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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again....

Oh babe I hate to leave"....whether you are a John Denver fan, Peter, Paul & Mary, or one of a dozen other's who have sung that song, it echo's my feelings.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a short trip to Houston, TX, back on  Thursday and then off on vacation Friday.   By friday I'll be singing "on the road again"

Taking my little peep home to her mommy and I'm going to go and see my mommy for a few days of being a child with no cares in the world.  Then back to reality and visiting my own kids (who I'm sure what to be kids for a day or two) and my friends from where I worked for 11 years before changing jobs.

While I loved the people I worked with, loved what I did, loved where I did it, the company or I should say our department offered no hopes of promotion and even when you tried to interview for positions in other departments - the interviews were short and never taken seriously if they even responded to your request, because the underlying agreement was they didn't take each other's managers and I was in a dead end job :(  Anyway, that is the short story of how I came to be a stitcher in sunny california.  New job is with a wonderful organization and while there really isn't much hope for promotion, I'm enjoying what I'm doing, like the people I work with and plan to stay at least for a while.  Now on to stitching, my favorite subject other than reimbursement, but you all don't want to go down that path :)

I love this cross stitch that I finished several years ago.  the chart was very simple, but yet I think it looks really neat. I did it in a brown variegated wool on heather field - maybe a 18 ct.  Then finished it in a pillow.  I think I found the chart in Chicago and ask if the designer had done any more and was told they were hoping to get more, but never have seen anything else.  I probably should google him and see - I think he did water colors or oil painting, and this was just a short venture.  But who knows maybe he's doing needlepoint instead?  Anyway, I love it and it is always out on the couch.

I am hoping to get back into stitching and hope to have current stuff to post soon.  Until then happy stitching!!


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