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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have been a bad girl, but oh it was so much fun...

It's my birthday today and I am traveling for work....soooooo I decided to treat myself to a birthday present along the way in my travels.   I flew to Salt Lake City and drove up to Burly ID, and made one stop on my way up at Shepherd's Bush.  While I went in with every intention of being good, it was really hard and I really did use some resistance in what I ultimately got.  so here are the damages:

August Peridot Fairy - which is for my middle daughter.  I have January's Garnet Fairy and looking for July's fairy.  I also have June's Fairy which I got with the intention of doing for my Sister - so who knows I might make that a 2013 challenge. I need to pull out my linens and figure out if I have something that will work.

This is Snow For all - it's a little Kit that i thought was cute and should stitch up fast.......

I want to do this one for my sister Linda - we have always been very close.  My youngest sister always says that she loves spending time with both of us, but not at the same time.  When we are together it seems that we ignore the other 2 sisters....i don't think that's completely true, but since she and i have a lot of the same interests and a few different, we love doing the same things and seeing the same things....

Boo to You - I thought this was soooo cute!!  so I'm doing it for me, but it may end up going my one of my grand kids - we'll see.

I got this one -it's call Patriotic Santa - but when I went to enter it into my list of charts I discovered I already it!!  So now I have 2 and no way to return the one I got today.......but on the bright side I know my son would love this one, and i think it's cute too so I guess I'll be stitching it twice or looking for someone to trade with :)

This one is my favorite - it's by Prairie Moon and call Thine is the Trick and the Treat.  It is done in black, but I'm doing it in a variegated purple silk on a hand dyed green linen.  The model they had I thought was kind of thin with the thread, too much of the fabric showing thought, so thought I'd do it with 2 strains, but didn't realize that I really needed one more skein of again I'm not sure if it will work or not ..... see below for the purple - it's not a very good picture, but I think you can get the jest of what I have planned.  Again this will be a 2013 start, along with a pelican that is also mono color - browns, which I got a hand dyed linen - 40 ct and some slightly variegated brown silk thread.

I hope you all have a great day and found some new projects of your own to start.   I believe you should have your age in UFO's, that way you'll live forever because you have to get them all done!!!  I need to count my actual UFO's and then the ones i want to start and see if I'm near my age - or maybe I'm the age of the number of UFO's????  LOL either way works for me.


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