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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Confessions of an obsessive starter…….

Like so many of you out there I love the thrill of starting a new project, but some where along the way I run out of steam or get side tracked and it gets put away.  Sometimes I really get quite aways into the projects, other times I've only laid down a few stitches.  My oldest  UFO right now was started in 1974, before my son was born.  there were actually two in the kit, one is done, one is not.

So I decided since I'm starting to think about the new year, it was time to take stock in what I've got hidden around our place, and what I'll pull out to work on in 2014 - I'm thinking its time to finish the owls, 40 years is a long time to wait their turn back into rotation.  These are some of them, but not all of the started and not completed projects.

In all the years that I've been sewing and stitching and knitting, there has only been 2 projects that were actually thrown out:

  1. Wedding sampler for my X-hubby and myself - I carried it around and worked on it long after the marriage was over since I never put names on it, but decided back in the late 1990's it was time to toss it out as I was never going to finish it and really didn't like looking at it.
  2. A black dress shirt for my current hubby.  We broke up for about 6 months while he decided if he really wanted to be committed again (he was married before).  Anyways, I had started the shirt as a gift for him and put it away when we stopped seeing each other.  Even though I still had it when we got back together and eventually married (which will be 30 years in March), I decided the shirt was too painful to work on, so it too was recycled in the round bin.

OK now it's time to show the sins I can find - I know if more and one day will pull them all out and put them in a single location.  But hope to have finished up a few more before that happens.  I will finish all of these one day :)  Some sooner than later, but they will all get done.

Happy stitching and thanks for coming to my blog

Ortilda the Witch by Twisted Threads
Started 10-2013

Tooth Pillow - Designer Unknown
Started 2013

Painted Pony - Princess Angel
Started 2013

SB - Angel's Song
Not really started yet, but grid is done

If Ever a Wiz - not sure designer
Started - 2002 maybe?

SB - Peter's Patch
Started 2013

Queen Elizabeth - Gay Ann Rogers
Started 2013

Train Belt - Voila
Started 2012

PeliCan-Courtney Collection
Started 2013

August Fairy - Mirabella
Started 2013

wool appliqué ornament - We of the Needle
Started Oct 2013

Snowman - X-mas light
Started 2013

Ginger Breadman - X-mas light
Started 2013

Into the Fearless - Indigo Rose
Started 2010 or 2011 - class

SpiritWalker - L&L/TIAG
Started 2013

Mill Hill Beaded Ornament
Started ???? maybe 2005?

Mill Hill Beaded Ornament #2
Started 2012

Mill Hill Beaded Ornament #3
Started 2005??

Mill Hill Beaded Ornament #4
started 2012

Dragon - Leigh Design
Started 2010

And Dog Spelled….can't remember who
Started 2009 maybe

Thimbleberry Year long Quilt 2009
Started in 2009

Pillow cases for 2013 Christmas
Started Oct 2013

Take 5 Twin Quilt - Dr. Suess
Started 2011

Oh My Stars - gridded only

Grizzle Bear pieced quilt
Started 2008 - 1 down 19 to go

Thimbleberry Year long quilt
started 2008

Thimbleberry 2008

Thimbleberry 2008

Thimbleberry 2008

Thimbleberry 2008

Thimbleberry 2008

Santa - Strictly Christmas
Started 2004 maybe

Safari by Terry ???
Started 2010 - class

CB - Noah's Ark
Started 1998


  1. Oh my what lovely projects you have that are calling out to you to finish:) Great post and thank you for sharing all the incredible wips you have. Isn't it fun to see all what you have? You have some great Christmas needlepoints, maybe you might select one and finish in time for the holidays. love Annette

  2. Ok seeing yours doesn't make me feel so bad about mine hehe! 40 years?! I wasn't even born then! But some look like they don't need much more work on them, and you know the rule, once you finish one you can start (at least) another!

  3. What lovely projects! I am always inspired by looking at WIPs. Perhaps we should all arrange to swap them around?! Someone else's WIP is another person's new start LOL! Some of your projects look like they are near to a finish.

  4. It's great to see all your WIPs together. You're so talented to do cross stitch, needlepoint, beading and quilting! I'd love to see more of the Grizzly Bear quilt! The Christmas light ornaments are adorable!