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Friday, July 13, 2012

Wow, can't believe I've been back from vacation for almost a week now!

 Last time I posted it was pictures of stash I brought back from my 'old Kentucky home' to sunny California.  I have so many things I want to stitch, I have over 1200 charts and kits, and I'm not sure how many painted canvases.  Always have said these are my retirement projects, so now I'm counting down to retirement - I have about 3650 days, or about 10 years.   So I already have more projects here than I can do, but what do I think today?  Oh shoot I should have brought my black cats, I want do them  for a quilt!!  LOL, next trip :-)

The picture to the left is my youngest grandson.  I got an opportunity to see him while in MI visiting my parents.  My son and his wife were up there visiting his Dad and step-mom. Carl "Addison" is getting so big.  He's got his Daddy's dimples, and his daddy's wide flat feet, otherwise he looks just like his mom.  I had a fun time playing with him while the grown-ups talked.
 Before leaving KY I took my girls and grandson to our favorite eating place - Winston's which is at Sullivan University.  My husband went there for his degree in culinary art and a bachelor in travel and entertainment.  The chef is John Castro - he is a wonderful chef and a really great person.  We love going there!!  And miss our quarterly splurges for Sunday Brunch.  As you can see below the food is wonderful. the topping on the cheese cake was a bourbon Carmel that had been made that morning - it was so warm and good .....ohhhhh wish they sold that by the gallon!!  I had to try it before I could take a pictures.  For lunch I had the "Not Brown", which for anyone that is from Louisville you know that a Hot Brown sandwich is turkey, bacon, a cheesy sauce and tomatoes.   

Per wikipedia - Fred K. Schmidt created the Hot Brown, its sliced roast turkey was a rarity, as turkey was usually reserved for holiday feasts. The original Hot Brown included the sliced turkey on an open-faced white toast sandwich, with Mornay sauce covering it, with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, completed by being oven-broiled until bubbly. Pimento and bacon strips were then added to it. After its debut, it quickly became the choice of ninety-five percent of the customers to the Brown Hotel's restaurant.[1][2]

Well the Not Brown has the same sauce, but instead of turkey and ham, it has shrimp and lobster....hummmmm and fried green tomatoes!!  It is soooooooo very good.  Sorry I don't have a picture - didn't last long enough to pose for my camera.

On the stitching front, I've finished my grandson Addison's socks and I'm working on the heel flap on the second sock for my granddaughter Donna, who told her Mom today that she loves her 12 times, but loves grandma 100 times :) what can I say?  I'm a lovable person!!.  So I am making some progress.  Will be posting soon...hope to have progress on my SpiritDancer as well.

Happy stitching and hope you all have survived the recent heat wave, we are enjoying some cool evenings with the windows open and a cool breeze coming in.


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