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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What a beautiful Full Moon tonight

I walked down to our local grocery store this evening with my granddaughter AKA - WIP Interuptor....anyways, the full moon looked so pretty and I thought, "Its time to post, but what do I have to post for the month????"

In the past month I spent a weeks vacation in KY visiting my children and my house....oh how I miss my house :(  I miss the kids too, but not nearly as much as the house cause it had my woman's cave in the basement...a 20 X 24 foot room with all of the stitching and sewing stash :)  and my own TV with my own DVR so I could watch what I wanted, when I wanted and as often as I wanted.  But I digress...anyways there hasn't been much stitching at all since the last full moon.  So hoped I could have posted a finish.

I have done some knitting this month.   The purple sock was more of a fix and just a few rounds.  This sock is left by the side of my bed so if I get the itch to knit before going to sleep I can do a around or two.  That was great until I dropped a stitch and needed to fix it - it sat for a long time before I finally got it fixed.  Yes there was dust on it.

The yellow and pink is a new start this month for my granddaughter.  I had done a pair for her out of this yarn a while back, but she wanted another pairs, so here I am starting it.  It was my project while flying to and from ID - I didn't do a lot of knitting.

The last sock, as you can see I have one done!! And have started the second one.  When I learned to knit socks my teacher said as soon as you finish the first you need to start the other.  I always thought it was "another", so it seems when I get one sock finished I start a new pair as well as starting the match for the first.  So having three socks going at one time is not unusual for me.

This weekend was the start of the Southern Cal Quilt run.  Last year my granddaughter and I went and found lots of neat fabric.  (54 pillow cases worth) This year I decided to hit an area I'd not ventured into before, so we started out north of LA and worked our way back.  We stopped at 6 shops in total, didn't get anything at 3 and found a few things at 3, but not nearly the volume I did last year.  The theme was retro TV shows, so I was expecting to find all kinds of neat retro TV show material.  Didn't happen, so disappointed.

I did find some Nancy Drew material.  I got some a few months ago for my oldest sister's birthday, which is next weekend...and I mention it to my youngest sister and she said how much she would LOVE pillow cases like when I saw it, I got enough to do 4 more pillow cases.  Also found some material with mystery cat books, so got that for my Mom.  (sorry no pictures of that one).   My Mom loves mysteries and loves cats, so thought the comb was great!!

At the same shop I found material for Family Guy - which is one of my son's favorite TV shows, so got that for him for Christmas.   Also found some Simpson's but there weren't any coordinating material with it - how odd is that ???  So will need to see what I can find over the next couple of months.

I didn't get any of the Star Trek material, last year I did Star Wars for my kids.  I don't think any of them are really trekkie's but maybe I should have gotten some Mr. Spock, or well.

Last year I also did some Batman and Superman pillow cases, so when I saw material with super woman I had to get enough to do at least 2 pillow cases!!    And of course I had to get some material with witches for me :) and lastly I found some material with S'mores!!

I'm hoping next weekend to either hit Disneyland OR hit the shops in area 2 which are a lot closer to home.

I was hoping to have my rag quilt done (see a previous post), but haven't gotten a chance to actually sew it together yet.  By the next full moon I should have some stitching done as well as the rag quilt.



  1. Oh man, I'm loving that Nancy Drew fabric. It's fantastic -- good score!

    1. Thanks - I love finding neat fabrics for my pillow cases. Now I'm on the search for some original Nancy Drew books, gotta hit the goodwills in my area :) and maybe a few yard sales.


  2. Wow! It looks like you've been having fun finding new fabrics with your granddaughter. That woman cave in KY sounds like a dream!

  3. Nancy Drew was one of my favs as a young girl. Good luck on the book hunting.