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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little stitching here a little stitching there......

After a very long week, which ended as bad as it started, I had a hard time focusing on any one project, so opted to do a little stitching on several.

When I was going through my small bin of canvases I came across 4 very small projects that I had gotten several years ago.  They were part of a monthly series, but since I really didn't want 12 of them I just picked out 4 that I liked.  My intension was to do finish them as small ornaments for my kids.  Well, they were put aside and quickly forgotten until now.  I have them all out and found that I can stitch them up pretty quickly.  This one is missing the turkey work for the bow tie and a few stitches around the edge for finishing.  

I also pulled out my tooth pillow to work on a little bit.  I've picked out a stitch for the clouds, just haven't started them yet, will work on it during the week and have more to show by next weekend.  I'm just doing the ground in a tent stitch then will do the flowers in french knots and/or bullion's, which I'm hoping will give it a little more dimension.

The Wizard saw the light of day this weekend.  I'm working mainly on the cape/scarf.  It's a mindless 4 corner stitch, just need to make sure I don't cross any holes.  So far I'm doing OK :)  I also added some of the gold to the hat area and plan on finishing up the owl next.  I got some silk Lame for the white and gray area on the owl.  Had originally thought of doing him in very velvet, but it was way too heavy looking. So I might use the very velvet on the cuffs, had thought of doing those in turkey work but right now that sounds like too much work.

Lizzy made an appearance this weekend too.  Would love to take credit for the work on her, but it was done by one of my fellow stitchers.  I will work on her over the next month, want to get her bodice and hands completed so the lady can finish up the collar and put on the cuffs.

Today I did a little beading on SpiritDancer.  I stopped when I realized I was missing a few cross stitches.  So will get those in this week so I can bead some more next weekend.  I did get some more beads this weekend so shouldn't run out :), the only color I couldn't find were the white.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and got some stitching done, or quilting or whatever your passion was this past week and weekend.  I'm ready for another fun week at work, hopefully it will be better than the last.



  1. You have such a variety of projects going and they are all beautiful. I can't wait to see more on Lizzy and Spirit Dancer.

  2. Minnie:

    thanks, I've alway been a multiple project type person. some years I rein myself in and just finish what I have started and other years I go for it all. this is becoming a go for all year without many finishes.