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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My late birthday present

My sister is a wonderful teddy bear artist, well she is a wonderful artist period....She has made me several teddy bears over the year.  Here are the pictures of them.  Not very good photo of Piglet - he really is cuter in person and he was my traveling buddy to England & Paris a few years back.

Aunt Tillie
Red Bear 1
Up until I got my new "bear" yesterday my favorite has always been "Tillie" my Red Hat bear that I got for my 50th birthday (when your baby turns 30, you really need to admit to being 50).  But before Tillie it was my Piglet, because he was made to match the one my Mom did for me when I was 8, which I still have (he's behind smaller Piglet in the pictures).

My Sandy-Panda was another birthday present and of course there are my two red bears - unfortunately they don't have names....I really need to name them.
Red bear 2

Sandy Panda
My least favorite was actually one that I made, but had sent to my sister to put on the face - well she plucked it clean and I've always thought it looks funny.  One day I might give him a little shave so he's not so furry all over anymore.

Piglet is special because he was the character my Mom picked for me when she was making a Pooh character for each of us 5 kids.  Piglet went every where with me, he is never far away.

My least favorite - no name
Piglet (1 & 2)
My new favorite is now the Flying Monkey :)  I have to bring my Wick Witch of the West Bear home with me this summer.  She was left behind because of space, but I think its time to change that and bring, and my other 2 big bears - William and big Red.

My card said - If you are the good witch, then why do you have a flying monkey?

My new "bear" - Charlie the Flying Monkey

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