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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Challenge was given and it's being met

Starting point this morning
Earlier this week my girlfriend's son threw down the gantlet and like a good friend, she picked it up and threw it down to me….Her son completed the stitching on a Christmas stocking for his son except for the back stitching and attaching the embellishment.  He taunted her by telling her he would have that finished before she would have his rag quilt done.

Since his rag quilt has been in the works for many years, she decided it was time to get it done.  Knowing that I have 2 baby rag quilts to do myself, (one baby is coming in 16 days, the other one shortly after that) she challenged me to getting mine done this weekend too.  So we decided we would marathon sew across the miles…….and will post our progress on FaceBook Sunday night.

Squares all sewn with batting
I needed the encouragement or the push.  My squares have been sitting on my sewing machine for over a month now.  I spent last night and today cutting more batting squares and sewing the "sandwiches" together.  I've sewn 130 squares together :)  Believe it or not - that is 13 yards of flannel which all came out of my stash and while you'd think that would have depleted my stash, sadly it hasn't.  I thought I was down to under 10 yards of flannel, but found another bin that I'd forgotten about (hidden under the bed) with more flannel.

Now I have to arrange them into the actual quilts so I can get them sewn up tomorrow.  I enjoy figuring out a pattern, while I tend to stick to the basic rag quilt, 9 inch squares,  I enjoy laying out the different material, sometime in diamond, sometime in 9 patch, sometime in 4 patch squares, and sometimes just an every other one thing.

 During one of my breaks I decided to pull out a little bit of stitching.  It's been a month since I've had a needle and thread in my hands.  Since I didn't feel like stitching anything too challenging, I pulled out the 2nd chart for my SamSarah "The Flock" and managed to get it done today as well :)   Haven't sewn on the buttons yet, will do that last.   I pulled out the 3rd chart and will work on it over the next week, not a lot on each chart, so they are easy to get done.  the 3rd chart is a bird that goes between the words "the" and "bird" and the top border.

Now I have out my Bent Creek - Spooky Halloween Mantle and might spend a few hours stitching on it as well today.  I'm still on Part 1 of 3, would like to get it done.  Hoping to post a picture tomorrow or Monday.

Lastly, I got back my Halloween Tree from the framers, just need to find a place to hang it up :)

Hope you are having a great weekend too!!


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  1. Good luck on your quilting marathon! Your framed piece with all the charms and buttons looks incredible! Perfect frame!