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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where does the time go?

It's been almost a week since I posted last and have nothing to show for it :(  I've been working long hours at work, it's my busy time of the year and we've had family here for a visit and more coming.  

So what have I been doing?   Well my brother and his family came last weekend and we went to Disneyland for two days.  I had fun, I rode almost all of the roller coasters, didn't do Splash Mountain - just wasn't into getting wet, but I did do California Screaming 3 times.  See my hands are up - well as far up as I'm going to let them go, I still hold on for dear life on the loop,but laugh instead of scream as I go around.

I've avoided this ride on my last 7 visits to Disneyland, didn't realize how much fun it was!!  Can't wait to go back and ride it again, I totally loved it!!!  Also did Tower of Terror, the first time I didn't know what to expect, this time it was just sheer fun, fun, fun :)  Hubby and I got annual passes again, so I'm hoping to go at least 4 more times, would love to go more than that, but hubby isn't into the park, so will have to twist his arm a little bit.  Told him we should just go and people watch, which is my second favorite pass-time.  The only thing almost all of them had in common was sensible shoes, didn't see many heels or flip-flops.

This weekend the son of a former co-worker of my husband will be here to visit.  He spent many Saturday or Sundays at our house growing up.  He is a great kid and a fine young man now.  He is temporarily stationed in San Diego at the Navy base, we are excited to see him.  Not sure what we'll do, how do you compete with 4 years in Japan with 2 - 6 month deployments all over the Pacific???   Somehow the local beach doesn't match up, maybe he'll want to go to Disneyland :)

We take him back to San Diego on Sunday and Monday my brother-in-law and my husband's cousin are coming for a week.  Hubby has tickets for a day of deep sea fishing and a ball game with the Angels vs. Tigers (we are originally from MI -so guess who we'll be rooting for???).   My husband is close to both of them, so I'm glad they are coming for a week, I'm sure they will spend most of their time just talking and catching up on life.  Unfortunately we live in a small apartment, so my sewing room doubles as the guest bedroom, I will most like be banished to our bedroom - which is OK, I can catch up on my taped shows.

After they leave I'll have 5 weeks to make up for no stitching or sewing!!  I'm so excited and have big plans for my time.  I have so many projects that are so close to being finished, I really want to start crossing off things on my list!!  If I can get the SpiritDancer finished I can take it home with me in June and have it framed there so I don't have to pay postage to ship it home later.  Saving $100 in shipping costs is a lot of motivation for getting something completed.

Hope you all are enjoying the Spring - in CA the spring is pretty much like the fall and winter :(  While hubby doesn't miss the changing seasons, I do.  I guess I'll always be a Midwest girl who loves the changing seasons.


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