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Sunday, March 10, 2013

No stitching, but a little stash enhancement

 They say those who don't have time to stitch, buy lots of stitching projects and those who do have time actually finish projects.  Well, this week has been very busy at work and by the time I'd get home, hubby and I walked our mile I've been too tired to concentrate on stitching.  Therefore, I've been spending time looking at what is new, so when the opportunity presented itself yesterday I took advantage of it and did a little stash enhancement.   My hubby and I went down to San Diego to meet my girlfriend and her brother who are there on a tour.  Since we weren't meeting them until 3:00 PM I decided it was a great opportunity to make a few stops on the way, so made a list and plotted out our trip.   Didn't have time for all of the places I wanted to go, but that is OK, I got my fixed and I'm happy.

First up as a quilt store which I got 2 small kits for wool applique's.  One was a kit to make 6 gift bags (will hold gift cards or money), thought this would great for Christmas and should be easy to do.  Hoping to make this my summer project, maybe while I'm flying home - should be small and easy to work on while actually flying.  The other kit is a candle mat with a nativity scene.  Again, it looked really easy - a few pieces, so will work on that too.  I'm hoping this gives me the courage to work on my block of the month quilt that is almost all wool appliqué.  I did see some Dr. Seuss flannel and thought about getting more, but opted not to, figured I needed to get what I had sewn up and see if more is really needed.  Saw lots of other fabrics, but nothing that said - buy me, buy me....

The second quilt shop was Quilt in a Day of the TV fame...really wasn't impressed with it at all!!  And don't think I'll go back there again.  I did see some fabric that I was going to get that was on sale, but the cutting lines were long and people were adding fabric as they were waiting in I put what I pulled back on the shelves and left.  The only bright spot was seeing the fabric that my girlfriend just got for a quilt, didn't realize it came in 3 different color ways, will need to see which one she got.  I liked the purple and the orange-ish color ways, but given all of the quilting projects I have going, really knew planning another one way not for me :)

After that we hit a Cross-stitch/Needlepoint shop for some thread that I wanted, but struck out on the threads, but find some books that I've been wanting, one on Hardanger - I had a book many, many years ago, but my sister-in-law was starting a project so I gave her the book :(  While this one isn't as good as what I had, it does have a lot a lot good information, but know I will need to really read it.  I have 2 band samplers by Victoria Sampler that has hardanger, 2014 will be a band sampler year :)  Can't wait!!

Then I got the Bling, Glitz & Glamour book.  I looked through it this morning and found that I'd already tried several of the suggested, but glad I got it.  There is a lot of background information on the different types of beads, bead sizes etc.  So I need to spend some time and do some reading.  These books aren't like my normal reading choices - mysteries, but then again I guess because I'm not well versed in these areas, they are kind of a mystery for me, just no dead bodies along the way and no one going to jail at the end.

The last book was in pulled thread stitches by Anchor.  I've done some pulled thread designs and currently one of my UFO's that I'm hoping to make a WIP and/or a finish this year has pulled thread stitches.  I've also got a couple of band samplers that I want to do that will have various pulled thread stitches, so hoping this will help me when I get around to doing them.  I love white work with pulled stitches too, looking forward to using this book.
After that shop I hit 2 more needlepoint only shops looking for the threads I need, didn't find either at the first, but did find one of the two it at the second shop.  Unfortunately since it was an over dyed, the colors don't match :(  there wasn't any dye lot, so can't even search for a disappointed.  I'm hoping since the design is the Thine Is the Trick or Treat and has lots of small motifs that the color change won't be all that noticeable.  You can see the difference below - the first thread is my original and the next two are the new ones.   While looking at the different threads to see if anything else was a "must have", I came across a bin of sequins and decided to get three colors that will go with my needlepoint dragon.  I think these will look great on the belly of the dragon, so might just have to pull it out this week and give it all a go, along with an idea for a stitch.

The last thing that I purchased was a new, but small canvas of a flying pig.  The shop was having a trunk show, so I got 25% off.  It wasn't the one that I really liked, but thought the person I'm planning it for will like it better.  So now my brain is trying to think of stitches to use on the dress and if I want to add beads for the white spots or french knots.

After all of that we meet my girlfriend and walked along the ocean front so we could see "The Kiss", and of course the Midway in the back ground and lots and lots of good conversation.

So this week its back to stitching or sewing or whatever hits my fancy and NO more purchases until I finish something else :)

Hope you all have a fantastic week and made progress on whatever tickled your fancy :)


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