give them out to the group.  I did the kitten and found that I paint in my head a lot better than I paint with a brush.  But then I stitch faster in my head than with my hands - my Mom always said my eyes were bigger than my stomach, I guess as you grow older the same concept continues on.....

 It fun to do something out of your wheel-house (what ever that means).  So go out and enjoy a different experience with some friends or co-workers.  Hopefully your bosses appreciate you as much as mine appreciates me and I appreciate my staff - they are awesome and always ready to help each other get the job done.   Love it when I can look forward to going to work, even when I know the day will be horrible.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Full Moon

Time is just slipping away from me, can't believe the moon is full again.  I had convinced myself that I still have another week.  Oh well, I have been doing some stitching this month, just not as much as I would have liked.

So starting with the Question - it's something like - do you stitch more in the summer or winter?  For me it doesn't matter.  I'm a mood stitcher, if I'm in the mood I'm probably more productive than if I'm not.  However this summer we have our granddaughter with us, so I've been spending a lot of time playing Big Fish Games with her, she can play them for hours on end.   I guess summers aren't as productive as they should be for me.  I'm not an outdoors type person, so no sunning by the pool for me.

I'm spending time teaching my granddaughter to stitch, so my actual stitching time has been limited.  You'd be surprised how many times I'm threading her needle instead of my own.

What have I done since the last full moon?  Well more than it looks :(  I didn't take a recent picture of my multiplication table - I'm working on the right side now, I have almost 1/2 of the quilt motifs done.  I was hoping to have a finish to post, but as you can see I got side tracked by my granddaughter.

She is holding her project.  It's a bookmaker -Anne of Green Gables, which she is doing for her Aunt Marie, who is reading the book with her.

We have a little more done than what this picture shows - she has most of the green done at the time and has started on the pink lettering.  We'll be working on the yellow next.

I've also been working on the purse flap for my youngest daughter.  Again, an old picture - I have a little more done than what it shows.  Over the weekend I went and got the bright orange thread and also lots of beads :)  all of the swirls will be beaded when its done.

I also got thread to re-do the other purse flap I started, the leopard print.  Hoping to have a little bit to show on that one next month too.

And I found the most perfect sequins for my ruby slippers, which I've also started working on the Emerald City :)  So all in all, I've been stitching over the past 30 days.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Every adventure should have a lesson

And my last one stitching involved and no stitching has been going on this week, but it will start again soon.

Anyways, last fall my girls decided we needed to do something together that would make us happy.  So we decided to do the BoulderBolder as a family with  my sister Linda, and her son and daughter-in-law.  I invited my brother and his wife and son to join us and then my parents decided they would come for the weekend (not walk).  Then my youngest sister and her daughter decided to join us as well and then my sister Linda decided to invite my sister Carol's husband (she passed away last August) to come as well........

So the plans started - too bad I wasn't actually training as well, but that is another discussion for another day.

We started out Saturday with going to see the Colorado Rockies play the San Fransisco Giants.  We took up almost two full rows.  My brother and his wife are big Giant fans, my sister a Rockies fan, the rest of us rooted for whom ever we wanted because we are all Tiger fans LOL.  The Giants beat the heck out of the Rockies - who I think actually left before the game ended because they sure weren't playing.  But the food was good - who doesn't love ballpark food?  Nachos, beer, cotton candy, snow cones, but what I missed the hot dogs????  Well that's OK because it wouldn't have been a Chicago Cub dog or Detroit dog, so I'm OK with missing it.  And of course, who doesn't LOVE the 7th inning stretch?  We all ended up with hats (which were way over priced) before it was all said and done.  Had a great time.

Sunday was dinner with everyone at my niece's condo's club house.  The kids got to go swimming and of course hot tubbing (which I say kids, my kids are in their 30's so they aren't really little anymore).  Sorry no pictures.  I got Dreamland BBQ delivered so we won't have to do a lot of cooking and could spend time enjoying each other.  So we had ribs, slaw, pork and chicken sandwiches along with grilled veggies.  It was so nice to have time to talk to people and catch up on all of our lives.

Monday was the big walk!!  10K - 6.2 miles!!!  I used to do it in my sleep, so while I knew I wasn't in "shape" for the walk, decided I could still do it.  So we all met up and hopped a bus to the starting point.  We arranged for us all to be in the same wave, but knew we wouldn't actually stay together.  My brother walks and runs all the time, as well as my nephew and his wife.  My sister Linda walks in the mountains almost daily with her dog, and my sister Annie - walks around well that is another story for another day - lets just say I tried to do at least a mile every day.

Oh before I get to this last part, did I mention that my brother-in-law brought his new girlfriend to our family gathering?????  Now in my brain I know that he needs to move on, and that having another person in his life would happen sooner rather than later...... so on to walk

About midway through the walk I all of sudden broke down and just couldn't stop crying.  So I sent my sisters on and I found a spot where I sat down and cried my eyes out.  I learned that I really wasn't ready to see my b-i-l moving on, I so totally miss my sister and felt his actions was so inappropriate, this was to celebrate my sister and our daughter's life.  I was peeved at my sister for inviting him, I was more peeved at him for coming with his new girlfriend.  Note, his kids aren't happy with the new girlfriend either.  And I totally hated myself for crying in public, I am not a public crier.  I must admit there were many wonderful people as I would work up the courage to walk on - even had a nurse walk with me to make sure I was OK.  

Needless to say, sitting down several times for 15 minutes or more, didn't help me finish the walk.  I think there were 3 or 4 people behind me, but to be honest, they were walking with canes and probably were a good 10 years older than me.  I didn't finish the walk, but only because they closed the road to walkers, and then they were closing sidewalks as the professional runners ran by and I would have had to go about 1/4 of mile around the closed area, and I just didn't have that in me.  Thought of falling in behind the professional runners, but decided, why show them up????

I was within a block of the finish line.  All in all I walked 7 miles, so I made my 10K.  I texted my sister to say I was OK, and they should go on without that I would make my way back to her house.  Apparently they already had because the next text i got was my Dad was mad at them for leaving me behind.  She asked me where I was, I told her how in the world would I know?  I lived in California, NOT Boulder, but I really wasn't too worried, I had cab or bus fare home if needed and my cellphone, so I knew I'd be OK.  I didn't know I was so close to the finish line until my daughters and nephew walked back to find me when they re-opened the sidewalks.  We walked back about 1/4 mile to where my niece picked us up and took us to my sister's house.

I really enjoyed seeing my parents, my sisters, my girls, my granddaughter (who come home with me) and my nieces and nephew.   But I know that I'm not done grieving yet, but I'm better than I was, while my heart will never be whole again, it's not broken anymore.  I'm going to let myself be sad when I want, I'm going to stop trying to "get over" being sad, being sad is OK, its part of the healing process.  The cry really did me a world of good, I didn't realize how much I was holding it all in, I guess when exhaustion hit me, so did the tears.  Also learned that I can't cry and walk at the same time,  this sea level gal, just didn't have enough oxygen in her lungs to do both.

I told my sister and Dad at dinner that I'm OK, I'm just out of balance in my life, I've been going from one stressful situation to another.  I need to re-center myself and I think my stitching will help me as well as quality time with my granddaughter.  While I have 4 grandkids, she is special, she is my connection to my daughter, she is my heart beat.

So now I'm planning a summer with my granddaughter.  Stitching is involved!!  Sewing is involved!! and lots of hugs.  Speaking of stitching I need to go and get her canvas on stretcher bars so we can start her project for her auntie.  Yep, I'm starting her out right!!   Right now she is out playing with our neighbor's kids, and I'm sure having a great time.  We'll stay up late again and play the rest of our Big Fish game and then tomorrow will get her some water wings and snacks.  Also signing her up for a class at the community college.

Next time there will be stitching......


Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's sunny here in California, we'll at least in southern cal....

It's a full moon and I have updates!!  Yah for me.

The question this month - what were you working on last year and is it done?

Well I had to look back. There were 2 projects that I posted about this time last year - both of which I'm happy to say are done!!  One was a Lizzy Kate - "Let Them All Be Small" and Hinzeit - "Nine Lives".

I sent Nine Lives to my granddaughter's room at our house in KY.  It is hanging in her room with her In the Arms of an Angel.  Let Them All Be Small is hanging in my office at work.

I also managed to finish 2 SB stockings (one was stitched, just not made into a stocking).  One rag quilt, and a small witch, that I still need to finish into an ornament.  The rest of the stuff is not up for discussion at this time LOL, they are around in one form or another, but needless to say, not finished.  One will be finished this year, even if I have to lock myself into a room and get it finished, the rest?   Maybe next year, having too much fun playing with new things this year.

I also got a canvas this time last year that I had been wanting and had plans to "start it right away", LOL.   Well didn't happen, it hasn't even been put on stretcher bars yet!!  One day it will come out to play with me.

So what am I working on now?

Well I'm still working on my multiplication table - "In Memory of Jane".  Here is where it was the last time I took at picture of it:
And here is where it is as of today.  The numbers are done, OK I'm missing the "0" on both 50's, ran out of thread on my needle and just haven't gone back to finish them up yet.  I will the next time I use that color.

The quilt motifs on the left side are done, need to start on the right, but want to get the border on the bottom done first so I make sure I start them in the correct spot.

What happened to "e 12 years old" you ask?  Well there were 2 threads too low, so I took them out and I'm re-stitching them.  Only this time I'm adding in the second line as well because I think I'll have to do some additional compensating around the "y".  Figured if I worked the two lines together I wouldn't need to do any additional rippppppping.

I love working on this one and can't wait to have it done and framed.  Already talked to my framer about putting a non-breakable glass over it so my daughter can hang it in her classroom next year.  My hope is the kids just seeing it will see the pattern in the numbers and somehow commit them to memory.  Can never had too much math.

I'm also working on my needlepoint purse flap.  I only work on it for about 1/2 hr a day, so not a lot progress.  I'm thinking about what to do with the light brown areas.  I'd like to do something sparkly.  The curly-q's I'm considering a chain stitch or outline stitch to give it a little depth.  I thought I'd thrown an orange in the bag for that other big area - those are mindless to do, which is what I need to de-stress during the day.

I also had one new start since the last full moon, I only worked on it for 2 days, you can see how quickly it goes.

I have another new start that I have planned - it's my 4 Corner Angels.  I received the last of the silk thread a few weeks ago, so I hear it calling my name....'sandy, drop your other projects...come and stitch on know you want too'.

Well what can I do?  I really do want to start it, time for some more q=snaps!!

Hope to have more updates after the moon finishes it's journey around the sun.