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Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29th, one more day until May

I can't believe that there is only one more day left in April, what happened to winter, I guess being in CA it throws off my seasonal sense of direction, time and space. While I've seen people wearing coats, hats and boots, I've really yet to see anything that would prompt me to dress in my even fall attire. Oh how I've missed the change in the seasons. With May brings my son's birthday and one of my best friends - actually on the same day!! Another friend's birthday is the same day as my youngest daughter's, which I think that is amazing to have two best friends with the same birthdays as two of my kids.

This is the second time I've typed this blog, the first time I did it in the wrong spot!!  I was able to delete it I hope, if not I'm sure the world will survive my error, at least it's needle art related.

Below is the first major needlepoint I ever did, it was for my niece.  While I was an experienced stitcher when i did it, I wasn't experienced enough to know that there are more stitches than basket weave that i could have used.  But I loved how it turned out, and my niece loves it too as she has it out all the time for company to see.  Which brings me to my big internal debate.  I've also done solid stitching, mostly because I have a habit of changing colors.  Well I'm going to get the dragon going soon and I'm struggling with the idea of letting the canvas show through.  The dragon is done by Leigh's Design, so it's a beautiful canvas (as was the one below), so letting the canvas show through wouldn't be a bad thing.  Just different for me, so we'll see.

The roses are bullion roses with french knots in the middle.  All of the thread was either silk or silk blend.  
The back ground was done in white - lots and lots and lots of white.  Not all skeins of white are equal...but after buying 15 skeins of silk-n-ivory, it was completed.

happy stitching, and hopefully you'll see current progress from me soon.


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