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Sunday, March 26, 2017

We're Marching right along into April

Can you believe that March is almost over?  That this is the last Sunday of the month, what happened?  Can we have a do over?  If not, then I guess I'll just have to adjust to April.

So the question for this month's posting from Measi's WIPocalypse is:

What stitch blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

I have about 40 or so blogs that I have booked marked, they are both counted cross stitch blogs and needlepoint blogs and a couple that cross over into quilting and one that is knitting.   I enjoy reading about people's stitching progress and seeing their pictures.  However, sometimes I spend way too much time reading other's blogs and not stitching myself.  

I have not gotten into flosstubes, so looking forward to hearing what other's have to say about them and maybe try a few out.

As for groups - well WIPocalypse is the only one this year with consistency, but have looked at people's projects on Gifted Gorgeousness  and another one 2017 Smalls SAL  I love seeing their projects too.

So what have I been stitching on this month?

A new start and finish - love it!!  My Mom is a huge reader and loves Owls, so thought this would be a great birthday present for her.  I just need to sew up the side seams and then send it to her.  I will have missed her actual birthday, but I'm sure she will forgive me once she gets this little beauty.  I've done other of these bookmarks for my kids - wish I would have taken a picture of them before I sent them off to them.  Oh well, maybe I'll catch up with them and get pictures yet.

I've also been spending quality time with my Emerald City - I've gotten most of the city done and wanted to add beads.  The dark green I thought over powered the city and the smaller beads just didn't seem to do much for me either, so I took them both out and will just do a basket weave in the medium green.

I got some new thread for the sky this past Saturday that is more of a bluish purple.  Can't wait to try it out this week, hoping to get this done before next month's posting.

I had two other project that got some loving this month too, not a lot but enough to show off - first up I finished Part 1 of Song of the Seasons and I have started Part 2.  Since there isn't any overlap on the chart itself, it is hard to place the motifs in Part 2 - so I'm basically putting the outline in and working on the tree trunk that goes down the middle.  Didn't take a picture because it's pretty boring stuff right now.

I also pulled out my start from last year, or maybe it was the year before - the sign for Family.  The chart shows the words all in cream color, but I decided to spice it up a little bit and I'm doing it in a variegated thread that is mostly black, but has bright pink, some dark blue, green and yellow.  I like how it is looking.  I was going to do more on the hand but so realized that I'm off :(  Not sure how much or if it will impact anything yet, but for now I have decided I'm not going to go back and take it out, will just hope for the best.

Last, but no picture, I started my Family Tree by Thistles.  I was going to work on it yesterday during our Southern Cal Get Together, but left all of my threads at home.  Hope to have an update for next month, right now I'm only doing the outlines of the square, so nothing to really see.

I broke my vow of not buying anything new - I got a couple of charts last week, Let's Hug a Teacher by Imaginary, The Frosted Pumpkin's - Once Upon a Time, as well as She Believed She Could by Lizzy Kate.  On back order is Godmother Fairy by L&L.   I want to put a Lizzy Kate back into my rotation, and this one seemed perfect - no too large, so maybe I'll have another finish this year.

I also was VERY bad at the needlepoint shop - they were having a sale, so I decided to take the plunge and get a nativity set.  There are 8 pieces to it, and I can add animals later.  I'm not sure when I'll start them, I'm thinking it will be a 2018 project, and hopefully by then I will have taught myself how to finish things myself.

I hope you all have had a great month and looking forward to seeing the progress of others, who knows maybe it will inspire me for another new start LOL.


Monday, March 20, 2017

The world lost a talented Teddy Bear Maker

I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to format this all better, but wanted to show my prize teddy bear that was made by Steve Shutt and also needed to find a picture with him in it - see him in the background of the orange teddy bear?    That was from a class I took.

Anyways, I was lucky enough to take several classed from this talented person and also got a few of his teddy bears.  I had wanted to do a Good Witch to go with my Wicked Witch, I have the bear fur, but life got in it's way and I wasn't ever able to get it to him.  So I will have to figure it out myself one day, won't be as good.  So anyways, here is a little bit about  Steve.

Steven Schutt, 66, of Clarion passed away on Sunday, March 19, 2017 at the Clarion Wellness and Rehabilitation Center 
Private family funeral services for Steve Schutt will begin at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at Ewing Funeral Home in Clarion.
Steven Lester, son of Eldred and Beverly (Lester) Schutt, was born on May 15, 1950. Steve attended and graduated 
from Clarion High School in 1968. After graduating, Steve went on to UNI and received his teaching degree. He got 
his first teaching job in Eagle Grove in 1972 as an elementary art teacher. Steve also taught in Yokohama, Japan 
for two years.
In his free time while teaching school, Steve began to create teddy bears. He won multiple awards and was 
instrumental in founding the Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland. Steve traveled all over the world giving 
presentations. He settled back in Clarion and opened up an antique shop and made teddy bears, baskets, 
and Ukrainian Eggs.
Steve will be remembered for lovingly giving his talents to the town of Clarion. In Steve’s own words, “Be magic!”
Steve is survived by his father Eldred “Tiny” Schutt; sister-in-law Diane Schutt; and numerous other relatives.
He is preceded in death by his mother Beverly Schutt; and brother Yale Schutt.

Another added note - Steve was a very modest man and never boost about his accomplishments,   He was a master puppeteer, 
and had been commissioned by the Muppet creator more than once.  He also designed some of the Boyd's bears 
(stuffed not ceramic) and taught hundreds of teddy bear maker want-a-be like me.  He was always happy to share 
what he knew, would give out tips and tricks of the trade.  Steve will be missed, I will miss seeing him at shows
and going to Tucson for classes.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.....

I'm not getting a lot of stitching done at home in the evening or on the weekend, but I have managed to put in a stitch or two at work :)  I find that taking an hour for lunch does me a world of good in being able to focus in the afternoon.

I'm not completely sold on the brick road, but getting closer to a decision, or maybe it's just growing on me.  I also need to decide what to do with the medium green in the city itself.  I had thought about beading it, but might just use a another green thread to finish it off.  Now I'm working on the sky - it's a little bit darker than what I thought it would be, I'd like to add one more color, but another part of me just wants this to be done.

My Christmas Cactus has decided it Christmas time again and is blooming.  I have about 6 blooms on it......hummmmm is it trying to tell me it's time to working on Christmas presents?

Happy stitching

Sunday, March 5, 2017

You know you are getting old when

You accuse your wife of hiding or breaking a bowl you want to use, only for her to find it sitting on the counter with fruit.  I started to laugh when I saw it, mind you for several days he had been telling that he has looked absolutely EVERYWHERE and it's not in our tiny apartment. I mean our kitchen doesn't have enough room for 2 people to move around.   So you got to admit it was pretty funny.  I told him I hide it in plain sight.

I've not been doing a lot of stitching in the evenings, I need to change that and get better about putting in a few stitches each evening.  Or at least spending my weekend making up for my lack of stitching during the week.  I do try to stitch everyday at lunch and as such I am making some progress on my needlepoint - Emerald City.   Taking a needlepoint to work with me is easy, less counting involved, no charts needed, just my canvas, thread and needles.

So here is my progress.  I went from here to....... Here......well actually all of the grass is done now.

I'm not sure I'm totally happy with the brick road, but going to get more done before I decide it if goes or stays.

Yesterday I talked my hubby into going on an adventure to San Diego, there are 2 really great shops down there.  One with lots of threads, which is my ultimate weakness.  So I got some thread for a new project I've been wanting to start and also some thread for the sky, going sparkly for it as well.  Will try it out this week.

Also got 3 new canvases, one is a small turtle, one is a moon and the last one is a small book marker that will work up quickly.  I know I needed another canvas like I need another x-stitch project, but hey, whats a girl going to do?

I also got some material while in San Diego, so going to do a few more pillow cases.

Hope your March is going well and that you are getting stuff done.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Last Sunday of the month....must be time for WIPocalypse

It was a slow start this month, but I think I'm picking up speed so I do have a few pictures to share.  But first the question of the month:

February 26 – What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?  (bonus points if you provide a how-to link or diagram it on your blog post!)

I’m not sure if I would call it my favorite, but it was one of the first “specialty” stitches that I learned a long time ago.  My girlfriend tried her hand at designing and one of her best selling patterns were her quilt squares.  I had so much fun stitching them all for their debuted at market.  One of them had a sprats head, it took a minute to figure it out, but once I did there was no turning back.  All of the designs had special stitches, so I learned a lot - there were 12 different quilt designs and I did them on an afghan that we hung outside her showroom.  

Since then I've gotten several books on how to do different stitches, and enjoyed many years of doing band samples, just so I could do all these fun stitches.  

So what have I worked on?

I worked a little bit on my Mourning Angels.  The faces of the angels are over one on 40 ct!!  And there are 4 of them, one in each corner.  What was I thinking?  OK I wasn't, I just liked the chart and got the material it called for before I really looked at the patten.  So I do a little over one, then some over two areas.  Keeps me sane.

I pulled out my Angel of Peace.  It has not seen the light of day for over a year, and probably more like 2 years :(  Didn't get a lot done, but enough that you can see the progress.  I think I need to work on this one a little bit more this year.  It is for my youngest grandchild who turned 3!!  This will be the 4th one I've stitched for the grandkids, so should get it done before the great grandchildren start to come.  It is one of my favorite angels, but I'm sure I'll be tired of yellow by the time I'm done with her.

Do you ever have one of those projects that for some reason get put away and then when you finally pull it back out and start working on it again you wonder why it never got finished before?  

Well this is one of projects.  I had so much fun working on it one night I couldn't put it down!!  Hopefully it will get pulled out again soon, it goes quickly and I love the colors - this is Starry Night by Nancy's Needle.  I've done 2 other design by her and have enjoyed doing them both.

If you look at my previous blog, you'll see my Emerald City that I've been working on, it's my take it to work project.  I would have shown a little more progress on it, but I ended up taking out everything I'd stitched because I did it all backwards   Oh well, next month.

I had one other one that I worked on, but will hold that one for another day :)  

Hope you all had a great month, can't wait to see what you've accomplished!!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Where is the month going?

And why do I have to go with it?

I can't believe we are more than half way through the month of February.  I know its a short month, but must it go by so fast?

I've been really bad at doing anything this month.  I sit at home and look at all kinds of WIP that are begging to be worked on, and I want to stitch, but the thought of having to actually pull something out just exhausts me, so I don't.  I'm hoping to change that mind set this weekend and work on SOMETHING at home.

I've been pretty good about stitching on my lunch hour while watching Criminal Minds, although today I watch the last episode of the last season :( .  Anyway, I decided I really didn't like the look of the green in the grass.  The contrast between the two trees were a little too much, even though the colors were pretty close to the color of the canvas.   It took me a whole lunch out to cut it all out, but I was really happy that I did.  I'm still debating the yellow in the brick road.  However haven't convinced myself that it's bad enough to take out, yet.  I really like the new grass area a lot better.  Even makes the brick road look at little bit better :)  Don't you think?

Not sure what I want to do for the sky yet.  The area is small so it will be hard to do anything with too much of a pattern.  I have beads for the medium green on the city.  I'm hoping that will make the city pop out a little bit more.  You can't tell, but the light green has a shine to it as well as the green int he grass.

For Christmas my hubby got me a fitbit.  So I've been tracking my steps each day.  Some days I do well and others not so good.  My goal is 8,000 steps a day, most days I'm up around 5,000, on days I go to the gym and walk I hit the 8,000 mark and a couple of times I've even hit 10,000!!  My daughters are doing it too, so we connected our scores so we can encourage each other.  I didn't walk today, but will go in the morning.

We are getting much needed rain here in Sunny Cal, almost to the extent of too much, almost I said.  It has lead to some major mudslides and flash flooding but nothing that has impacted us.

Well going to surf for a minute - lurk on other's blogs and work on getting my stitch mojo at home going.   I love Friday nights, I can stay up late :), but given the sound of rain, I might just make it an early night.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

6 weeks of winter per the Ground Hog.....

Too bad it seems like summer here all the time, some days are little bit cool, but nothing that I would call any wheres near winter like weather.  I see people with coats, hats, gloves etc. on, when I'm out wearing a sweater, or long sleeve shirts.    I miss having 4 seasons and would have enjoyed seeing a little snow over Christmas, but we got rain instead.  Oh well, maybe next year.

My brother is big into Ground Hog day, and the cake was made by him for his celebrations.  I didn't download the meatloaf he also makes, maybe next year.  We've done many a party on February 2nd over the years with family and friends.  Sometimes they were in Michigan, and then later on in Chicago.  I wish we all lived closer so we could continue the tradition, but maybe not this year at least not at his house :).  This is what his neighborhood looks like, and yes that is the street sign and a stop sign.  

So what have I been doing all week?   I've been stitching a little bit on my lunch hours.  Since both of my other two projects have all the stitching done, I've changed my travel projects and switch between these two each day.  You can't see the silk lame shine on the light green on the City of Oz.  I really love how it looks.  I'm not too happy with the greens in the grass, but thought I'd add french knots for the poppies, which may change it and I'll be happier with it.  I've just started Dorothy's shoes.  The shoes will have sequins on it and hoping to put a bows on it as well.  I think they will look great when I'm done. Now to remember where I put the sequins, I thought that i put them with the threads, but they aren't there.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll find them before it's time to start putting them on.  

going to pull something out to stitch on today and tomorrow.  It's Super Ball stitching time.  Need to order my pizza today as well.  I'm OK with left over pizza, love it for breakfast :)  

Happy stitching to you all.