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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stitching in Sunny Cal is checking in for OMG April!!

I can't believe we are almost through April!!!  I've not finished ANYTHING yet :(  I really need to be my behind, or should say my fingers in gear and get some serious stitching done!!  I'm motivated to get my Lady - SpiritDancer done by the end of May - so look for a finish posted in May :)  I'm traveling back to KY for my daughters graduation from college (Masters in Education), so I can take it back with me and leave it at my framers (Needle Nest in Shelbyville KY), she does a great job and my daughter or son can pick it up when it's finished.  Then I won't need to pay to have it shipped back later because its for my grandson who turned 2 in March.

Until then here is my humble updates for April - I really didn't get much stitching time or sewing, so not a lot to report.

 First up is my Wizard, not sure if this was in my original list of UFO's to WIP's to hopefully Finished in 2013.  I started this one maybe 10 years ago now.  It was going to be a wedding present for my middle daughter, but she and her boyfriend broke up before the wedding, so it got put aside.  I got the canvas while in CO in a little shop outside of Boulder.  The shop is long sad, but the memory of the trip isn't, it lives in my stitching.

In between :)
I love the beard, thought it turned out great, and the inside of the jacket, looks like it's been quilted.

One of the hardest things I've dealt with on this canvas is the scarf that is swirling around the Wizard.  I've started and stopped stitching it 3 times already and have tried umpteen different threads and shades of purple.  Nothing seem to work, which is also why it kept being put up.  I took the canvas with me to Newport Needlepoint in Costa Mesa last weekend and one of the lady's there suggested a 4 corner square stitch, which would allow the natural shading to show through.  I've got about 1/2 of the largest part of the scarf done and have decided I like it :)  So will get the rest done hopefully yet this week.  I also got the braiding trim done on his jacket and skirt.  I have one more section of braiding on his jacket to do and then will also braid on his hat, but will use a thinner gold braid.  Not sure what I'm going to do on the cuffs, thinking french knots to get it a fluffy look.  Thought about turkey work, but don't think I have that in me right now.  Considering re-doing the hands too, I think they are too light and blend in with his beard too much.

Next up is my Thine is the Trick or Treat.
Before - possible not sure??
Close up
I'm not sure if this was the last picture that I posted or one in-between.  Oh well, it's heck getting old, the mind is the first things to go.

I have been doing some stitching on it, I'm about 1/2 done with the 3rd of 6 pages.  I will need to finish up something else first so I can increase the frame on this one when I'm ready for page 4.  I've notice a few others are working on this chart and they all started in the middle and are working their out out.  I usually start in the middle, but thought this one would be better started in the upper left corner.  I'm having fun with it and enjoy the small motifs, they let me "finish" something without really finishing anything, which give me the feel of accomplishment when I'm not   LOL.

My last set of pictures is the Halloween Tree by M Designs, it was posted a few weeks ago on my blog - so sorry for the repeat, but wanted to show it off again.  I finally got past the part that gave me so much trouble!!  I stitched the letter E 3 times on both sides!!  You can see where I'd taken it out on the before picture.  This is another one that I'll need to increase the frames soon, I'm running out of room.  I want this one done soon and know it can be because it really does stitch up fast when you count it out right.

The last picture is my new beading bob thingy.  It is sticky inside and you can put your beads on it, then attach a magnet and put in on your canvas so you can bead.  I plan on trying it out on my Painted Point Angel and/or my SpiritDancer, both of them will have some major beading.  I opened it up and immediately put my figures on the sticky part to test it, then read the package which says "To extend the life of your Tacky BOB, do not touch the surface".  You'd think after being able to read for over 50 years, I would read the directions BEFORE I open up something to use!!  But I don't, I'm still a trial by error person.  Will let you know how it works.

Hope you all have a great trip around the moon this time and a better trip the next time.  Thanks for coming to my blog!!



  1. Hi Sandy, I found your blog from your posting on Measi's WIPocalypse page and now I'm a new follower! What a great idea to finish your project while you're in KY so you don't have to mail it again! Thine is the Trick looks great with the variegated floss! I should get a Tacky Bob too, since I have a project with beads but I haven't tried the beading part yet.

    1. Thanks so much for joining my blog. I love my framer in KY, so I'm motivated to get the stitching done!! In my mind I know what I want done :)

  2. I'm stitching Thine is the Trick and the Treat too, I really like the purple thread you are using instead of the plain black.