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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updating from the weekend :)

I really shouldn't be left alone for any long periods of time.  I sit and I think of all the things that I believe I NEED, whether or not I really do.  I had one of those moments when I went to refill the flour canister.  It is ugly and what I really wanted was my Fiesta-ware canisters, but after looking at the mall (Macy's, Dillard's, Kohl's etc)  I'd pretty much given up, then decided I'd try on-line!!

Well, I found a wonderful sight that sells all kinds of Fiesta-ware and got my new canisters!!   Plum and Paprika, don't you just love those colors?  I also got a flamingo pink smaller canister.  So while I was ordering those I came across a few more things that I just had to have, I mean I had to get enough for free shipping right?

One of those things is a yellow mug.  My Grandma Millie always had her morning coffee out of a yellow Fiesta-ware mug and I can remember her saying; "no matter what the day is like, it always starts out sunny when you have your coffee in a yellow mug".  So my days will be sunny from now on!!  The other three little bowls with the mug are perfect size for those sloppy side dishes, like pork-n-beans or greens, when you want a taste, but don't want it running into all of your other food....OK so that's the Monk in me - don't want my food touching :)

I really wanted to have my SpiritDancer done, but I still have so much more to go!!   There is a lot of stitching left to do, well OK not a lot, but more than I thought :(  Its down to the areas that only have a few x's in this color and that, which is the part I don't like doing.  Those of you who have followed me for a while know this is where I slowed done on my "In the Arms of an Angel".  But I'll keep plugging along and one day it will be done and framed and hung in our guest room at home for our grandson.

I also worked on my Tooth pillow :)  that is much more fun to work on, and can be pretty mindless at times.  I'm working on the back ground when I need something to do, but don't want to think.  Still haven't decided what to do with the rainbow itself - I may end up beading it yet.

I'm also posting a picture of my Princess Angel - I'm beading the castle - I like the dark purple, and have a white - white bead and a silvery white bead.  Will bead the wand too, I'm in a beading mood :)  I'm doing the hair in bullion stitches and most likely french knots.  The crown will be beaded with larger beads.  She is close to being done too :)

 Hope you are all having great weeks and have something fun planned for Labor Day weekend!!  I plan on chilling and stitching and watching old time TV.


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