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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So Sad TIAG/Lavender & Lace/Butternut Road or MIL to her fans has left us for a better place.....

Angel of the Sea - completed for Michael 

Angel of Love or the Metal Maiden which was done for myself - it has new matting now - dark blue

Spirit Dancer - being done for Carl Addison

In the Arms of an Angel done for Donna

The start of Ice Angel - as you can see I'm changing the colors to purple from blue.  Its amazing, once you change one color, you have to change them all
The world lost a wonderful designer yesterday Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.  I have loved her designs since I saw my first angel by her.  Above you can see the angels I've finished and the ones I've started (Spirit Dancer isn't an angel, she will be an Indian holding a falcon or maybe it's an owl? )  I have two more that have all the threads and fabric waiting to be started- Peace Angel and Earth Dancer - which is an Indian angel with a dream catcher behind her which will be done for my daughter.

I've also completed her Mother's Tree for my niece - sure wish I had a picture of that to post.  Normally I don't do designs twice, but that will be my exception - would love to do it for my girls, but not sure I have 3 more in my :)  I know I'll do at least one more.

I have others in my stash that I'd love to do someday for hopefully another grandchild.

The earth has lost a wonderful designer, but I believe she will be in heaven when I get there with a whole new list of designs to stitch, so I'll have to remember to take a needle or two with me.


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  1. I was saddened to hear about the passing of Marilyn. I have a good handful of her patterns and have been enabled by a couple you've shared. I should probably fish one out.
    Your work is awesome.