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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Moon is full and so is my stitching schedule :)

 I really have been stitching since the last full moon, but have posted a lot of my updates so please scan down to previous posts to see my "Halloween Tree" by M Designs which is sitting by the door waiting to go to the framers.  My small "Boo Too You" by SB which is waiting for me to find it a frame.

I've got the beading done on the skirt on my lady!!  I wouldn't look too closely, I kept losing a thread.  I think because I'm stitching on real linen and the threads are different sizes it's easy to get off.  And of course the two stitches that I was off on the right side continued to haunt me.  Also discovered I beaded an area that should be stitched, but figure if you can't point it out to me, then I'm not telling!!

I still have beading do to on the dream catcher and a little bit of stitching on the pots and such by her feet and in the dream catcher.  I was hoping to have this done for today, but my granddaughter lost her first tooth so we had to video chat on Sunday for a couple of hours and then yesterday I got my stash enhancement package in the mail and had to play!!  Then tonight I have two packages in the mail - one being a pop-up book of the Wizard of Oz that is fantastic, I will post pictures of it this weekend :)  Unless that's not what's in the package, in that case I'll post pictures of my Fiestaware that is suppose to arrive this week too.
My sister got the book and showed me pictures so I asked her to get me one too!!  And I have a box from her that says book media...soooooooooo.

I got a little bit done on my Thine is the Trick and Treat - I've not been working on it a whole lot.  I've been having fun with my Tooth Pillow, not sure what to do with the rainbow itself, if anyone has any suggestions I'm open!!

So hope you've all have a great trip around the moon and I look forward to seeing what you've done :)



  1. Replies
    1. I have been, trying to get a few things finished so I can start lots of new projects :)

  2. The lady looks fantastic! No one will ever see the beads in question. Great job all around.

    1. Thanks, I'm ready for her to be done.