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Thursday, December 7, 2017

On their way to a new home

 Not sure why they ended up upside down, they were taken right side up.  They were wrapped and shipped today to their new home along with the matching purses.  All that was left to do on the purses was to sew the backing to the needlepoint canvas and zip the flap onto the actual purse.  Oh yea, put a dollar in each one as it is back luck to send a purse that empty of money.  

Now working on assembling a bookmaker and have totally messed it up.  If it weren't for the cost of the canvas, I would have chucked it across the room and into the trash.  In my mind it was going to be perfect, but reality set in when I actually started to work on it.  Since I paid a pretty penny for the canvas, so need to figure out how to correct my error and get it finished and off in the mail.  More importantly, most of the bookmarked was stitched by my granddaughter for her Aunt Marie, so I can't disappoint her either.  OHHHHHHH the stress!!!!

Next week I'm in Salt Lake City while hubby holds down the fort.  I'm hoping for decent weather, not too awful cold and hopefully no snow as it's for business and includes many stops in the SLC surrounding area.  Also the driver of the rental is CA born and raised, so don't think snow is in his wheel house of abilities.

Hope you are all getting your stuff done and off and will be able to relax and enjoy the holidays how ever you may celebrate them!!  I have one more present to actually buy, and the book marker to finish and then I can relax.  I love to do pillow cases for people, but told them this year they would be late.  I'm hoping to take a day or two off and work on them as my weekends seem to be full lately.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Oh My God, my mistake is just glaring at me!!

I missed checking into the WIPocalypse last Sunday.  I was between trips - we spent Thanksgiving in Truckee CA at my brothers.  My parents came as well as my sister and her daughter.  We had a great time lots of good food and drink.

Got home Saturday, washed clothes and re-packed for 3 days in Boise where I trained some great accountants on how to file Home Health & Hospice Medicare cost reports.  Won't go into deal as it makes most people's eyes glaze over, but I love it.

I'm home again and back to stitching.  While at my brothers, I spend a few hours stitching on my Remember Me sampler.  I love it.  I was so happy with my over one stitching, looking pretty good right?

Well someplace, somewhere on the sampler I goofed big time!!  I am off 2 stitches so NOTHING is going to end up in the right spot now :(.  I can hear it laughing at me.....saying "hahahahahahaha you can't fix me now, you can't even find out where you goofed - silly lady".

I started to put in a motif on the left side and saw that it didn't line up, so that is when I went to the bottom, figuring I would do the words and the outer border and then work my way into the middle.  I didn't take the picture of the start of the outer border because it's off and I know I need to take it out and move it over 2 stitches.  I can't turn the corner correctly, so mad at myself.  Why do my projects taunt me and glare at me and get sassy?  I trying to be loving and kind to them and this is what I get in return.......YUKY-Ducky.   If it wasn't that I really do like this one, it would go into the dark depths of the never to be seen again bin.  But because I want it finished, I will figure out how to fudge it so it works.  Maybe one day I'll do a blog on my major mistakes, or maybe I'll just keep those to myself.

Hope to have some finishes to post in another week as I have to get the Christmas present out the door.  Haven't sewn a stitch or cut out ONE pillow case - don't think I'm going to be doing any pillowcases this year except for my Dad who had a specific request for Snoopy.

Well going to go to bed and tomorrow I'll be ripppppping out my hard work from my lunch hour today :(

Hopefully your projects are taunting you and glaring at you.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Another Finish

I am so happy that I have another finish this year.  I think this has been the most productive year in a while, well at least for needlepoint.  I still have lots of x-stitches that are begging to be finished.

 The tiger will go into a mirror for my daughter's purse.  I will look at getting them mounted this weekend.  The directions look simple enough.  Then I need to find the beaded tassels for their purses and hand sew the back to the front.  Once that is done, I will wrap them and ship them off to my daughter's for Christmas!!

For a change I pulled out my knitting and started on the second sock.  I love the blues and purples in this yarn.   I should have taken a picture of the finished sock, but will take do that another day.

What really sparked my knitting desire is guilt.  I decided to re-organize my stash in our "guest room", which had NO room for a guest.  Well as I was pulling stuff out of miscellaneous bags and putting it away, I realized I have so many skeins of sock yarn!!  I'm not talking 2 or 3, I'm talking probably 10 or better!!  We won't talk about the yarn for sweaters and such, or the roving for spinning, lets just focus on the sock yarn :).

My problem is I keep seeing yarn that I love (ohhhh you should see the mint green and brown I found) and getting just ONE skein, I mean surely I can get ONE pair of socks knitted.

Well if you buy just one skein enough times, you really have more than just one and if you aren't knitting the socks out of them, you get really close to hoarding.

I use to keep a started sock by my bedside, by my cross stitching chair, on my dresser (yea I know, nobody sits on their dresser and knits) and then one in my stitching bag.  Well Ms Kitty has decided she has a thing for yarn, it used to be my silk threads, but I guess I've gotten better about putting them away.

I have found socks that have lost their knitting needles (which are neatly beside them with their tips chewed off) and the yarn strung between our bedroom and the living room.  I know, she looks sweet, but there is a devil in her. Anyways, I found it necessary to put my socks away and out of sight, and you know - out of sight, out of mind.  Most of the started socks ended up being ripped out and re-wound on the skein.  So I will get this one done and then start another one, maybe the mint green :)

Happy stitching all!!


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Where it all began

Not going to go into WHEN it all began, but where it all began is basically this Month's question for the WIPocalypse stitch along that can be found here:

In this Stitch-a-long, we pull out projects that we want done before the end of I guess as long as I have LOTS of projects, time will have to continue and the world won't come to an end.

This month's question is How did you begin stitching?

My Grandma Millie (she is holding me in the picture) taught me how to hand sew.  As a little girl I used to spend a lot of time at her house and she had to find things to keep me occupied.  I would spend, what I seemed like hours, making little x's on gingham, or sewing snaps and hooks onto pieces of cloth until they were perfect.  From there I graduated to doing the hem stitches so I could shorten my dresses and pants, I was the short one in the family.  I was NOT allowed to use a sewing machine, everything was always done by hand at my Grandma's house.

As I got better my Grandma would give me potholders and towels to embroider.  I"m sure my Grandma took out the stitches that weren't perfect and re-stitched so it was presentable.  My sister Linda and I would spend houses designing dresses for our paper dolls.  My Grandma's first job as a young woman was sewing in her sister's seamstress shop.

My Mom is a knitter, but also was known to sew or needlepoint, but always said she didn't have the patients to teach any of her daughters.  So it was my Grandma Millie who introduced me to my love of stitching.

I tired a lot of stamped projects, and other kinds of surface stitching, but really didn't care for it, and most of those projects just lingered in half done status until I either tossed them, or put them always for eternity.  It wasn't until I found my first counted cross stitch that I really got hooked.  Getting hooked on needlepoint and canvases is another story for another time.

So what I have been doing since the last end of the month?  Well I finished  the beading on the purse for my youngest daughter and also the small round that will go into the mirror case.  Then started on the tiger that will go with middle daughter's purse in your mirror case.

I'm hoping mounting in small round designs will be simple and I can do it quickly.  The writer instructions seem easy enough.

Other than the weekend at our Southern Cal Retreat the end of September, I've not really done much cross stitching at all this month.  You can scan back and see what I managed to do, and my other small finish.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So when you leave work and the elevator has padding up it makes you wonder

Am I OK, or does someone know something that I don't know?

That happened yesterday, which was a crazy day at work, it was almost like there was  full moon.  Okay, it's been crazy for the past month or so because my co-worker took a better job and left.  He gave them 4 weeks notice, so it wasn't like he walked out in the middle of day.  I'm still waiting on management to decided what this means for me and my staff, and who in the world is taking care of those that reported to him?  So needless to say my life is crazy at work, I'm walking on egg shells trying not to over step, but at the same time trying to keep all the balls in the air and the fires at bay.  My co-worker has been wonderful and has answered any questions I've asked him, so that has really helped.  I also have a deep desire to make sure his staff is moving forward and not feeling as through they don't have any direction or help.

Most days I spend about 30 to 45 minutes of my lunch hour stitching.  If my lunch is interrupted by the phone or someone with a question then I take a little more than an hour for lunch.  Before you think I'm short changing my employer, I work 9 hrs days when things are going good and 10 ++ hrs when they aren't (and I'm salaried, so that is really unpaid time as far as I'm concerned).

Stitching on my lunch hour has two benefits, keeps me calm for the afternoon events, i.e. I don't kill anyone.  It also allows me to have a few finishes!!

My morning tea or coffee keeps me sane in the morning, if I ever have to give up caffeine all together, I'll need to get up earlier and stitch for a minute or two before leaving for work.

Speaking of finishes I have ONE!!!  Hooray for me!!  I love how the beading turned out and it went so much faster with the beading thread.  Now all I have to do is put some batting on the back and sew it closed.  If you can see, there are zipper teeth at the top, so it zips onto the purse.  This way I can do different flaps for my daughters without the cost of a new purse.  Also need to put the beaded tassel back on the flap.

Since this was done I started another project that is small and I'm hoping will go fast, because I love the starts, dislike the middle and love the ending.   Here is my new start, it is a small round that will go into a mirror case for the purse.  I think it will look great together don't you?  Would love to have this done by this weekend so I can start the other one for my middle daughter (this one is for my youngest daughter).

Now I have to qualify my comment above, not liking the middle of a project.  You'd think with this attitude I would do all small projects.  Well to be honest I am attracted to larger projects, not the HAED, I'm not fond of projects that are 100% solid stitching, but do like those projects with lots of stuff going on OR of late I've been enjoying the over one projects.  I'm itching to pull some back out again and work on them.  While the over one aren't always big projects, they do have a lot of work because you are doing the same number of stitches, only smaller.

The last picture has nothing to do with stitching at all.  Not sure how well you can see this little fella on the Bird of Paradise plant.  I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from work last week and saw the humming bird buzzing around the flowers, and then he stopped and sat on the branch for a while.  Don't often see them resting like this on a plant.

Happy stitching to everyone.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

I can taste the finish....

Every project has two exciting periods:

    1. The starting process, when you put in those first 100 or so are just so geeked with the start and you don't want to put it down.....  
    2. When you hit that sweet spot, the spot where you realize it will be a finish soon and once again you can't seem to put it down.

Everything in-between is OK, I love the project, but if it doesn't get attention for a few days, months, years, I'm OK with that.

Well I'm tasting that finish - I know one more lunch hour and I'm done!!  I took this picture 2 days ago, yesterday i got more beading done, and would have had it done today, but needed to take a short lunch, so no stitching.  Tomorrow it will be done.  I'm loving it again :) and excited to think about my new start that is just waiting.

I found where I missed a couple of stitches....darn, need to find the thread and fixed that before I sew the back on and send it off.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

I'm calling it a finish :)

After having a lovely time with a very hungry frog - he kept me ripppppping for what seemed like forever, I finally have a finish!!  While the WHOLE process is not finished and won't be for a while, OK a couple more years I'm sure, I have finished a section and I'm desperate for finish.

This is P is for Panda on my Curtis Boehringer Noah's Ark series.  I now have 16 of the 29 parts done, so more than 1/2 way.  What you say - the alphabet only has 26 letters - what are the other 3???  Good question - Noah of course, his wife and in the center is the Ark itself!!  I have the thread pulled for the Quail and I'm leaving the afghan out so maybe I'll pick it up and start working on another one.

Happy stitching weekend - hope to another finish to post before Monday hits :)  Going to keep this one a secret for now.