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Saturday, December 28, 2013

I know its not the New Year for a few more days, but…..

Here are my hopes for 2014:

August Peridot Fairy
For Peace and Harmony within my world, my home, my work, my community, myself.  I know I can't bring peace to the whole world, but if everyone brought peace to their little piece of the world, it would be a beginning……

My Stitching goals for 2014 (divided into groups):


  1. August Peridot Fairy - Mirabilia
  2. EarthDancer - Butternut Road
  3. The Flock - SamSarah
  4. Peace Angel - Lavender  & Lace
Peace Angel

The Flock
The large designs I know will take me the better part of the year or longer to finish.  I don't stitch all that fast, nor do I have a lot of time for stitching.  

I really want to get the EarthDancer and the August Fairy done this year and I think I can manage that if I apply myself.  The Flock I'd like to have finished so I can give it to my sister next Christmas.  Peace Angel is for the new grand daughter.  While it would be nice to have it done this year, I'll be happy to have it done by her 2nd birthday, but I'm ok if it's her 4th birthday.  I've started 2 of them in 2013, the other 2 will be started on New Year's Day if not before :)


  1. Nine Lives - Hinzeit
  2. Spooky Halloween Mantle - Bent Creek
  3. Sadie's Stocking - Shepherd Bush
Under the Quick Designs -  
Sadie's Stocking needs to be done before Christmas, it's for the new grand daughter who is due in February.   
Nine Lives will be an easy design to do and one I think I can get done in a weekend or two.  I have the frame that is shown in the picture.  
The Halloween Mantle is one for me, need to have something in the mix for me.  

I put these designs into the mix so I have something fun to stitch when I need a break from the big projects.


  1. Tooth Pillow
  2. Princess Angel - Painted Pony
Under the almost done - these will make quick finishes when I'm feeling down :) and need a finish to post. 


  1. Mini Light Bulbs - Cheryl - Snowman; Gingerbread; Penguin; & Santa
  2. Train Belt
Under the mindless designs - these don't take a lot of thought and will be picked up when I want to stitch, but don't want to think too awful hard.  The Mini Light Bulbs will all be quick finishes and will allow me to practice my finishing technics.  I have a couple of other needlepoints that only need the background completed.  I will add those as needed to this section :)  


  1. Peter's Patch - Shepherd Bush

And the last section - I've had this one on my "to do list" for a long time.  I actually have it started, but not enough to make a difference.

Quilting goals for 2014:
  1. Rag quilt for new grand daughter
  2. Rag quilt for youngest daughter's best friend from Ft. Smith AR
  3. Dr. Seuss twin quilt
  4. Thimbleberry 2009
  5. Thimbleberry 2008
Both rag quilts have the squares cut out, the Dr. Seuss twin quilt is just waiting for me to sew on the borders and the 2 Thimbleberry quilts need to have the quilt top assembled.  All of these are do-able goals.  I will post pictures as I complete them.

Hooked & Punched Rugs:
  1. Punched Witch Rug (10" round)
  2. hooked rug - flower
I started both of theses, but I'm new at it, hoping to join a group that hook rugs each month :)  I've always wanted to try the rug hooking, so decided this will be my year for a new adventure.  Next year I'd like to try weaving!!   I know what loom I want, its just a matter of putting the money aside and then ordering it.

My stitching projects


  1. You will be very busy in 2014. Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, and I'll need motivation during the year!!

  2. Sounds like you have some great plans for 2014. Hope it's a wonderful year for you and yours!xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    You have some great 2014 plans, I can't wait to see your progress especially on the hooked rugs as I've not done those myself, at least not yet:)

  4. I hope you get that all dine and more in 2014

    1. Thanks, but I will be happy to put a dent in it during 2014, although Earth Dancer was promised to my daughter over 10 years ago, so maybe it's time to get it done.