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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back from Vacation....

I'm back for a minute, will be heading for NE tomorrow afternoon and then home again on Tuesday night.  But for now I'm enjoying the goodies from my trip home.  I had a craft room at home that was about 20 X 24.  It had my sewing machines, cutting tables, rocking chair, stitching light, floor stands, and anything else I would want.  While I had "picked" out projects for the next 10 years, I saw that someone wanted a chart that I had, and since I knew I would never, ever stitch it again, I told them I would send them the chart.  In my search for it I found a lot of charts that I've decided to add to my 10 year stash.  So while I have um-teem UFO, WIP and ready to start (RTS?) in my stash, I'm looking forward to new starts in 2013 :)

The Masai Bride has a wonderful stitch on the dress and while doing it all in blue would be great, I can see it done in a variegated thread - need to research and see if the traditional dress is anything other than the blue.

The Little Peacock below I have loved since I got it, not sure why I haven't started it before now.   I will have to look at this one and see if I have all of the threads I need.
The Gold Necklace is a chart I had gotten all of the beads and threads for, but not sure what happened to them :(  So will look at getting it again :)  
 Gentility is really a neat looking chart, the hair is 3-d in that you twist the threads to make it look like it's been braided.  I've not gotten the beads, but when I get ready to stitch it, I will look at getting the appropriate beads.  She looks so elegant with her lovely long neck.
 I got this one for my daughter when she was really into Jazz on her saxophone.  I love the colors and think it would be a relatively easy chart to do.  I'm sure the frame is no longer available, but I'm sure I can find something when I get it done.
 Another one that I thought was neat and hope to do one day.  Looks like I could stitch it in a sitting or two, it's not very big.  I love the frame - I'm sure I could find a purple frame and add my own buttons on it.
 I've done another La-D-Da, Miss Mary Mack, and saw this one at a trunk show and decided I had to do it.  Don't have the material it calls for, but i'm sure I have something that will work.  I have lots of different linens that I've collected throughout the years.  This one may be moved to the top of my must do list :)  Again, it can be done fairly quickly since there is only a limited number of colors involved.

 Not sure who I'll do this one for, need to wait for another baby in the immediate family to be born.  I love doing these patterns for stocking - I think I've done about 7 of them now.
 My brother's step son is getting married this summer and I thought, I'll whip this one up for them LOL, ok it's not going to happen I know that now.  But would still like to stitch it at some point,  I think maybe our 30th wedding anniversary, which is in another 2 years, so I've got plenty of time.   I never did a wedding sampler for us, just did my L&L Angel of Love.
I think this one just JUMPED into my bag at the shop.  I swore I'd not do any of these because i thought they were way over priced.  Several years ago I got suckered into a year long sampler and felt I got totally taken on it, it was very expensive and less than 12 inches when all said and done.  But once I saw the chart and know my love for Witches, I figured I would do it anyways.  So it will be one of the starts AFTER I get 2 of my UFO's done.
These are a couple of books I had at home, found them and put them in my suitcase to bring back.  I really want to get back into spinning, I have plenty of roving, just need to do it.  So will refresh myself with the "Start Spinning" book .

Looks like I have my work cut out for me for another couple of years!!  Can't wait to get back into stitching.  But for now I have my grandson here and I'm planning some fun weekends.  He is on a lot of restrictions from his Mom, but we'll figure out something that doesn't violate ALL of them at one time :)

Happy stitching.

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  1. I love all your stash Sandy. Hope you are enjoying yourself.