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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feeling Nostalgic

As I was thinking about writing this blog over the weekend I debated what I wanted to say.  I've been feeling a little lost lately, wondering what the next years will hold.  Hubby and I have a house in KY, but I think deep down he is longing to move back to our hometown in MI.  Which I would be OK with for a few years as my parents are still there and while they are in great health right now, they are getting older.   We are looking at a specific house near his brother's house, which is in a blue collar neighborhood, the houses are nice and well kept but small.  So we'll see if this comes to be or not, waiting to see if the family is going to sell it or not and if so what they want and what we'd need to do  to make it more cost efficient to own.

I've also been missing those little moments when our kids were young and our house was always so full of life.  While we had 4 kids of our own, we often had my sister's 2 kids and various other nieces and nephews on my hubby's side.  I miss our family meals, yes I was one of THOSE Mom's who believed we should all sit down together for dinner and share our day.  And NO the TV was not allowed to be on, and NO phone calls were allowed during dinner.  Would I be the same today?  You bet I would, how can you know what your kids are thinking if you don't talk to them?

Most of all I miss bedtime and reading the kids either out of the book we were reading at the moment or one of poems out of my Dad's favorite poem book 101 Poems.  There is a canvas with children's books and that is probably what has sparked my walk down memory lane.  I need to get that canvas and stitch it up, but then I look at all the projects I have going and realize I need to do what I have before I start to plan out more.  However, that canvas might just find it's way into my stash, and even if I don't stitch it for a couple of years, it will provide lots of good memories of times that I miss when life seemed so simple.  We never had much when the kids were young, and we surely don't have a large retirement saving nows, but we had fun and what I will lack in money in retirement, I will make up for in all the memories.

So what I been working on? is for my youngest daughter and has been my Olympic Endurance challenge this month.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


who's there?  Knit

Knit who? 

Knit a knocker for cancer

I knitted this for a co-worker who is going through breast cancer and needed a little help in balancing herself out.  Don't worry it was stuffed before being sent to her :)  Who knew these were available?  all those years using Kleenex when I could have just knitted a little enhancement.

Back to my WIP now

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Let the Games begin

wait, I guess it's not this game.


I am so hooked on Whirly Words on my phone.  Anytime I have a spare minute it's my go-to fun to waste time.  I thought, when I hit 100,000 I'd be done, then it was wanting to hit 1,000,000, and then 2 MIL and so on.  I have to admit I do cheat to keep the game going, but try hard to do it on my own.  Is it increasing my vocabulary?  Nope, but I love it.  Maybe when I hit 100,000 puzzles solved I'm be bored with it.

My brother had his annual Ground Hog meal, this was the main course, the cake was the same as last year.  I miss getting to go to the celebration maybe next year.

So my Olympic challenge..........................

I've decided to work on my EarthDancer for the Endurance Challenge from Mesi's WIPocalypse.  here is where it was when the month started.  My original thought was I'd work on the over one face, neck and hand.  But when I was at my GTG stitching with the ladies I decided I needed something simple and easy, so worked on the hair instead.

 Here is where I ended up at the end of the day.  Had a moment of panic when the hair didn't match, but it only involved ripping out a couple of stitches where I had gotten over zealous.  I will pull it back out again this weekend and maybe work on the face and/or hand.  There is always a fun looking feather in her hand that will add some color to it as well.

I decided to work on this one because a while I have the angel for my youngest grandchild to work on, this one is a much older and has been promised to my young daughter for more than 10 years.  So it's about time it got some good loving.

I pulled back out my ruby slippers.  I added more yellow brick road.  I'm hoping I have enough gold to make it to the top of the shoes, then I might do green.   This is my travel/lunch time project, which means it only gets about 1/2 hr. of loving 5 days a week at most.  Or in stitcher's language - 2 thread lengths :)

The last update is my Multiplication Table - I'm working on the flowers on the left side of the chart.  I didn't like the coverage with one thread, so switched to two threads and I'm much happier with how it looks.  I've gotten different thread to work the numbers so not too worried about running out.

I'm trying to spend my loving around a little bit this month, but the EarthDancer get the bulk of the love.

Happy stitching


Sunday, January 28, 2018

2018 WIPocalpse January Check-in

The question for this month's check is - What SAL's are you participating in this year?  and If you are participant in the Olympic Stitching Challenge, what challenge are you accepting?  What are your goals?

To be honest, I'm not participating in any SAL's other than this one.  I look at them and really think about them, but at the end of the day I know my stitching mojo can get funky and figure I would stress myself out more trying to keep up with something.  I really would love to do one of the Sampler SALs as in the last could of years I've had a real yearning to do an antique sampler.  Maybe one year I will, but for now I will just enjoy seeing the progress of others on the SAL sights.

I am going to take up an Olympic challenge "Endurance"- to pick one project and see how far I can get on it, however I really don't watch the Olympics.  I do like to watch the speed skaters, and the bobsled races, and some of the figure skating, love the pairs more than the individuals.  However, I won't be running home to see an event, or staying up late to catch it real time.  If one is showing and there isn't anything else that peeks my interest at the moment, I will watch it.

As indicated above, I think I will try to work on one project as much as possible to see what kind of progress I can make.    I have a couple of large angels that I really need to work on, as well as some other large projects.  So I think I'm going to choose one of them and work on it each day during the Olympics, even if it's only for a few minutes. I figure I can stitch one threaded needle worth of thread, that is just that much less to do later.

So the real question for me, what will be my BAP that I will pull out to work?

Here are my choices:
1. EarthDancer (for DD#3)
2. Peace Angel (for Granddaughter)
3. Family Tree (for DD#2)
4. Four Angel Mourning Sampler (for Me for DD#1)
5. Starry Nights (for me)

I know that none of the 1st 4 design would actually get completed in that short time period, but Starry Nights being a counted canvas tends to go faster and if I really applied myself, I could actually have a finish :)  So you can see my dilemma.

They are all fun to work on, and I enjoy them all, but none of them have received much love in 2017, so want 2018 to treat them a little bit better.

On the stitching front, not much to brag about, this past week I've not really stitched at all.  I've been reading on my lunch hour instead and enjoying the book.  Hoping to get back into stitching on my lunches again, I think it makes the afternoons easier to handle if I've calmed myself for an hour.

Happy stitching!!


Saturday, January 27, 2018

It wasn't bad enough that #1 Grandson had to turn 18, but my baby

is turning 35 tomorrow.

I promised her an angel for her high school graduation, I guess I've missed that by a few years, as you can see it's not nearly done yet.  To be fair to myself, there have been 4 grandchildren (3 have angels and #4's in also in the works) and 3 weddings (2 wedding presents done #3 is still in the planning phase)

I will pull it back out this year and give it some loving and maybe have more to show by December.  Doing the skin over one has been my undoing on this one - didn't realize how much there was until I had committed myself to the task.  I love the look,, just need to take it slow and steady and it will get done

So where does the time go?  I know I've asked that question a thousand times, maybe more over the past couple of years.  It just seems that the kids get older and older and then I turn around and realize - I'm really getting old too!!  Isn't it bad enough that the kids grow up and leave home and have kids of their own, but do they have to take me with them in their aging journey?  I was so perfectly content to stay in my 40's or 50's even.......

 I love all my children, they all have their gifts, but there is aways something special about the baby of the family.  Maybe it's because for so many years she was the one to traveled the highways with me, going between Arkansas and Michigan via Kentucky, or Wisconsin to Michigan or Kentucky to Michigan.  Or to the LNS's :)

We have spent many hours entertaining each other on our road trips, so I guess we've formed a bound beyond mother and daughter, but have transitioned it into a true friendship.

While I miss being close to our children and grandchildren, I probably miss spending time with DD #3 or child #4.  I respect their privacy and know that hanging with Mom isn't at the top of their list, but just once in a while I long for the days when she was my buddy and hung with me on the weekends.  Maybe that is why when I retire I want to be her permanent room Mom for her 2nd grade class :)  If my baby doesn't have time to hang with Mom anymore, then Mom will go and hang out with her, and maybe being a Mom to some other child who needs a hug or someone to read to them.  Maybe then i won't feel like I'm getting older.

 Happy birthday baby girl, love you to the moon and back.  See you soon

Love Mom

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A FB friend posted "how do you destress"

When I saw it I thought, well that is an easy question - I stitch of course........ most of the responses were to drink and a few were yoga, I guess both of those work, but stitching will continue to be my drug of choice.

So my resolve for the 2018 was NOT to buy any more stash except for thread as needed and then one of our few LNS announced they were having a moving sale, so i thought I'd see what they have.  Since the shop really don't carry any new charts, and I've not really seen any new canvases, I knew there would be little temptation, they do have wonderful thread selection, which is the only reason I generally go.  The threads that I would have purchased weren't on sale, what was, wasn't anything I wanted, so I decided to look at the canvases.  They had one I liked and have thought about, but decided that i probably wouldn't ever get to it so put it back and then found two small canvases.  I like the small canvases, they are just the right size to travel with and I don't need a chart.  So I got them both.  They are logged into my data base now :).

So here is what I've been working on....what do you think?