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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So what did you start today??

Well I actually started last night, put the computer up for the evening and this morning while I watch TV _ GO SPARTAN!!

So here is what I started:

The Flock by SamSarah was first up on my list of 2014 starts, and while I technically started it in 2013, it was my New Year's Eve project while I watched Hallmark movies, or as my hubby calls it - romance books on cable.  I'm not a big Hallmark fan, but every once in a while I will watch a few movies.   I'm really happy with the linen I picked out - after buying all the charts, all the embellishments and threads, I just couldn't justify material too, so found some in one of my stash bins.

After watching the ball drop in Time Square I put up The Flock and went to bed, when I got up I pulled out Peace Angel by Lavender & Lace.  I found with big projects that I need to start at the top and not in the middle because my arms aren't long enough to reach the top and I always end up turning it upside down to stitch.  I prefer to stitch from the top down, but have been known to go from the bottom up if I can't find a good spot to start :)  

The chart called for stitching with 3 three threads, so I start out with 3 and didn't like it.  It just didn't lay neatly, and while not all of my threads are always perfectly laid, I couldn't get any of them to lay to my satisfaction.  So I took it all out and started again, didn't have a lot done, but it was still a pain to take out.  I'm happy with how it looks and while I might not get the full coverage that the model has, I think it will work just the same.

The last up on my new start list for New Year's eve/day is the Halloween Mantle by Bent Creek.  I've not gotten far, I was stitching it while watching football, first Wisconsin who lost to South Carolina, then Michigan State in the Rose Bowl, who just barely won over Stanton.  I'm a State graduate (from the Magic era), my Dad is a graduate, and played in the marching band, my sister is a graduate, and while I would love to say my nephew will be someday, I think he'll always be a student.   Not sure if his parents are more disappointed that he's a perpetual student, or that he's a student at MSU and not University of Michigan, where they both went.  Anyway, it's a lot easier to stitch to the Hallmark movies since the plots are all basically the same, then to a nail bitting game :), I'm not normally a football fan, but do enjoy the end of the season games.

The last picture is just an update on my Tooth pillow - I finished the red band on the rainbow and most of the yellow.  I also started the flowers - decided to do basket weave on them as well.  I had thought about working on it more last night so I'd have another 2013 finish, but starting something new sounded like a lot more fun!!

I hope you all have a great 1st day of a new year!!


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