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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another week has gone by -and Taxes are due on Monday YIKES

Life seems to go on, no matter how I'd like it to slow down for a minute and let me do all of the wonderful things I'd love to do, but it doesn't slow down.  So I think I need to speed up and figure out how to manage my time better.   I did get my taxes done, so only have to mail out one of the State returns.  Since we moved I had to file two State returns and one of them wouldn't accept an electronic version if you weren't a full time resident.  Oh well, it will go out on Monday.  The important one is filed -the one with the refund :)

I've not stitched in a long time, so nothing to post in the way of finished projects or progress on my projects.  But I did get the thread I needed last weekend when granddaughter and I went out running on Saturday.  We went to a needlepoint shop in Newport Beach, got some thread, then went to a mall/shopping center and put a dent in Lush's supply of bath balms :-)  I'm not a bath person, but my granddaughter is, and she loves the bubbles.  This weekend we don't have any plans, kind of chilly out, but the sun is shining, so maybe we'll venture down to the street to Starbucks to hang out.  Also thinking it might be a good time to get a pizza and hang out in the living room watching movies.  My daughter Sara sent us Haunted House and we have Toy Story trilogy to watch as well.  And who knows maybe we'll even find Tangles to watch or move the Wii out here and play games.

Last weekend was Easter, so on Saturday after we got back from shopping, Donna and I colored eggs, wish I would have taken pictures of her dyeing them, but was too nervous about the beige carpeting and bright pink and blue dye!!  Then it was getting her to bed, she was so excited that the Easter Bunny would come and would be hiding the eggs.  It took her a while to finally fall asleep, but she did and to my amazement, she wasn't up with the birds, she is a lot like my hubby - she is a night person, not a morning person like her grandma.

After she went to bed, I spent time with my new guilty pleasure - taking un-assuming peeps and putting them in the toaster over until they are brown and gooey inside....hummmmmm

Here they are before they go in and below are the after produce......what can I say?  

So hope you all had a great Easter, that you celebrated the way you wanted and with the people that mean the most to you.  May your needle always be threaded with enough thread to finish up all your stitches!!   And hopefully I will have some updates to post soon!!


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