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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not a whole lot of anything going on

Not much of anything being accomplished these days.  I've not lost my mojo for stitching, just busy with other obligations.  

We have our granddaughter here for a visit this summer and I'm busy spending time with her.  Yesterday we walked down to Starbucks for our morning coffee, then over to the grocery store for some Saturday afternoon snacking (a vegetable tray).

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Today I sewed the squares together and Donna put them out for a new baby rag quilt.  I'm hoping to get the quilt sewn over the next week, but if it doesn't happen that's OK.  The baby isn't due until late July or August, and winter is still a few months away from there.

This week we are planning on going to Hobby Lobby for some glue so we can do crafting next weekend :)  Mom sent all the fix'ns for making stuff, but no glue to put anything together.  I'm sure we'll find other things that we'll need LOL

I've put the Spiritdancer back in her q-snaps after her trip home and to the x-stitch store for a frame.  Hoping to get back on her, but most likely won't happen until the wee one goes home in July.  Figure what's another couple of weeks when it's been in process for 2 years????

Donna's all time favorite dessert is S'more's so that is what we made the other day.  Will most likely make them again tonight.  And that is what she is smiling about......

Won't be much to post at the full moon this month, but that's OK, my life is still full, just not with stitching right now.

The last two pictures are the men in my life.  One is my Dad and my grandson at his hanger several years ago.  Michael got to ride in the plane with my Dad and was walking on clouds for weeks afterwards.   He built the plane himself.

My Dad worked hard for us, and was gone a lot during the week, but he always had time for us on the weekends.  He coached my baseball team for 3 years as well as my brother's team.  He taught me it was OK to sign out loud - although he sings on key and I don't.  He also taught me how to fish and how to clean what I caught (not my favorite, but will do it if I have too) and how to swim and scuba dive (not that I do much of either anymore).   Love my Dad a lot because most of all, no matter what I had to say, he aways had time to listen!! and when you have 5 kids who all have important things to tell Daddy, that is a lot of information he'd get.   He also told the greatest bed time stores, kept the giant tomatoes away (tornadoes) and read us poems like the Headless Horseman and the Spider & the Fly.  Sundays were spent going to church, out to lunch and then either swimming at the Y, a short flight around the airport, or an afternoon at the lake....what more could a girl want???

The other pictures is my husband and our baby girl, one of the few pictures my husband is actually smiling for the camera.   We have 4 kids, his, mine and our, but at the end of the day we've always considered them ours.  So while he didn't actually father all of the kids, he was always a Daddy to all of them and a few nieces and nephews.  We've weather good times, bad times, happy times and sad times.  We've come close to losing it all and having it all, but in all the times there has always been one thing I was sure of, we had each other.   He didn't tell bedtime stores or read to the kids, that was my job and YES I did read the Headless Horseman and the Spider & the Fly, as well as the Witch the Wind and the Wardrobe :)  Instead he was always home for the kids when they got home from school, he made them dinner every night, he taught them to fish, he would stay out in the yard to watch them in the pool after working all night, and brought donuts home on Friday when the kids were all at home.  He is a great dad, not perfect, but he loves his kids, all of them.  Anyone can be a father, but only a real man can be a Daddy - to me a child calling for Daddy is one of the highest honors a man can achieve, doesn't pay well, but then not all wealth can be measured in money.

So sending out wishes of a Happy Daddy's day to the two men in my life, hope they are both in my life for a long time and thank you for the years you've already been in my life.



  1. A great salute for Father's Day and I love the quilt.

  2. That was wonderful to read, Sandy!