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Sunday, June 30, 2013

June is saying good-bye while July knocks at the door

I can't believe another month is over with and summer is here to stay.   We've had some unseasonably hot weather, so took the wee one to the ocean for a quick dip.  Originally it was just supposed to be her toes, but as you can see she opted for a full dip instead.  It was late in the day, and surprisingly cool with the breeze so we didn't stay long.  I knew I still had a change of clothes in the car for her, but didn't think to bring a towel.  We might get back today, or may wait until this week and go after work.  She'd like to pick up sea shells off the shore if we can find any.  Where we went yesterday was a well used beach, so no seashells to be had.

Yesterday during the day we went shopping - at one of her favorite stores - Hobby Lobby.  While she got a few activity books, I insisted on getting her some stitching stash too.  So we'll work on different things this week and will see if she enjoys stitching with grandma.  Hopefully will be able to post some completed projects next week!!

I'm still trying to recruit someone to take over my stash when I'm gone - 3 daughters and none of them want to stitch :(  Out of the 3 grandchildren, 2 of them are boys, one is too young to stitch and the other doesn't have any interest.  So this might be my last hope.  I guess I can wait for the great-grandchildren if this doesn't work.



  1. Those look like great kits for your granddaughter! Good luck in your recruitment!

    1. Thanks Debbie - if it doesn't work, at least I'll have some easy finishes in my future LOL

  2. Sandy,
    Your DGD is so adorable. I think it is good you will plant the stitching seeds with your grand-daughter. She may not continue to stitch now, but may continue when she is older. Just continue to let her see you sew and stitch and that in itself too could make a great influence.
    Take care and I look forward to seeing what you all do with the kits you bought.
    Take care,