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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday morning and up alone

Dear Cyber friends:

Not much to report around there.  Haven't stitched a stitch in a long time, not sure how I got all the stitching done when my kids were little, but with one little one I don't get anything done.  Of course I had a bag that I carried around with me all the time.  It had knitting, stitching, or crocheting it and I worked on different things as time permitted.  I also use to go with a co-worker to the park and stitch on our lunch hour in our van.  We could sit in the back in the captains chairs with the table between us.  LOL hadn't thought about that van in ages.  Anyway, I use to get a lot of stitching done...wish I would have taken pictures of it all.  Below is a picture I'd done for my son, it now hangs in his son's room at our house.  I was far more inventive in what I stitched back then.

So here is my game plan, I'm going to pull out all of my UFO's that I want to work on this year, take new pictures of them and post.  Then I will have a starting point to use as a comparison as I work on them.  it will be July before I'll really be back in the stitching mode, but hope to be productive once I start.

Until then, life has been busy with a 4 year old around :)


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