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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Full Moon Update from Sunny Cal

February 14 WIPocalypse Topic is: 

How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time?  Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

This topic is too funny to me because I've come to the realization that there isn't such a thing as too many projects going at one time.  I think the real question should be - how well do you hide  store your projects so they aren't seen damaged while waiting to be worked on again?   And before you ask, no I don't need to hide my projects from my hubby, I CHOSE to hide them from me so I can continue to live my guilt free live  :)

Footstool WIP
So I thought it would be appropriate to show you photos of my rotation method.  My footstool in the living room has the projects that will be worked on over the next year. 

Floor rotation
knitting projects
On the floor are the projects that I'm working on currently.  

My knitting is in two different bags - one has the sweater I'm working on in size 2 for the pending granddaughter (you can see how fast I knit when I am starting it before she's even here).  The smaller bag currently has one pair of socks started, normally there are 2, but I had to rip the other one out because I made an error.

UFO Bin under sewing table
My bin in the guest room is where I put the projects that were moved from the footstool because I got bored with them, or have other projects that are more important to me.  This bin had my 10 year project plan when I moved here, but since then I've gone home twice and brought back more projects to work on and have done a little stash enhancement.

The closet is where the projects end up when there isn't anymore room in the bin.  Mostly the closet has my bigger canvases and quilt kits.  They are in bins, bags or just propped up against the wall.  These are the projects I pretend don't exist.  
Sm UFO bin in closet

I was for years a one-at-a-time sort of person.  Then someone said – "hey have you tried this rotation, you stitch 10 hrs. on each project then rotate to the next one."  Thinking this was a great idea I promptly started 12 new projects, got a alarm clock with the idea that I would plug it in when I started and unplug when I stopped.  And since it was a clock, I would stitch 12 hrs on each project to make it easier.  

Well, here is the flaw in the plan, you had to remember to plug in the clock and remember to unplug it.  And then there was the question; do you stop it when you take a break?  Or leave it going?  Anyway, I soon found myself with all these projects and a de-funked rotation.   Every so often I try to identify a year that I work ONLY on UFO’s bring them into the WIP bin taking updated pictures of my "sins" and then finish as many of them as I can in a year.  Some times I’m successful in this process, but most of the time I end up adding more to the UFO pile than I finish.

So what have I accomplished while the moon traveled around the earth?

Finished one of the baby quilt and have the other one ready to assemble and worked a little bit on my Spooky Halloween Mantle.  I really didn't do a lot, between have 2 different sisters come for a visit at 2 different times, a quick trip to CO and then home with a cold, I really didn't feel like doing a lot.  But I'm getting my energy back and hope to have more to report the next time the moon finishes its trip around the earth.  Hope you are all being more productive them me, because I so enjoy seeing your progress.  It helps to get me in the mood for stitching.



  1. You are a very good at hiding.... errrr.... organizing :) Congrats -- you've made me want to go sort my piles more efficiently!

  2. Love the quilt and the Halloween cross-stitch is cute. You have a lot more projects started than I do, no wonder you are so organized.

  3. I love your rotation/hiding method! Looks very familiar to mine!