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Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Moment of Truth

I'm sure I have more starts hidden in the recesses of the underworld, but for now here is my list.  Some have dates of when they were started, others do not (because I couldn't remember).  While it is a lot larger than I would have liked, it is not as bad as I thought.  Some are close to being finished, others are barely started.  My hope is to work my way thought them with minimal new starts this year.  But you never know, I have a lot kitted up that are calling my name :)

I did take pictures of most of them, there are about 3 that I didn't take a picture of (I think they were all on afghan material.  So where to start, where to start LOL

1 Rosewood Manor American Flag Quilt Sampler X-stitch 2015
2 Laundry Lady Amsh Quilts w/ Lady Needlepoint 2000
3 SB Angel's Song X-stitch 2014
4 Devon Nicholson Anne of Green Gables bookmark Needlepoint 2016
5 Mirabilia Designs August Peridot Fairy X-stitch 2014
6 Rosewood Manor Autum Quakers X-stitch 2015
7 Raymond Crawford City of Oz Needlepoint 2016
8 Indigo Rose Dash into It Fearlessly X-stitch
9 Petie's Dorthy's Slippers Needlepoint
10 Leigh's Designs Dragon Needlepoint 2009
11 TIAG EarthDancer X-stitch 2014
12 Gay Rogers Elizabeth I Counted Canvas 2015
13 Sweetheart Tree Elizabethan Floral X-stitch
14 Dragon Fire Designs Family X-stitch 2015
15 Strictly Christmas Florida Santa Needlepoint 2000
16 Country Stitches-With Thy Needle Forget me Not X-stitch 2015
17 Unknown Hippos Needlepoint 2016
18 L&L Ice Angel X-stitch 2004
19 Maureen Appleton Inspire Others X-stitch 2015
20 Nora Corbett Letter A Mermaids X-stitch 2015
21 Song of the Season (3 Parts) Little House Needlework X-stitch 2016
22 Cheryl Schaeffer Mine Light Bulb-Gingerbread Needlepoint 2014
23 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Peguin Needlepoint 2015
24 Cheryl Schaeffer Mini Light Bulb-Santa Needlepoint 2015
25 Defunked Round Robin Names Misc - books X-stitch 1995
26 Family Afghan Misc books X-stitch 1991
27 Round Robin - Poem Misc. Books X-stitch 1995
28 Needle Delight Originals Oh My Stars Needlepoint
29 L&L Peace Angel X-stitch 2015
30 Courney Collection PeliCan X-stitch 2015
31 SB Peter's Patch X-stitch 2013
32 Sophia Designs Purse - Leporad Needlepoint 2016
33 Sophia Designs Purse - modern design Needlepoint 2016
34 Terry Drisend Safari Counted Canvas 2010
35 Wee of the Needle Sppokie Cat Ornament Wool Felt
36 Heart's Content Spring Sachel X-stitch 2015
37 Nancy's Needle Starry Night Counted Canvas 2016
38 ANG YEAR Long Stitch of the Month-2010 Needlepoint 2010
39 Scarlet Letter The Four Angels Mourning Sampler X-stitch 2016
40 As You Like it The Wiz Needlepoint 2000
41 Unknown Tooth Pillow-Animals Needlepoint 2015
42 Voila Train Belt Needlepoint 2012
43 Indigo Rose Walking to St Ives X-stitch 2015

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I'm sitting in a quiet house while others are still asleep thinking about 2017....

Well here we are (almost) in a new year, with new hopes and dreams for 2017.   I'm not making any lofty goals for the year, not going to stress myself out trying to lose weight, or work more/less hours etc.  No, my lofty goal for this new year is to enjoy it, not worry about what may or may not happen and to spend more time loving life, blogging and stitching.  

To start the new year I once again joined Measi’s Musings WIPocalypse, which I'm not going to stress myself out over stitching, I do need encouragement.  Measi's website can be found here:  

This year will be a little different from prior years, instead of posting on the full moon, we will post the last Sunday of the month with the exception of the first post of the year.  That will be easier to remember (especially for us old folks).

So our initial task for January 1 – Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

Me first…..  Well I’m old enough to remember when Leisure Arts was about the only charts you could find and 90% of all stitching was done on Aida.  I have about 1510 charts and kits in my stash of which I’ve done all or parts of 210 (doesn't include WIP/UFO).  There have been other projects that I have not tracked, so hopefully my actual number completed is more than that!!  I also have indulged myself with many painted canvases, about 177 if you’re counting, which I’m not.  I have finished 52 of those and have another 17 in progress. My goal in life is to stitch as many as I can and hope that I have at least one grandchild that will claim my stash, but it's not looking too hopeful.  #1 Granddaughter so far has been my best option, so we'll see as time goes on.  I guess kids just don’t have the patients for things that take more than a nano second to download. 

Each year I make a list of things I want to accomplish and at the end of each year I look at my list and find out that while I’ve actually finished some stuff, not a whole lot from my list.  So I think this year I’m going to do this differently.  Instead of making a list of projects that I want to finish, I’m going to set a goal to complete as many projects from my stash and I can and let my whimsical self just have at it. 

My self-imposed rules will be as follows:
      1.    Must finish or at least make significant progress on 2 large projects  ( I have 3 L&L            angels that have/want to get finished for example)
      2.    Can’t start a new project without a finish of something (at least this will keep my WIP/UFO’s to their present number which is some place south of 100, but way north of 20). 
      3.    Don’t beat myself up for not stitching or getting something accomplished, this is meant to be fun and distressing, not a chore and stressful, I have my job for those qualities.
      4.    Be proactive blogging about progress, often times I don’t see the progress unless I take and post pictures J 

I plan on pulling out all of my projects and making myself a good list.  And take pictures of where they are as of 12/31/2016, so I have a point of reference and can look back at the end of the year to see my accomplishments.  I also need to organize them where I can access them as I desire, right now I think "oh wouldn't it be fun to stitching on (fill in the blank)....", but I don't because it's put something place safe and I either can't remember or can't easily access.   So the end result is I don't stitch at all.

I also want to do some sewing this year.  I used to sew all the time, but lately my sewing has been sparse.  So will see about carving out a couple of long weekends for big projects.  Would love to get at least one quilt finished this year.

I hope you all have your projects ready to start tomorrow.  I won't be stitching, at least not much as I'm enjoying my family.  So will be picking up the needle and thread again next weekend.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

I got the best present

UPDATE - got pictures of two more stockings I did!!

These are duplicate stitched stockings I did back in about 1994 or 95.  At the time duplicate stitch was the 'in' thing.

for Christmas.   My granddaughter was able to come to our house the day before Christmas and we'll get to keep her through New Years!!  I was so happy I cried (ok I cry all the time), but they were happy tears..

The kids hide her in a big box and told us that we had to open it up so they could finish cooking dinner.   Since we'd gotten our kitchen done recently I thought it was something they were adding to the kitchen.  Anyways, I was totally surprised because I didn't think I'd get to see her until tomorrow.  So much fun having a child in the house Christmas morning.

I also asked my sister to take a picture of my nieces X-mas stock and was able to get pictures of my very first X-mas stocking I made and my granddaughters.  All I can say is baby you've come a long way in your abilities :)

My Mom is a fantastic knitter and when we started having kids of our own, she knitted stocking for each of them.   The kitten stocking was made for my youngest daughter and the last stocking my Mom knitted, she is still with us, but just don't knit anymore, not sure why.  My sister has 2 children and I had 3 of my own, so maybe she was just burned out, since our kids were born almost all a year apart.

When my oldest daughter came into my life, I wanted her to feel part of the family, so I knitted her a stocking I found out of a Better Homes & Garden magazine.  Obviously my knitting abilities were not on par with my Mom's ability.  (I did the reindeer on white with a red cuff)  I've since learned how to knit better, but Dawn loved her stocking just the same because she saw that I was putting out the effort.  My Mom's stocking was knitted in the round, mine was knitted flat and then sewn together.  I now knit in the round :)

I wish I had pictures of the ones I did for my sister Carol's kids.  My Mom had decided she didn't want to knit the stockings anymore by the time my sister had kids, so I stepped up and tried something new - duplicate stitch.  My niece promise me a picture, but haven't gotten it.

The stocking with "Emily" was the first SB stocking.  I think it turned out well, and this makes its 20th Christams appearance.  So it's held up well too :)  I mist have done something right.

As you can see as time went on, the designs by SB got better and better. and I branched out to different types of material.  I loved the heatherfield material, and was so sad when it was disconntinued.  And so as I've depleted my stash of it on stockings, I've found that I've had to go back to the original linen.  I guess you can say I've gone the full circle.

Merry Christmas to all


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

I know I'm a little bit early, but it will be a couple of busy days for me.  I'm busy at work trying to get stuff done so I can take some vacation days and enjoy family.  while I don't do a lot of Christmas stitching, I have done lots of stockings.  I just wish I would have taken pictures of them all.  My first one was 20 years ago!!  Well I should clarify that statement, I did 2 duplicate stitched stocking for my sister's kids after my Mom stopped knitting the grandchildren their stockings - and that was about 26 years ago.  Then I found Shepard Bush and started making their stockings.  I've included some of the pictures here, but don't have any of my early ones at all :(  Maybe this year I'll get pictures of some of the others I've done.  Until then, here are the last 5 I've done, the last one will have to wait on a new baby.  I'm sure there will be a little boy at some point.

Have four kids I always think about doing things in sets of four.  Below are 3 of the 4 ornaments I started years ago, I worked on them hot and heavy a few years ago, but have yet to finish them.  I know I had a picture of the 4th one too, but not sure where I put it :(  That is one of my new year goal's to find my forgotten UFO's and get them finished.

The last picture is of one of the Needlepoint Santa's I did for my kids and my hubby.  The class was for 1 each month during the year.  I did January, April, May, July and August.  Again, I wish I would have taken pictures, but at the time I never thought about it.

I also don't have pictures of the four little needlepoint christmas Light bulbs with a little design in each, a santa, gingerbread man, penguin and a snowman.  I have 2 1/2 stitched, but not actually finished.

Oh well, can't get it all done.  So as i ponder what I've started and yet to accomplish, I really think I need a year of "getter done".

Hope you all have a great Christmas and got anything that had to be done, done.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The moon is at 99.96% full tonight - too bad there are clouds keeping it under wraps

It seems that every year I have such lofty goals for myself.  My Mom used to say my eyes were much bigger than my stomach, well I think that still holds true, only it's my mind thinking my fingers stitch a lot faster than they do.......I guess if I stitched a little bit more I would meet my lofty goals, so maybe that will be part of the 2017 goals to stitch one or two nights a week.

So here is was my wish list for 2016 and I'm hoping this blog will keep me on track:

Canvases/Counted Needlepoint
  1. Emerald City 
  2. Dorothy 
  3. Glenda
  4. Wicked Witch of the East (see picture
  5. Flying Monkey
  6. Ruby Slippers
  7. The Wiz - NOT from Wizard of OZ - 
Well not much progress on the above - like little to none - I didn't even get the Wiz out to work on at all this year.  I did pull threads for Glenda and I got the sequins for the ruby slippers.  The rest are on stretcher bars, but that is about it except for I actually put needle and thread to the Emerald City.  I just couldn't resist doing the brick walk.  If I really worked on it, I could get it done in a day or two, it's not very big.  

I did work on some needlepoints this year.... the bear (new start) just needs some bead and then I'll sew him up into an ornament for my sister Linda - who loves teddy.  He was fun to stitch and stitched quickly.  He was purchased on a whim, OK most of my canvases are purchased on a whim.  What can I say, I'm an impulse buyer, how else can you build a SABLE???

I also have the two purse flaps which I'll post pictures of later in this post.

My Counted Cross Stitch list didn't fair much better :(  I still don't have the beads on the fairy, some not all, not sure why I'm procrastinating on this one so much.  She is so pretty and I know my daughter will love her.

The EarthDancer didn't see the light of day all year, and not on the list is Peace Angel for my youngest grandchild.  Both of those needs to be worked on and finished.  I did get Mermaid Letter D and In Memory of Jane done!!  Peter's Patch wasn't worked or at least I don't remember pulling it out and actually working on it.  However Angel's Song saw progress, doing the rows are fun and fast.   Inspire Others also got some time this year, but no picture at this time.  I've been working on the background and it is hard to see when you're stitching over one.  I find it relaxing actually.

Counted Cross Stitch
  1. August Fairy-Peridot (just needs the beads)
  2. EarthDancer
  3. Mermaid Letter D (just needs the beads)
  4. Mermaid Letter A
  5. In Memory of Jane (aka Multiplication table)
  6. Inspire Other (over one design)
  7. Either Peter's Patch or Angel's song

As for the sewing - that has been a lost cause this year, I managed to complete nothing.  Not even my pillow cases are done yet.  I just don't have the space to spread out and sew the quilts - the Thimbleberry is a king size, so I really need room.

  1. Thimbleberry 2009 quilt (just needs to be assembled)
  2. Dr. Seuss Take 5 quilt ( just needs borders)
Things that got some loving from 2015:
Angel's Song end of 2016

Angel Song end of 2015

Mermaid Letter A end of 2016

Mermaid Letter A end of 2015

Then there were the unplanned starts for 2016...sometimes those are best.  There are few others that I haven't updated the pictures, so will save those perhaps for my 2017 list:

Nancy's Needle - Starry Night (I think)

SB Stocking - Jeffery's
Purse Flap

Purse Flap

Needlepoint Hippos

I think this is Remember Me -end of 2016
Remember Me - end of 2015
This was a 2015 starts that saw a little loving in 2016, but hadn't been on the original list.  Some times I just need to stitch with warm comfy colors. I think this one got put away because I may have used the wrong color, but at this point I'm not going back!!  Such is my life.

So what do I have planned for 2017?   I really want to pull out everything, take a picture of where I'm starting from and then keep better track.  I also really want to get organized and make a real dent in my UFO's and WIP's.  To be honest I really don't know how many I have started.  I'm thinking it up around 30???  However it could be higher than that because I'm sure there are few that I'm not thinking about anymore.  I need to have a good year of finishes and limit my starts.  I won't do the 17 starts in 2017, we all know it didn't work out too well for 15 starts in 2015 so instead I will strive for 17 finishes in 2017 :)  For ever the optimism.

See you all in the new year!!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last Full moon of the year is coming, and so is Christmas

and I'm not ready for either.  I've not done a lot of stitching these last couple of weeks.  Just have not had the energy to do much of anything.  Also I'm no wheres near ready for Christmas.  I have things ordered for the little grandchildren, and got my parent's gift gotten (easy - tickets to the theater), but nothing for my kids or the older grandkids or hubby.  Hubby and I really don't exchange gifts anymore, we both pretty much get what we want, when we want, so there aren't a lot of options at Christmas.

I usually do pillow cases for presents - but alas, while I have a lot of them cut out, I don't have them sewn up yet.  I'm making progress :0  I've been pinning them this weekend, so that is a step in the right direction, just not where I should be = which is DONE!!  However I'm not going to beat myself up.

I also have the rag quilt to get done - I do have all the squares sewn (front to back with batting in-between), so need to set them out and figure out how to assemble.  Not sure if that will be done today or not, but it needs to be done in the next 13 days!!

And of course the purse flaps for my girls aren't finished yet either :(   Working with the black is proving to be taxing on a good day, down right impossible on a bad day.  So I take turns between working with the red and the black.  The red is a dream to work with, love how it looks too.  I'm regretting not using the same thread for the black, but the shop talked me out of it.  I know they were looking at saving me money, but sometimes your sanity is worth more than the thread!!  And this is one of those times!!  I'm committed now, so no turning back and these have to get finished.  I pay way too much for them to leave them as a UFO.

My goal was to pull out all of my UFO/WIP and take pictures of them and then pick out the ones I want to target for 2017.  But alas that isn't done either.  I'm thinking that isn't done due to guilt of all the starts I have without an equal number of finishes.

I'm hoping to have something to post in a few days for the last full moon.  Maybe some completed pillow cases?  Or progress on something stitchery.