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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A lot going on, but not much stitching

Seems like there is a lot going on right now, but not a whole lot of stitching.  Last weekend we had a friend over for the weekend that we'd not seen in over 2 years.  While he was here visiting with my husband I went to our ANG stitch-in, hence the stitching up date pictured here.  I finally got the area re-stitched that I've stitched twice and a little bit more :)  I'm happy with my progress and hope to have this finished soon.

This week my brother-in-law and my husband's cousin are here for a visit.  Since we live in a small apartment having 2 extra people around means there isn't a lot of extra room or space for me to stitch.  So my stitching has been stored away for now and stitching has been put on the back burner until I have space to myself.

They leave next Monday, so I should have access to my sewing machine again and my floor stand and lap stand.  I have a laundry list of things I want to get accomplished by the end of the month!!

I've got some progress on my other picture but will wait for the full moon to post.  I'm hoping to get something done this weekend, will sneak out of the house on Saturday and hopefully stitch with the ladies at a local needlepoint shop.  Should have Sunday to myself too, hubby and gang are going to the ball game - Angels vs. Tigers - GO TIGERS!!  So while they are watching the game I'll be stitching away happily.


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