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Friday, August 16, 2013

The moon is Waxing

I love the term waxing and waning, which is the period between the new moon to the full moon (waxing) and waning from the full moon to the new moon.   So we are waxing our way to the full moon next week.

I've done some stitching this week, not a lot, I mostly stitch on the weekends when I can sit and stitch for longer periods of time.  This weekend I'll focus on my SpiritDancer, its time for her to be done and off to the framer.  I'm tired of working on her, usually at this point I'm excited about a project again and don't have any problems getting it finished, but this isn't happening this time and I'm disappointed in myself.  My goal is to have all of the beading done this weekend, and maybe the rest of the x-stitching leaving the fringe for last.  Won't post a picture of her again until the full moon next week.

I've been adding new projects in-between stitching session on SpiritDancer as a reward to myself.  This week I started a new small canvas, another little Christmas light - this time it's a snowman.  I'm not happy with the threads that were included with the kit.  Perle cotton is OK, but it doesn't lay the same as strained silk which is what the stitch guide called for in the original project.  I have some silks so will see if I have what I  need.  I changed the face of the snowman from white perle cotton to a which vineyard silk with silver thread going through it, it doesn't show up in the picture, but you can see a little sparkle on the canvas.

Worked a little bit more on my tooth pillow.  I put in the clouds, the one on the left as you look at it is completed, in-between the white is silver snow - since you need rain clouds to get a rainbow, I thought the silver was good, didn't want to do anything too dark :)  Still debating on how to do the rainbow itself.  I've got awhile before I'll be there.  I have lots of french knots first to do, the flowers and the tree line!!

My Thine is has been ignored a lot latterly, so tonight I put in a few stitches so it wouldn't feel too left out.  Hope to get the raven done and the skull that goes in the open area.

Last are the barbie dolls that I think I'll order for myself.  I did have dolls as a little girl and would play with them occasionally, but there were bikes to ride, trees to climb and games to play outside, so I wasn't all into them like some of my friends.  But I do love the witches, especially the wicked witch of the west.  They are a little pricy, but I do have a birthday coming up, so might go ahead and order them and then let my hubby know what he got me.  That way I get what I want!!  I think they will look great with my other witches.

I hope you're all doing well and life is treating you well and your needle is staying threaded.


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