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Sunday, March 29, 2020

March - Hunkering down

I have to say this has been one heck of a month and life as we knew it has changed, regardless where you are, we are all in this together.

This is the monthly check in for our WIPocalypse, where we work on the projects we'd like to get finished before the world comes to an end, and boy do I have a lot to get done!!  So world, lets not end, I have way too much and I'm constantly planning more!!  I started to pull stuff or yet a 3rd start that I have planned this year - a new chart, but more about that next month :)  Something to look forward to doing!!

Measi is our wonderful host for this party.  She lets us link up our blogs to her's every month so you can see what everyone is doing with just one click.  I'm not a techie, so I'm always amazed at people who can figure this all out.  If you'd like to see what others are doing go here  - or if you are on FaceBook, you can join the group there too.

So the question this month:

Topic: Have you ever adopted a piece from someone else or gave up a piece to someone else? Which piece and why?

This is a great question.  Many, many years ago I was struggling with a picture that I totally loved, but I just couldn't do all the confetti stitches, they were driving me nuts.  My friend offered to do them for me and I took her up on it.  I got a lot of flack from other stitches for actually having someone else finish my project, but I don't regret it at all.  I was hoping I had a before picture of what I had actually done, but I guess I didn't take one.  That was back in the day when I wasn't taking pictures.  So you'll have to take my work when I say I had the men and the boy pretty much done, it was the water that was driving me nuts.  I love this picture and it hangs in my house all the time.  It's called the Baptism by Green Apple.

March started off well and for the first week or so I stitched every day, and more than one stitch on most days, but then I  totally fell off track.  I did manage to get my sister's birthday present done, but as all things, the big birthday party for her and my Mom was canceled.  We have postponed it until this summer.  Here is it, like how it turned out, hope she does too.  I still need to sew the bookmarked together, found the thread just need to put it on my sewing machine and sew.

I also worked on a few other things this month.

Not much accomplished on The Wiz - just a little more background.  This is my mindless work - just basketweave.

Then I started the 2nd chart on my Lucky 13 - the ghost.  Since it is almost all white, it's kind of boring to work on, but will pull it back out this month to work on it some more.  Almost time to move the q-snap, so that will be my April goal.

While in KY I was able to go to one of the G2G.  It was before their lock down order.

I worked on my Song of the Seasons.  The middle section of Part 2 is almost done.  I really like working on this one.   Will need to pull it out again in April and work on it, maybe I can get it done!!  OK not the whole things, but the middle section of the middle section.

Last WIP I worked on was my 2020 start - BEGIN.  I like working with this more because I can stitch for a few hours and feel like I've accomplished something, like a tree or a letter.  Will be focusing on the trees in April so I can move the q-snaps again.

I did a little sewing this month too.  My daughter works in a local hospital as an in-take person.  Since she is not nursing, they don't deem her position as essential and with the shortage of supplies, she is not given face masks at this point.  So while they try to do social distancing, it's not always possible.  So she asked sister and I to sew her some masks.  They aren't the best solution, but better than nothing.  I will be sending off mine to her tomorrow in the mail.  My sister send some yesterday, so she will have them on Tuesday.  Not the best job, but I'm getting the hang of it.  And while sewing I did my Dad's Snoopy pillowcases and finished up the rest that weren't done before Christmas.

Hope you are staying safe and hunkering down with your stitching.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

It's Leap Day

And time to post WIPocalypse update for the month of February.  If you want to see more wonderful work by other lovely stitchers you can see them here

or if you are FaceBook fan, then check out the group, I love this SAL - you can go at your own pace and work on what sparks your interest.  Love looking at all of the HAED that people do, not brave enough for them YET LOL.

Each month we have a new question to answer and since this is Leap day the question is have we ever taken a leap of faith in our stitching journey (or something similar to that).

It is funny, while going through my stash that has been in boxes for the last 8 years (*see comment below) I found the first band sampler I ever did, which was about 24 years ago.  Sorry for the wrinkles as it it ended up in a box crumpled, not the way it was left behind.

** when we moved to CA I only took enough projects to keep me occupied for the next 10 years... the rest were packed away for when I moved back home.

 When you just look at it, it looks pretty good, but when you really LOOK at it you can see my mistakes.  Rows that went a little too far because they weren't centered right or areas that I got a little over zealous in the size of my stitchings.  So my leap of faith was my ability to to do speciality stitches and using silk.

Once I made this leap I never looked back.  These are just a few of the band samplers the I've done over the years.  I love working with the silk and over dyed thread as well as doing the speciality stitches.

So taking a leap of faith is always worth the risk, it can lead to something new and excited.  Since then I have ventured into using these threads and techniques in more than just band samplers, like needlepoint.

So what have I done since the last check in?  I've been busy, but not as busy as I would like.  I keep thinking - OMG it's almost March and I've not even touched some of the larger projects that I wanted to work on!!  What is wrong with me???

Then I look at what I'm doing and figure I need to enjoy the ride and the others will come.  I must say I am totally enjoying getting back into stitching, last year I didn't do much.  I try to put in a few stitches every day, and some days, those few turn into a lot.

So I have 3 actual finishes, The Iris bookmarked which is a birthday present for my sister in March.  The Crane which will go into a pocket mirror for my oldest granddaughter.  The last finish is the first of the Lucky 13 design with my SAL group in Saginaw.  Most of the ladies are well into this SAL and have completed 8 or 9, but I'm happy with my 1st one!!  It think there is one lady who hasn't started at all, so I have company back at the starting line LOL.

I have two new starts this month - the first is a needlepoint belt for my son, it's a dragon and  I'm just starting it, so have a very long way to go.   This makes an excellent traveling project as I don't need a chart to follow and there isn't a lot of detail in it, so should be simple to stitch.

My other new start is another needlepoint, it's the flowers.  This will go into a credit card holder for my sister's birthday in March as well.  I need to focus on this over the next week and get it done.  I have two of the 3 flowers petals stitched and the green leaves done.  I will get the yellow flower done next and then start on the back ground.  The center of the flowers will be french knots, would have liked beads, but they tend to break on objects used.

I made progress on my 1/1/2020 start - I'm about 1/3 of the way done with it and really enjoying working on it.  In fact it is sitting next to me right now waiting for some loving on this sunny but cold Saturday.

The last project that received love this month is my Song of the Season, which I pretty much finished up 1/3 of Part 2 - the right area of this section.  Then worked more on the center section, which I would call about at least 1/2 done :)  I'm hoping to finish up that section in March and then the last section in April.  With any luck this one will be totally finished this year.  The 3rd section should go faster, as there isn't a lot there - the alphabet and some other small motifs if I remember right.

I also worked on my Peter's Patch, but for some reason didn't take a picture, so will post something about it next month.

Once my sister's gifts are done I plan on focusing on my Peace Angel, would love to get the wings done and start on the dress this year.   My needlepoint small projects have been my lunch time stitching, before that I was working on this angel.  So she will get rotated back to the lunch hours.

Also will be pulling out another big project, just not sure which one is calling out the loudest.  Right now its my Family Tree design, really want to finish up the section I started.  However the Autumn Quaker is also calling my when the kids are yelling for me LOL

Hope you have all had a wonderful month, can't wait to see what you've accomplished.


Friday, February 14, 2020

So here is the dilemma

I really, really want to start this new project, it's Winter Quaker by Rosewood Manor.  I really love the colors and it doesn't look like a lot of small areas with different colors like the Autumn Quaker is, which languishes at very, very little done.....  I really need to work on it more, but the winter is really calling my name and begging for a start.  But that really isn't the dilemma.  The dilemma is with all of the WIP's and these are just two places I have them hidden.  So do I really need to start something new at this point when I have so many things just begging for some love?

Sunday, January 26, 2020

1st Post of the year for WIPocalypse

This is the last Sunday of the Month and time for the first posting for WIPocalypse, which is a SAL to help us finish up our, or at least mine, never ending list of projects that have been started, but languish in the dark recesses of my storage bins.

If you would like to see more - you can go here and see what others have accomplished Measi's WIPoclypse  I was so happy to find this blog and have been participating for several years, actually this is my 7th year.  So you'd think by now I would be out of WIP's, but read on, and you'll see the reason I'm not, so says the serial started.

So the question this month - what SAL do you participate in 2020?  For me this is really the only one, however see my new start, I guess my LNS is doing SAL's too and I joined to meet new people more than to participate in the project itself.

I really don't want the pressure to keep up with something that releases a new section every month or requires me to stitch so much per month.  I have two epic failures on that front:   One is the ANG's stitch of the month from 2010 - I started out strong, but faded really fast.

The other one is Queen Elizabeth I, which I really do like the design, but got to the collar and got scared and just stopped.   I'm sure I could get it done, or do something else on it, but there have been so many new shiny objects in my life since.  Thankfully I printed off all of the directions for both of these, so at some point I can go and finish them.

Given this I have decided monthly stitch- a-longs probably aren't something I should do, at least not ones that actually want you to work on a specific project.

So what have I done this month?  Well I had two new starts......I needed something to get me rolling on this new year,  BEGIN was my New Year's Day start.  I'm a little bit farther than this picture, but didn't want to take the q-snaps off to take a new picture.  I totally missed putting the little red bird on the 3rd tree, so will do that later.   I had a frog that took up residency at my house for several days - can't tell you how many times I stitched the B, not to mention re-doing the c because the B was and the 'a' which is what initially made the B off.  Happy to have that done, and hopefully the frog has gone on to a new home now and things will go better as he visited more than just this project this month.

My second new start is from a group I joined at the LNS, they are doing the Lucky 13 as a stitch along (ok I guess I'm participating in this).  Everyone is way ahead of me, I think they have the first row finished now and some have the words in the middle done as well while  I'm still on #1. I love Halloween designs, so this one will be fun, will buy the threads as I go along, or see if I have them in my stash.  Not sure what their next project will be, so I better get this one done, last meeting they were picking out buttons for various motifs as added whims.  I will wait until I get to that point, not sure I want to put any additional money into this beyond the threads and the charts themselves.

This month I also worked on the following:

SB - Peter's Patch, which is now in time-out, I'm off, so need to pull out the last section I worked on and re-do it with a magnifier because I can't see the threads!!  It's the lower right corner that is off and I'm down to my last thread of creme silk thread - so hoping I can finish it, if not I'll get a new skein, I'm sure there will be other things I will use it on, so not too worried.

I also got some stitching done on my canvas for my granddaughter's purse mirror.  I'm down to basically the back ground now, so should go pretty fast.  This is my mindless stitching project since it's just basket weave.  Not sure if I'll put beads in where the white dots are, or if I'll do french knots.  That is something that will be decided when I get to that point.  I need to get this one done in the next week so I can start on my sister's small canvas for her birthday in March - it will be small and should go fast too.  I have the threads pulled and will put it on stretcher bars soon.

So these are my projects for the start of 2020, I hope to keep the momentum going and actually have some finishes this year!!  I will be pulling out some of my bigger projects soon to work on.


Sunday, January 5, 2020

Welcome 2020, a time to reflect where we have been and where we are going

I'm not sure what all this year will bring, but know that at the end of it, while my WIP number itself might not change, hopefully the WIPs in the pile will change - i.e. I will have finished some of them.

For the past 6 years I've participated in the WIPocalypse SAL.  You work at your own pace, on your own projects in hopes of finishing up some of those WIP's before the world ends.  Hopefully that won't happen this year and I still have many years to work on this goal.  So if you aren't participating and would like to know more go here:


The first question of the year is to introduce yourself and your goals for 2020.

So who am I?  Or maybe how do I define myself?  I am a 60 plus woman who works with numbers (CPA in real life, who works in the private sector in healthcare).  I've been the workforce since I was 16 only taking brief time off for college and having kids.  I am the mother of 4 kids (3 daughters and 1 son) and the grandmother to 4 grandchildren (2 of each).  I am also married, but I don't define who I am by being married, hubby and I have been together for 40 years or more, married for 35  Our youngest child will be 37 this year so being married wasn't as important as being together  However back in the day, employers didn't cover significant others with health insurance, so getting married was more of a necessary evil than something we felt should do (second marriage for both of us - so we were gun shy).

I have been cross stitching for over 30 years, but have always been a crafter since my grandmother had me sewing on buttons and hooks & eyes on scraps of material.  I don't do much clothes sewing anymore, but do enjoy quilting, knitting socks and of course lots of stitching.  I also love to collect teddy bears, and have made a few myself.

What are my goals, hopes and dreams for 2020?  Well I have looked at my WIPs and I have 34 of them that I admit to having, but there are probably a few more that I've purposely forgotten, unfortunately I just can't bare to actually toss any of them away.  I took pictures of them all on 12/31/2019, so I know where my starting point is for 2020, with the exception of 3, one I was just too lazy to pull out of it's bag and the other two, haven't been touched in 10 years or better, so I'm sure I have pictures of them someplace.

Then I looked at the list and decided which ones I really would like to get finished this year, so those will be my focus and here is the lofty list:

1. SB - Angel's Song Sampler - this one is over 1/2 done, enjoy working on it, not sure why it's not finished.

2. Nora Corbet - Letter A Mermaids - have to admit I really don't like this one, so it is more of a chore, but the sooner it's done the better.  Might not get it finished, but want to put a dent in it and maybe I can get it to the point where I can see the end.

3. SB - Peter's Patch - the center is done, just need to do the outside border, so shouldn't take too much to get it done.

4. Nancy's Needle - Starry Night - about 1/3 done?  It got put in time out because of a mistake, I fixed one of the 4 areas.  I should have fixed the other 3, or at least frogged out the incorrect stitching.  I didn't, so now need to figure it out again.

5. As You Like It - The Wiz which is a canvas - working on the back ground and still have a few spots on the wizard to finish, this one received loved in 2019, but it has lingered for years.

6 Plum Street - Vexation Sampler - which is a multiplication table, love this one as I'm a number person.

7. Raymond Crawford - Glenda - which is over 1/2 done, working on the hair and not happy with what I did, so debating if I need to frog it out and try something different.

8. Lee's Crane canvas for a pocket size mirror.  This is for my granddaughter and was going to be Christmas, but didn't make it.

9. Bent Creek - BEGIN which is my 2020 start :)  Get it Begin.  (the picture of the chart is at the top, my progress with be posted at the end of the month)

I want to give some loving to the following - they are all big projects so not fooling myself I will get them done:

1. Rosewood Manor - American Flag Quilt Sampler, I saw this chart years and years ago and loved it.  So it will get finished one day.  I have one square done out of 50, not very good.

2. Rosewood Manor - Autumn Quaker (have Winter all kitted up and ready to go).  I love the colors, they are so rich and warm.  I am embarrassed how little I have done, I really need to pull it out and do a little bit more.

3. L&L - Peace Angel - want to get the wings done and start on the face.  This will be one of my lunch projects.  this is for my youngest granddaughter, I'm a little bit late in getting it done.

4. TIAG -  EarthDancer is for my youngest daughter - it was supposed to be her high school graduation present, she is a teacher with her masters - missed that goal by a long shot.

5. Thistles - Family Tree - this one is huge too, but when I saw the chart I knew it had to find it's way into my stash and into my stitching rotations, such as it is.

6. Scarlet Letter - The Four Angels Mourning Sampler - this one is hard to work on because it's for my daughter who passed away 5 years ago this month.  Parent's should never have to bury their children and would wish this heart ache on my worse enemy.  I pull this out to work on when I need therapy, it will get done at some point.

I have many others that may see the light of day or may not, which is OK, the point this year is to be stitching a little bit every day.

New Starts?  Yes of course I have 3 kitted up and ready to go and they may be started sooner rather than later:

1. Rosewood Manor - Winter Quaker
2. Ink Circle - Witch's Wheel
3. SB -  Noah's Ark band sampler
4. A SAL with a local shop - I have all 13 parts, but haven't started it as I just joined the group - it's a Halloween sampler, which I love stitching.  I need to pull the threads, the charts and material are all purchased.

I have others that are ready to stitch as well, so they may put in an appearance during 2020, I'm just excited to be stitching again after not doing  much at all last year.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

The year is ending, and time to turn the page to a new chapter

It's time to fess up on what I've accomplished or maybe didn't accomplished over the past year with WIPocalypse.   Go here to read all about it, and maybe join 2020's group.

the end of the year we are supposed to show the before and after pictures of what we've managed to do during the year.  So here are mine.

This year has been a difficult year for me.  Work hasn't been what I would have liked, I was offered  a chance to work remotely from "home", which should have been a good thing.  I love moving home, love working remotely, but don't like being excluded from things at work.  It's hard to work for people who don't know what you do or what you need to get it done, and keep adding more people to tell you how to do what they don't know.  Anyways, it put me in a funk and I really didn't do a lot of stitching.  But that will change with the new year.  I'm going to embrace my new working situation and enjoy not being in office politics, and not worry about what they don't tell me.  If I don't know, I can't be held responsible...right?

So did I actually get anything done?  Yes I did, but not as much as I would like liked to have gotten done.

Angel of Peace by L&L.  This is for my granddaughter, who will be 6 in February, so this one needs to get done.  Here is where I was at the start of the year and where I am now - I'm maybe a few rows more, but not much.  The wings are not exciting to work on, so hoping it will be more fun once I get to the face and dress.

SB stocking - can't remember which one.

The stocking was for Grand Niece - I actually started it when I found out my niece was expecting, so had a lot done in 2018 and then finish-finished it in 2019 and it was mailed in time to hung from the mantel with care, next to her sister's stocking.  I have one more kitted up and just got fabric to do 4 more.  Will work on another one this year and put it in the wings for future grands.

Song of the Seasons

Not a lot of work, but a few stitches is better than no stitches.  I would like to get this one finished in 2020

At the beginning of the year I showed off a sock that I had started, well didn't finish my sock, not much more done than when I started this year, so not going to do pictures.  Also had a knitted hat that I started, which is almost done, but no current pictures, might pull that out and get it finished tonight :)  I'm decreasing at the top.

And then these were starts this year - the hippo, Indian and Bee Fairy were canvases from my stash - they were all given to people for Christmas and appreciated.

I didn't get the last canvas done for my granddaughter, just ran out of time.  So it will be held until the next time I get to see her,  I will get it done since there isn't a lot to be done, it's only a 3" circle.

I'm hoping that 2020 will be a better year.  I have the itch to stitch and have picked out my January 1st start :)  I need to find the linen and pull threads tomorrow and get it kitted up.  If I don't, I have 2 others all kitted and ready to go, so no lack of things to stitch.   My goal in 2020 is to get at least one big project done, and maybe a few smaller ones.

Not sure if I'll join any SAL's other than continue with WIPocalypse.  I am still trying to get a group of people together to stitch, until then I will continue with the small group in MI that meets once a month and try to get to the stitching groups in KY.  I need motivation some days.