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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A little Stash Enhancement that didn't cost me a cent :)

When I don't have time to stitch, I enjoying buying stitching stuff like threads (my most favorite), charts and canvases.  But I'm afraid that I really don't need to buy anything anymore, I really should do some of the projects that I've got, beyond the ones I have listed on my blog.   I have just shy of 1,400 charts and x-stitch kits in my possession.  Most of them are older patterns as I didn't really stitch much for a couple of years, but that doesn't mean I don't like them anymore, or that they have dropped off of my want to stitch some day.  So while I was home I decided to look back through my patterns and pick out a few more that I'd like to stitch over the next couple of years.  Some of my starts may get bumped back into the UFO bin, but they will re-appear again one day!!

So here are the charts I've picked out sorry that the pictures aren't all that good, but when you use your phone as your camera, you get take what you get:

Years ago I ran across Dimples Designs while at market with a designer friend and absolutely fell in love with his stuff.  I got several of his bugs, these were from his web-site when it was up and running.  They aren't big and while there are lots of color changes should go relatively "fast".  So I might sneak one or two in during this year's stitching.......

I've always been a big Shepherd's Bush fan.  I have done several their stockings for my grandchildren and my niece as well as for my husband and a few extras for company during the holidays.   While looking at my stash, these two struck my fancy and hope to have my grids in before I get home :)
 Heart's Content are done over one, again neither of these is very big, but only because they are done over one.  While at a stitch in one of the ladies in our group had several over one's up in her home and was working on one.  So I decided to pull a couple out and see if my eye's can see to do them anymore.  The one is all one color, so I think it will be easy, and it's all small motifs, which is great.  Once my Thine is... is completed this one will be next up on the list.
 I pulled these two SamSarah's out of my stash, the one - "I will always be a wildflower" I'm hoping to do for a hospice my company is looking to open up soon.  I've been very fortunate that my sister is doing so well after her bout with cancer, but know others aren't as blessed as I've been.  So maybe this will bring a smile to resident or their family.
 I got these charts to do for my daughter when she was taking sign language as her foreign language in college.  I'm hoping to get these done some time in 2014 so she can hang them in her classroom.  While she won't be teaching deaf children at this time, she does like to introduce sign language to the kids that she's had in class while student teaching.  Will do the words in a variegated thread and maybe look at using a different linen.
 One of the ladies in my stitching group was looking at borrowing my Brightneedle designs, so I pulled these from my stash.  I still need to find my Where is Mary series so maybe I can start my granddaughter on stitching while she is with us this summer.  I like their designs, but have yet to stitch one.
 I am a cross word nut - sorry the picture is sideways, it wasn't taken side ways.  Anyways, this one has always looked like fun
 This one has some black work and beads as well as speciality stitches.  Should go quickly and everything was in the chart when I got it :)  Might change the red to a variegated with reds in it...we'll see once I get working on it
 Another one that turn sideways when I uploaded to my computer from my phone.  I've been wanting to do this for one of my grandchildren so will see how involved it really is and then work it into my rotation of sorts...I rotate when I get tired of what I'm working on LOL
This is an Isle Royal Santa -which is where my parent's have been vacationing every year for the past 30 or so years.  I'm hoping it will be a quick stitch.....
 This two are counted canvases done with a line drawing. Thought it would be fun to add to the rotation and maybe learn a few new stitching.  I got these most likely 6 or 7 years ago and liked them.
Last one will most likely be for my son, he is into dragons and I like this one - will change the color from black to something else, most like a variegated, thinking golds and blues.  If you can't tell my now I have lots of variegated silk.

Well time to take the wee one to the movies with my friend and her grandchildren.  Looking forward to seeing one of the many great children's movies.

I know in my mind I stitch a lot faster than my fingers actually go and my list here is longer than I'd accomplish in a year with everything else, but this is a cheap dream as these are all paid for many years ago :)



  1. Wow , lots of lovely stash .X

    1. Thanks Cath, I love your snails, but hate them on my plants. One of my morning chores is to pick them off the plants first think, I usually just fling them into the near by bushes from our small lemon and lime trees and herbs.

      Also liked your quilts with the x-stitches, I have two that I want to do, one I've already started, the other one I've yet to stitch one square :( One day......

  2. Wow! You certainly have a lifetime (or more) of stash to choose from. The insect designs look wonderful. I have a few charts like this to do some day. The Sign Language designs will be perfect to do for your daughter's classroom! I'm looking forward to watching your progress and cheering you on!