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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Been Living in CA for over a year and it took the grandkids to get me to the ocean

 I took my grandson to the ocean, he was so excited about getting his feet in the water.  He started out with just the toes, but before you know it, he was totally wet.  the water was rough, so he was VERY limited in his toe tipping as grandma was not in the mood for getting all wet herself, especially since I had on my watch and had my cell phone for pictures.  There was also a life guard on duty who was watching him closely.  We didn't stay long, only about 45 minutes, will return on another night when things are calmer.  But the water was so beautiful, it was hard to resist.
Here is Donna dipping her toes in the water as well, a different beach on a different day.  She also was thrilled with it.  Above is the same beach as where we took Donna - you can see that the water is a lot higher and a lot rougher, needless to say we didn't venture out to the water that day :(

The picture is one of my favorite from several years ago.  We had Donna & Michael with us in Michigan for a trip home to see my folks.  I was told by someone who was an only child that younger children don't aspire to be like older siblings.  but as you can see below, Donna was doing EVERY thing her big cousin was doing.  Kids are kids and they learn by watching the older kids and doing as they do.  The trick is to have GOOD examples for them to follow :)  Michael is a good kid, so don't mind Donna chasing after him when they are together, I know he would never put her in harms way or take advantage of being the older kid.

Well hope you all getting some stitching done, as you tell my summer if full, but not of actually stitching.  Grandson goes home next Tuesday, so will have lots of time and no excuses not to stitch next week :)


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  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time with your Grand-kids.
    …And yes I agree, the younger ones at times follow the older siblings footsteps.
    Hope you are getting some stitching done.